Season of the Hunt

[ 2020-11-10 / 2021-02-09 / 91 days ] As the Pyramids send the system into chaos, Guardians must work with unexpected allies to hunt the monstrous forces of Xivu Arath and unravel the Hive god's network of mysterious cryptoliths.

[8] Books

A Tangled Web Total Chapters: 7
Bray Lab Records - CONFIDENTIAL Total Chapters: 9
Call of the Cryptolith Total Chapters: 8
Legacy's Lament Total Chapters: 11
Regarding Stasis Total Chapters: 10
The Dark Future Total Chapters: 10
The Once-Shipstealer Total Chapters: 15
Your Friend, Micah Abram Total Chapters: 10

[103] Items

[3] Kinetic Weapons
[6] Energy Weapons
[5] Power Weapons
[18] Helmet
[18] Gauntlets
[15] Chest Armor
[15] Leg Armor
[15] Class Armor
[1] Ghost
[3] Vehicle
[4] Ships


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