Season of the Risen

[ 2022-02-22 / 2022-05-24 / 91 days ] When Savathûn's Lucent Hive threaten the source of the Guardians' power, survival depends on the fragile alliance between the Vanguard and Empress Caiatl. Wielding a spear imbued with Light-suppressing technology, the Guardian must work with Lord Saladin and Caiatl's most trusted Psion to search for secrets in the minds of the Lucent Hive and stop their ghoulish plans.

[6] Books

Acts of Mercy Total Chapters: 4
Lucent Tales Total Chapters: 10
Martian Missives Total Chapters: 8
Mnemosyne Total Chapters: 8
Quintessence Total Chapters: 5
Shattered Suns Total Chapters: 10

[65] Items

[3] Kinetic Weapons
[7] Energy Weapons
[4] Power Weapons
[8] Helmet
[8] Gauntlets
[7] Chest Armor
[7] Leg Armor
[9] Class Armor
[4] Ghost
[5] Vehicle
[3] Ships


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