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  • Gunsmith
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies


    ...ts of the Tower serve as vital a function as Banshee-44. His knowledge of weapons is encyclopedic - but don't ask him where it comes from. Banshee's mind and body have absorbed incredible punishment over the ages. He grapples with fragments of memory, the shrapnel of ancient...

  • Fabian Strategy
    Grimoire » Inventory » Primary Weapons
    Fabian Strategy

    Wait for enemy to make a mistake. Die. Stand by for Ghost Resurrection. Repeat as necessary.

    ..., Banshee-44!” “Howdy.” “Doing well, thank you. ...Actually, I had a bit of difficulty today.” “Uh...” “The problem with a historical engram is, even if I can figure out when the engram was encoded, that still doesn't tell me when the contents were written. Or even when the e...

  • act|choose|react
    Lore » Truth to Power

    .... To keep looking, GOTO L. To move deeper into the Tower, GOTO B. B. You find Banshee-44, Kadi 55-30, Master Rahool, Tess Everis, Benedict 99-40, Suraya Hawthorne, Executor Hideo, Amanda Holliday, Arach Jalaal, and Cayde-6 in their usual places. Cayde seems subdued. You see unusual ...

  • react|choose|act
    Lore » Truth to Power

    ... eerie sense that it's looking back at you. GOTO O. O. You find Banshee-44, Kadi 55-30, Master Rahool, Tess Everis, Benedict 99-40, Suraya Hawthorne, Executor Hideo, Amanda Holliday, Arach Jalaal, and Cayde-6 in their usual places. Cayde seems subdued. You see unusual light coming ...

  • It's the Feeling That Counts
    It's the Feeling That Counts

    ...f my boxes delivered to the Gunsmith by mistake. So, I go to see Banshee-44 to sort it all out. The Exo has no recollection of a delivery. But he recognizes me, and I notice his eyes glow a teensy bit brighter. Must be about the Dawning, he mumbles, and he turns on his heel and heads ...

  • Legacy's Oath Strides
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Legacy's Oath Strides

    I'm more interested in where I'm going. —Banshee-44

    Hmph. I don't always know where I've been, what I've done. Every so often, a weapon comes across my workbench, and I see… traces… what looks like my work. Something that sparks a memory, a flash. Nothing of substance. Nothing reliable. Marks on my body tell me I've seen plenty of a...

  • Leviathan's Breath
    Iten » Exotic » Power Weapons
    Leviathan's Breath

    Cast a Shadow over the wilds of this universe. Return with glorious trophies. —Emperor Calus

    ... this work of art and give it a legacy worth preserving. Hunting is fine, but Guardians have a greater purpose. —Banshee-44...

  • Fire and Forget
    Fire and Forget

    Remove what brings you pain.

    Banshee-44 emits a low whistle as he watches Stasis energy course through the rifle's internal conduits. Ninety-seven percent efficiency, he mutters to himself in wonder. This thing's state of the art. It certainly is, replies another Exo voice beside him. Ada-1 peers over the gunsmith's s...

  • Chivalric Fire
    Chivalric Fire

    And this beast evermore Sir Palomides followed, for it was called his quest.

    ...ople thinking: 'They're madder, badder, and hungrier than me. I'm not tangling with them.' Banshee-44 dubiously scratches his jaw with the point of his stylus. He glances up at his clients from his notepad. That's a lot of elements for one design. Can you cut a couple? The workshop er...

  • Forerunner
    Iten » Exotic » Kinetic Weapons

    A new chapter for an old legend.

    Banshee-44 considered the relic on his workbench and the questions on his mind; one stood out above the rest: who were you meant for? The form of the weapon suggested an oversized sidearm—a secondary weapon for a giant's hands. The function presented more so as an anti-material ri...

  • Something New
    Something New

    It's new to me. —Banshee-44

    ...te. Banshee-44 looks up from his workbench. Eva often crosses in front of his kiosk on her walks to and from the Bazaar, striking up conversations with him in passing when she does. He briefly wonders if they've had this particular talk before; he wouldn't put it past her to simply ...

  • Hecuba-S
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle

    Function over flair… but a little flair never hurt anybody. —Hektor 99-40

    Banshee-44 scratches the back of his head. It's a habit he developed when he had hair, lifetimes ago. He broke the habit during his fifteenth development, but the shadow of it still lives in his trillions of lines of code. Banshee doesn't know any of this. Not consciously, at least. ...

  • Ruinous Effigy
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons
    Ruinous Effigy

    From the many wings of ruin blows a wind that will reshape this dead world.

    ...t. Banshee-44 taps a spectral analyzer against the Effigy's frame. Commander Zavala turns, closes the lid on a small golden weapon case, and walks to Banshee's side. What have you found? Well, it's not petrified wood, but it is organic. That's troubling, Zavala says and moves to ...

  • Loaded Question
    Loaded Question

    Hey. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun's ready. —Banshee-44

    Banshee stares at the paper, then turns it upside down. I never said I was an artist, Cayde says over Banshee's shoulder. This gets at the spirit of it. Banshee turns the paper around again. So that's… The laser tracker, yeah. Huh. Banshee tilts his head. And those… Racing stripes....

  • Brass Attacks
    Brass Attacks

    If looks could kill, you wouldn't even have to aim this thing. —Banshee-44

    Banshee-44 hefted the Sidearm, testing its balance in his metal grip. Nice piece of work. He pulled the slide and peered through the ejection port. The barrel was true and the spring assembly was smooth as silicone. The brass plating and custom Picatinny rail were classy touches too....

  • Empty Vessel
    Empty Vessel

    It's versatile. By itself, it's nothing, just an empty tube. But that's its deceptive beauty; it's all about what you fill it with. What you make it. What you make it do. —Banshee-44

    Armored boots clang down metal stairs as Lord Saladin descends the catwalks between the central tower. The Bazaar is otherwise quiet, giving him time to contemplate the strategy needed for his impending diplomatic liaison. I demand a place in the decision making for… Saladin trails of...