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  • Festival of the Lost: Underwatch
    Grimoire » Activities » Other Activities
    Festival of the Lost: Underwatch

    ..., Eris? Happy—? Count what I’ve lost. My companions: Eriana, Sai, Omar, Vell, Tarlowe, Toland. My eyes. My Ghost. My ship. And who was it who lost my ship? Speaking of which—Kadi's confiscated a smuggled shipment, just in time for the Festival. A sweet treat. Well, a treat, at le...

  • Ghost Fragment: Vell Tarlowe's Ghost
    Lore » Luna's Lost
    Ghost Fragment: Vell Tarlowe's Ghost

    ...[1] Guardian-type, Class Hunter, designate Omar Agah [oa]; One [1] Guardian-type, Class Titan, designate Vell Tarlowe [vt] ASSOCIATIONS: Agah, Omar; Crota; Eriana-3; Great Disaster; Hive; Light; Moon [Earth]; Morn, Eris; Mota, Sai; Tarlowe, Vell; Toland [AKA Toland, the Shattered];...

  • Regarding Eris's Fireteam
    Regarding Eris's Fireteam

    ...n't leave me alone. It was only Sai at first. Now Vell Tarlowe joins her, back to torture me. Once more, I'm forced to relive the loss of my old fireteam. Their screams of agony haunted me for so long, but never did I anticipate hearing their voices again. The Darkness is deceptive...

  • Peregrine Greaves
    Iten » Exotic » Leg Armor
    Peregrine Greaves

    Victory from on high.

    ...le his own report, which is also attached. END MESSAGE BEGIN ATTACHMENT From: Vell Tarlowe To: Saint-14 Category: 8-sat bounce Priority: 1 I just had the best. Day. Of. My. Life. Get ready for this…...

  • Cloak of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Cloak of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be renowned.

    ... are dead. Wei Ning. Eriana-3. Toland. Sai Mota. Omar. Vell Tarlowe. Guardians live lives of loss. Everything around us inevitably turns to dust. When we come together, it's to war. Against enemies of humanity. Against each other. One of our few comforts is the knowledge that our p...

  • Trauermarsch
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle

    The dead do not often speak. But I always listen.

    Vell Tarlowe. Sai Mota. Omar Agah. Eriana-3. The scarlet phantoms hang in the air beside Eris as she stares across the Enduring Abyss, her eyes fixed upon the Lunar Pyramid. Suspended between Nightmare and Memory, her old friends remain forever silent, offering neither torment n...