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  • The Silent Fang
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    The Silent Fang

    Queen: Ha! I had not thought it would be so easy, my brother. The Silent Fang brought low. Uldren: I do not see why this is funny. This Guardian may have dealt with them on Earth, but my Crows say we still have much to fear. More of the Fang survive, nearly every one of them made...

  • Wolves' Gambit
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    Wolves' Gambit

    Uldren: Nearly the whole fleet, your Grace. Back in the Ishtar Sink. Queen: He fails at his little prophecy, so he'll look to rule from Simiks-fel, now that Draksis is gone— Uldren: I thought the same thing, but my Crows say he's not there. We've found more of his Guard le...

  • Queen's Ransom
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    Queen's Ransom

    A bellow erupts from the barred grate at her feet. Bony fingers claw at the bars, their sharp points just inches from her toes. Prince Uldren chuckles. At the edge of the room the Techeuns circle, their implants glowing faintly blue in the shadows. He's been... amusing... since...

  • The Royal Awoken Guard
    Grimoire » Allies » The Queen
    The Royal Awoken Guard

    ...ork closely with the Queen's brother, Master of Crows, Prince Uldren Sov, and every Guard member is trained in espionage and diplomacy as well as in firearms and hand-to-hand combat....

  • Paskin, King Baron
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Leadership
    Paskin, King Baron

    Hull of Crows

    Prince Uldren: Look at it from the House of Kings' perspective. Their power is matched only by their cleverness. They rule the Devils from the shadows and came too close to toppling the City not once, but twice. We don't know much about them, but we know this: the Kings want...

  • Vekis, King Baron
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Leadership
    Vekis, King Baron

    Hull of Crows

    Prince Uldren: Of the Kell of Kings, we know nothing. Wherever, whoever it is, it remains hidden, even when the so-called Kell of Kells comes to its borders. Instead, it sends just two Barons: Paskin and Vekis. Yasmin Eld: What do we have on them? Petra Venj: Should I issue bounties...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Reef
    Grimoire » Places » The Asteroid Belt
    Ghost Fragment: The Reef

    The attendant moves as Prince Uldren passes through the massive door separating the Outpost’s common area from the warren of tunnels that make up the Queen’s Bay. He rounds a corner and a poorly maintained hatch opens for him, clunking and groaning as it separates. The room beyond is ...

  • V. The Restless Dead
    Lore » From the Front
    V. The Restless Dead

    ... No, Zavala said. He gripped the railing with both hands, a gesture of frustration and self-doubt. Uldren Sov. Ikora straightened, surprised. That sharp feeling of being caught off guard , of realizing you'd missed something, froze her for a moment. What do you mean? she asked ca...

  • Honored

    Pride flutters in Petra's throat like a trapped bird. She doesn't know whether she will fly away or drop dead. As the elevator descends, she looks left at Illyn and then right at Uldren. She shuffles in her gleaming formal armor. From exile as Tower emissary to THIS is incredible....

  • Savin

    Now in time Uldren Queensbrother returned to the Reef with a new creature. He had killed it twice in ambush, he said, to be certain it could not die. It had once been an Awoken man, and, recognizing it, Mara turned away from her plans for the Dreaming City and watched it coolly. ...

  • Outliers

    ...em as Variks, or Variks the Loyal. Directly responsible for the release of the murderer Uldren Sov from the Prison of Elders, #1121 subsequently fled Awoken holdings in the Reef and now styles himself the Kell of Kells, still representing House Judgement. The Praxic Order has petitioned...

  • Imponent II
    Lore » Marasenna
    Imponent II

    Carefully, the people of the Distributary grew in number. Joyously and constantly, they grew in quality. Those who do not die are as malleable and passionate as the young, as tempered and constant as the mature, and as wise and humble as the best of the old. But as ever, the Awoken ...

  • Imponent III
    Lore » Marasenna
    Imponent III

    Now it came to pass that Esila, daughter of Sila, recognized the scent of Sjur Eido, for smell lies deepest in memory. Esila spoke to Queen Nguya Pin about the presence of an ancient hero in her court. While Queen Pin pondered how to honor this visitor—and simmered over the insult o...

