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  • Tyra Karn
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Tyra Karn

    Tyra considers herself an observer of history rather than a participant. In the time of the Iron Lords, Tyra was the keeper of their stories. Later, she helped found the Cryptarch order, but withdrew from its day-to-day operation to concentrate on her studies. Tyra has dedicated ...

  • SIVA
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA

    ...NT: Assembly of Masters, S14 Cryptarchy SENDER: Tyra Karn SUBJECT: SIVA SUB-ENTRIES: Nanotech; Self-Assembling Materials; Cosmodrome; Warmind; Iron Lords; Clovis Bray SUMMARY: We must reopen all previous entries on SIVA. What we once believed to be a colonial tool of the Warminds, de...

  • Felwinter Peak
    Grimoire » Places » Earth
    Felwinter Peak

    ...: Tyra Karn Long before the last of the Iron Lords descended into the Plaguelands, this peak was the domain of one of their own, Lord Felwinter. His maps and outposts show the risen Exo roamed free from the Aral Seas to an eastern border known as Citan’s Ridge (Open Citan 01-A, C...

  • Caretaker
    Lore » Eva's Journey

    ...r. Now, she was alone. Or, mostly alone. She turned her head to see the Cryptarch, Tyra Karn, chattering away with Farm's postal frame. With primary operations returned to the City, Darbi had become Tyra's unofficial research assistant. Together they continued to study and examine ...

  • Don't Call Me Ghost
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Don't Call Me Ghost

    I want a name. Is this because of Sagira? She is a terrible influence on you. She has a name. People don't just call her 'Ghost.' It's insulting being called 'Ghost.' I'm not a thing. I'm me. Who are you, then? I'm… I don't know. I'm me. And you want me to define you? That sounds...

  • Ghost Community Theater Presents
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Ghost Community Theater Presents

    ...stly Shade of Crota See the play that Commander Zavala calls, An insensitive and disrespectful travesty of a production, with truly abominable prop design—an insult to the art of papier-mâché. The eponymous Ghost himself calls it: Is this supposed to be me? Oh… oh no… Ghost, the Ghost ...

  • Gensym Scribe
    Gensym Scribe

    Asher Mir stands looking at himself in a mirror. He is shirtless. With the hand that still feels, he reaches to the shoulder that doesn't feel. He taps his fingernails against the rigid metal there, then taps his way to his clavicle. The boundary between metal and skin is neither...

  • Exegesis

    ...certainly containing the thing that will be needed when the moment comes. TYRA: I am someone else. I hope that someday I will meet Tyra Karn....

  • A History of Starlight
    Iten » Exotic » Ships
    A History of Starlight

    Before Tyra Karn settled in the Iron Temple, her second home was among the stars.

    ~ To you as well. There has been no greater Dawning than this. The dawning of a new age, whether we call it one or not. I hope it is not the dawn of a new Collapse. ~ We are so focused on the return of our Light that we have forgotten how that Light was obscured. We can celebrate the...

  • Legend of Acrius
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    Legend of Acrius

    In the Cabal legend, a hero seeks to possess the sun. He succeeds. Then, he becomes Emperor. The Cabal… are not a subtle people. —Tyra Karn

    ... have a word for the concept of hubris. —Research notes of Tyra Karn...

  • Concentric Dawn
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    Concentric Dawn

    Study the sacred geometry of light and life. —Ikora Rey

    ... achievement that deserves a place in any serious library. —Tyra Karn An inspiring work that challenges conventions of metaphysics and ontology through the prism of a deceptively simple shape: the circle. Impressive! —Lord Shaxx Despite a lack of rigorous data analysis and an overr...