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  • Restoration

    ...s. I believe he speaks for the Traveler. - Commander Zavala...

  • The Last Array
    The Last Array

    ...e must reach Rasputin, and make our case. - Commander Zavala...

  • Scourge of Winter
    Scourge of Winter

    ...e from our worlds. We thank you, Guardian. - Commander Zavala...

  • Cayde's Stash
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Cayde's Stash

    ...a, Zavala, and Eris in the dark. But I think it's worth it. That Guardian found the stealth drive just where I thought it would be, even took out some kind of powerful Taken construct. This plan's going even better than I expected! What could go wrong?” - Cayde-6...

  • The Dreadnaught
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Dreadnaught

    ...ris Morn before she rends Cayde limb from limb.” - Commander Zavala, transmission to Traveler's Observatory...

  • Regicide
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King

    ...ce we'll see this threat put to rest as well.” - Commander Zavala, transmission to Traveler's Observatory...

  • Dread Patrol
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Dread Patrol

    ...ome?...” - Transcript excerpt of 2-hour long meeting between Zavala and Cayde-6...

  • Outbound Signal
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Outbound Signal

    ...itor the situation as best we can.” - Arach Jalaal, report to Zavala and the Speaker...

  • The Taken War: Venus
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Venus

    ...clear of the creatures.” - Ikora Rey, after-action report to Zavala...

  • The Taken War: Earth
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Earth

    ... going to be just fine.” - Cayde-6, after-action report to Zavala...

  • The Taken War: Mars
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Mars

    ...y appreciate the stain Oryx has left on our system.” - Zavala, after-action report to the Speaker...

  • Devils' Lair
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Devils' Lair

    ...and send their souls screaming back to hell. - Commander Zavala...

  • Cerberus Vae III
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Cerberus Vae III

    ...his beast out, and break their grip on Freehold. - Commander Zavala...

  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

    ...he Warmind is a threat to the City as well.” - Commander Zavala...

  • Vanguard Elite
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Vanguard Elite

    “Our foes of late have been myriad. Each had decided by instinct or willful intent that humanity’s time was over. “We disagreed; none of us more vehemently than you. What you and your allies have done for this system cannot be measured in


  • The Shadow Thief: Revisited
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    The Shadow Thief: Revisited

    “Variks has brought unsettling news. The Devil Splicers have used SIVA to resurrect an old foe: Taniks the Scarred has become Taniks Perfected.” “Taniks's crew has joined the Splicers. They're using SIVA to reanimate his body and o

    ...Zavala and Ikora Rey...

  • Iron Banner
    Iron Banner

    Only the strong are welcome here.

    ...nd his own territory in the Tower. Now and then someone tries to get Zavala, Shaxx, and Saladin to sit down for dinner and sort out their differences, but they remain as awkward and as stubborn as Saint-14's skull....

  • Zone Control
    Zone Control

    “Only one path to victory, Guardians!”

    ... all that matters. A rare concession to Commander Zavala, Shaxx offers up this variant of Control as an exercise in battlefield terrain acquisition and defense. Lay claim to the territory, go shoulder-to-shoulder with your allies, and keep it yours. Either Titan would tell you the...

  • Black Shield
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Black Shield

    The Cabal are too structured, too disciplined. Let's show 'em what fun looks like.

    ...competitive training ground. Both Shaxx and Commander Zavala have questioned the Cabal's strategy, believing that forfeiting such a strategic position may one day leave the Cabal, and Mars, open to a proper offensive....

  • Titan Vanguard
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Titan Vanguard

    Commander Zavala

    ...knew. We struggle after. - undated battle notes Zavala has never shied from hard decisions. His life bends under the double weight of honor and duty, each act of service more exhausting, each victory more costly. Zavala continues anyway. He has never had time for anything softer than...

  • Iron Banner Rep
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Iron Banner Rep

    Lord Saladin

    ...le for the Twilight Gap. His protégés, Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx, now lead the Tower's Vanguard and the Crucible, respectively. Saladin remains close to Zavala, though his relationship with Shaxx has been strained since the Twilight Gap. The Iron Banner seeks great champions t...

  • Fleetbase Korus, Phobos
    Grimoire » Places » Mars
    Fleetbase Korus, Phobos

    “Thuria might be clear, but it's not the problem Korus could become.”

    ... has yet to be deployed against the City, bringing Zavala the fear that the Cabal have yet to launch their core campaign....

  • Lightkin Strides
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Lightkin Strides

    I was asked if the City would protect the Traveler. I replied it is the Traveler who protects the City. —Commander Zavala

    Amidst the chaos, I am a reservoir of silence. The Splicer focused on her breathing, seized a moment of quiet, and sent it billowing across the battlefield....

  • Vertigo
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas

    ..., the Crucible Handler sent a recommendation to Commander Zavala and the Speaker: “The verticality will do wonders for new recruits. It’s time to fight....

  • Skyline - Meridian Bay, Mars
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Skyline - Meridian Bay, Mars

    ...s Bray tech played in Earth’s SIVA Crisis, Commander Zavala wants no stone unturned when it comes to the Golden Age conglomerate. But for now, Vanguard researchers have learned all they can from Skyline. It’s Lord Shaxx’s turn to scrutinize it....