Season of the Outlaw

[ 2018-09-04 / 2018-12-04 / 90 days ] A new season has begun! Roam the Tangled Shore, avenge the fall of a legend, and walk the right side of wrong in Gambit.

[12] Books

A Drifter's Gambit Total Chapters: 10
Eva's Journey Total Chapters: 9
Ghost Stories Total Chapters: 23
Marasenna Total Chapters: 27
Most Loyal Total Chapters: 13
The Awoken of the Reef Total Chapters: 23
The Dreaming City Total Chapters: 10
The Forsaken Prince Total Chapters: 20
The Lawless Frontier Total Chapters: 14
The Man They Call Cayde Total Chapters: 13
Truth to Power Total Chapters: 11
Wall of Wishes Total Chapters: 15

[120] Items

[13] Kinetic Weapons
[14] Energy Weapons
[8] Power Weapons
[13] Helmet
[16] Gauntlets
[17] Chest Armor
[14] Leg Armor
[18] Class Armor
[3] Vehicle
[4] Ships


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