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  • Agent of the Nine
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Agent of the Nine


    Xûr sells objects of legendary power. He accepts his own currency, in service of his own enigmatic goals - or those of equally cryptic masters. Mysterious, too, is the nature of his presence in the Tower. Does he have some arrangement with the Vanguard or the Speaker? Are there those ...

  • Osiris
    Grimoire » Allies » Osiris

    What drives a Warlock to madness? Ghosts choose those suited to war and heroism to be reborn. By nature or circumstance they go to battle against the Darkness, and through this battle they learn how to use the Light. But Warlocks, by their nature, fight a second, internal war. This...

  • Message from Aunor IX
    Message from Aunor IX

    ... to be that every couple years or so, somebody would get to talking to Xûr, then they'd decide that they were going to be the great mind to crack the mystery of the Nine. Go off to find them. Bunch of Cryptarchs, mostly. A couple Guardians. Then the Light went out during the Red ...

  • You Get Used to Him
    You Get Used to Him

    ...rances are steady and predictable, at least. He's called Xûr. I'm not sure why one draws the tiny arrow over his name, but it's important to try and respect the wishes of those we don't understand. The first time I ever saw Xûr, I was by myself at my stall in the Tower. The Old To...

  • The Bone
    Lore » Dust
    The Bone

    ... learn why the Nine needed the Ahamkara. Why do you think the Nine needed Ahamkara? Ikora asks, dangerously. To make wishes, Lavinia pants. Xûr didn't appear in the Tower until the end of the Great Ahamkara Hunt. Whatever they used to get from the Ahamkara... She leaves it unsaid: may...

  • The Red Box
    Lore » Dust
    The Red Box

    ...d of success as she is of failure, shivers through a thrill of nerves. Xûr, she corrects the Titan, then, feeling like a pedant: Sorry. Cryptarch habit. Right. Xur. That's what I said. The Titan shrugs. I like old stuff too, Cryptarch. Go ask your question. Lavinia's mother told he...

  • Unanswered Questions
    Lore » Entities of Sol
    Unanswered Questions

    ...e of their unique writing styles. A mysterious agent of theirs, Xûr, visits well-known locations around Sol offering rare goods for sale....

  • The Witch
    Lore » Dust
    The Witch

    ... Of course she is not safe. Because there are factions among the Nine: one faction sent Xûr and Orin to study Guardians and the Light, to seek the secret of effect-without-cause and to protect the source of that secret, the last source, now that the Ahamkara are gone. Those five ...