  • Imponent IV
    Lore » Marasenna
    Imponent IV

    Next, the fallen Paladin and the hunter chose long guns and went out into the monsoon jungle to stalk each other. Sjur Eido selected a Tigerspite in 11x90mm with five-round flock guidance and an inertial sump. Uldren chose a silent needle carbine with a conesnail payload. For six...

  • Imponent V
    Lore » Marasenna
    Imponent V

    The subsonic roar of the solid rocket boosters crosses the threshold from noise into motion. To hear it is to feel it, and to feel it is to remember that you are a sack of fluids and gels much more than you are a solid entity. Membranes and gradients, solutes and films: a body is...

  • Nigh I
    Lore » Marasenna
    Nigh I

    You're the devil, Alis Li whispers. I remember… in one of the old tongues, Mara means death. An hour before. Mara's ship touches down a polite two kilometers from the Pearl Groves, and she looks out across mazes of channel and tidal pond to the compounds of ancient silver-white st...

  • Palingenesis I
    Lore » Marasenna
    Palingenesis I

    Mara thinks of the banyan trees that sprawl across the shallow silty lakes of a world she will never see again. The waveguides in her helmet detect the image and obey the encrypted command scheme she's rooted into every system in her fleet. She speaks into the flight directorate channel....

  • Ecstasiate III
    Lore » Marasenna
    Ecstasiate III

    Two became four, and the four called out, and so the four became eight. In this manner, conjured forth by their doubling, the sleepers did awaken. In time the awoken spilled across the face of the world, and their number was forty thousand eight hundred ninety one. They drank of the...

  • Fideicide III
    Lore » Marasenna
    Fideicide III

    To end a world with a shot or pin eternity on a blade; to see your sisters lost to rot and their undone works decayed—the death of an immortal wastes the infinite potential of all they might become. An immortal's grief and murder-guilt, left untended, will never fade. Thus it became k...

  • Heresiology
    Lore » Marasenna

    A woman lives alone on the forest hills above the Feather Barrens. North of her, in a chaos of ravines and clear but fiercely radioactive streams, the hills surrender to high imperial mountains engaged in brutal seismic warfare, for the Distributary is a young world and has not settled...

  • Imponent I
    Lore » Marasenna
    Imponent I

    In later days, the power of the Queen waned, and the Distributary was ruled by scholars who sent their knights on mad quests to test the consistence of reality. These were the Gensym Scribes, who traced their origin to Kelda Wadj, the Allteacher, but who were in fact descendants of...

  • Revanche I
    Lore » Marasenna
    Revanche I

    Uldren returned to the Reef during the Long Unquiet Night, when the Awoken people huddled in their beds and hammocks, gathered in ice caves and half-lit habitat cylinders, haunted by visions and portents. Faces appeared to them in the sublimating swirl of cometary ice: images and...

  • II: Identity
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    II: Identity

    ...e floor, wrapped in the tattered white cloth of his burial shroud, the man once known as Prince Uldren Sov looked up to the wide shadow Spider cast in the doorway. He rose to his feet, then bowed. Baron, he said mistakenly, unaware that Spider neither held no such a title, nor led...

  • The Length of a Chain | Part I
    The Length of a Chain | Part I

    ...n, Uldren Sov whispers, you and I are going to take the Black Garden. Oh yeah? Jolyon Till the Rachis, famous among Crows, sniper, scout, and teller of tales, lies full-sprawl prone at Uldren's side. The scrubbed-down length of a Supremacy rifle, snugged against his shoulder, nearly ...

  • The Length of a Chain | Part II
    The Length of a Chain | Part II

    Their departure is meant to be secret. Nobody will turn out, he assures Jol. We'll slip away at zenith. By the time anyone catches on, we'll be aerobraking into Meridian Bay! You're insufferably cocky, Jol says, and by the time we go, the whole city will know you're up to something. ...