Season of Plunder

[ 2022-08-23 / 2022-12-06 / 105 days ] Eramis, Kell of House Salvation, has broken free from her icy prison on Europa. As she rallies the old Pirate Lords of Eliksni legend, the Guardian must assemble a motley crew of their own and retrieve powerful relics of Darkness before they fall into Eramis's hands.

[3] Books

Above All Else Total Chapters: 4
Between Stolen Stars Total Chapters: 8
Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2 Total Chapters: 27

[37] Items

[4] Kinetic Weapons
[4] Energy Weapons
[3] Power Weapons
[4] Helmet
[4] Gauntlets
[4] Chest Armor
[3] Leg Armor
[3] Class Armor
[3] Ghost
[3] Vehicle
[2] Ships


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