Season of Defiance

[ 2023-02-28 / 2023-05-23 / 84 days ] In the aftermath of the Witness's attack, the Vanguard calls upon its closest allies. The Guardian must master the righteous powers of the Awoken to stand against the encroaching Shadow Legion and prove themselves as Queensguard.

[14] Books

A Guardian's Ideals Total Chapters: 1
A New Age Total Chapters: 1
Becoming Legend Total Chapters: 1
Cloud Strider Legacies Total Chapters: 8
Enemies of Humanity Total Chapters: 1
Entities of Sol Total Chapters: 1
Guardian Directives Total Chapters: 1
Guardians and Ghosts Total Chapters: 3
Inspiral Total Chapters: 10
Last Days Total Chapters: 10
Our Allies Total Chapters: 1
Sol, A History Total Chapters: 3
The Vanguard Total Chapters: 1
Warp and Weft Total Chapters: 8

[70] Items

[11] Kinetic Weapons
[4] Energy Weapons
[6] Power Weapons
[8] Helmet
[7] Gauntlets
[6] Chest Armor
[9] Leg Armor
[9] Class Armor
[3] Ghost
[3] Vehicle
[4] Ships


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