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  • Oryx: Rebuked
    Grimoire » Enemies » Exalted Hive
    Oryx: Rebuked

    In World the stars never shone, The worm never bred in our flesh, We lived for a day Our teeth were too short We were hungry for things we could not eat

    ...ue world seemed certain (a moment of silence, now, for Wei Ning, whose directness I admired) it was Oryx who called His Child back into the nether world to plan final victory. It was to Oryx that the violence of His spawn was tithed. Oryx is the wielder and the servant of a terrible...

  • Ghost Fragment: Warlock 2
    Grimoire » Guardian » Classes
    Ghost Fragment: Warlock 2

    ...mind? Tell me how to kill Crota. [static event] It showed me the battle. It showed me Wei Ning dead on Crota's blade. It showed me how Crota killed a Guardian with a screaming knife hammered out of his own Ghost. So I will take a piece of its mind, and ask again. Tell me how to...

  • Ghost Fragment: Gunnvor's Ghost
    Lore » Luna's Lost
    Ghost Fragment: Gunnvor's Ghost

    ... Gunnvor, the Dawncaller] [g]; One [1] Guardian-type, Class Titan, designate Wei Ning; Twenty-two [22] Guardian-type, Class Titan, Order Firebreak; Thirty-four [34] Guardian-type, Class Titan, Order First Pillar; Seven [7] Guardian-type, Class Titan, Order Sun Legion; Thirteen [13]...

  • The Wise-Woman's Tale
    Lore » Quests
    The Wise-Woman's Tale

    ...and Wei Ning left her side to doubtlessly join some other fray. The Ahamkara carcass lay on its side, dead. At last. Eris felt her fingertips itch with the Arc energy she had channeled a moment ago. She tensed, stretched, caught her breath. It was early morning. The sun had just b...

  • Eriana's Vengeance
    Iten » Exotic » Ships
    Eriana's Vengeance

    Wei… I will see you again. But first… I have work to do. —Eriana-3, before entering the Hellmouth

    ...Wei Ning— More than anything, I hate the idea that we will be remembered as a tragedy. That's not true. I reserve that distinction for the monster that took you from me. But I know it's what you would hate the most. You, who were always so full of laughter. So now, in this moment, as ...

  • Star-Crossed Mark
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Star-Crossed Mark

    You don't even have to ask. I'd follow you to the end of the galaxy. —Wei Ning

    C'mon, let's get back out there. Those Fallen aren't gonna punch themselves. In a minute. I, um… I wanted to show you something. Oh. What's in the bag? Only one way to find out, isn't there? Open it. … A new mark? … A new mark that… huh. This looks familiar. Eriana, are you re-gi...

  • Cloak of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Cloak of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be renowned.

    ... Disaster. Years after the Hunt. They are dead. Wei Ning. Eriana-3. Toland. Sai Mota. Omar. Vell Tarlowe. Guardians live lives of loss. Everything around us inevitably turns to dust. When we come together, it's to war. Against enemies of humanity. Against each other. One of our few...

  • Lion's Reign Mark
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Lion's Reign Mark

    When the world begins to crumble, they will look to you to hold up the sky.

    ...od. All the old orders and heroes. Radegast. Jolder. Wei Ning. Ouros. Sledge looked up at her from the training course, shoulders hunched. O-okay. Everyone is counting on us, Sledge, Vasara said. So get that speed up. Ladrillo will be firing at you to simulate a high-pressure environment. S...

  • Fighting Lion
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons
    Fighting Lion

    I call it the Zhang Fei. It hits almost as hard as I do. —Wei Ning

    Wei Ning punched the mountain. It moved. A microscopic shudder, but enough to make her punch it again. They're just angry that you keep winning without a gun. Her Ghost danced fretfully around her fist. That's why they say these things. Jealousy. I tell you, Ning grunted, shattering ...

  • Fire Victorious Shell
    Iten » Exotic » Ghost
    Fire Victorious Shell

    For Ghosts with fire inside of them.

    ...City as it fell, ensuring that the flames first kindled by Wei Ning so many years ago would continue to burn. For that, we thank you. CY: Any of the Firebreak Order would have done as much. NM: The repairs to Firebreak Plaza are almost complete. I think we may have the relighting...