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  • Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4
    Grimoire » Allies » Rasputin
    Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4

    ...from a long branch, afire

    ...ou step ACROSS is there a world of worlds, a web, and you a spider upon it. Are you searching for that one thread you need? Is that thread named victory? You’re not one of THEM[long dead, alive again, their bodies grafted to powers they and I do not understand] and not one of IT[the f...

  • Severing
    Lore » Constellations

    ..., waking nightmares. I am myself and not myself. And I || am stuck in a web of black spider silk, frozen in the mind-numbing silence of space || have no answers. The fall isn't quick. It happens over weeks and months: cataclysmic disasters, natural and unnatural, flattening human s...

  • I. KETCH
    I. KETCH

    ... long since vanished, and for those who bend a knee to the Spider in the remote corner of the Reef known as the Tangled Shore, they have lost the privilege of such sentimentality. A salvage crew was dispatched the week after a small scouting party from the Spider's personal fiefdom ...

  • Message from Aunor VII
    Message from Aunor VII

    ...f you're not halfway there already. Drifter and the Spider have worked together on occasion. But it can't benefit Spider to let the Drifter expand his influence in the system. So why help him? I wonder if the Shadows of Yor are involved—maybe pressure on the Reef at Drifter's benefit? L...

  • Chapter 31
    Chapter 31

    ...Spider's warehouses, he gripped the neck of a warehouse worker. So tell me something. When the rule 'no stealing' was explained to you, which part did you not understand? The worker struggled against Spider's grip. I—I didn't steal the candy! You know what's worse than stealing fro...


    ...f the life-giving essence; more than twice her own share. The Spider had given them just two tanks—partly as a cost-saving measure, and partly as an incentive to get the job done quickly. Later that night, a crewmate woke Savek from her deep slumber. You're late. Northwestern posting. Tw...


    ... of the sort. This implication, this realization—perhaps this was novel to the Spider as well. If that were true, this piece of living Hive technology would be worth more than Ether. Perhaps… Kosis gestured to the now towering length of living metal. Take it apart....


    ...Kosis had marked the Hive salvage specifically for the Spider's attention. It wouldn't be shipped off to marketplaces and storehouses like the remains of the Ketch—finds like this were of special interest to him. Kosis considered sending a missive ahead of the shipment but thought b...

  • Right Side of Wrong
    Right Side of Wrong

    Where do you stand?

    ...Spider has ever made. And that, he reminds himself, is saying a lot. In exchange for facilitating the deaths of his enemies, Spider receives… death for some other enemies. It's almost embarrassing. He would have provided the Barons' location for free, if they had pressed him on it...


    ... share. Or reduce the size of her crew. Kosis knew what Spider would choose. She began cycling through crew members, deciding which one to cull, when the sudden silence of the moment struck her. No Arc cutters sizzled. No grunts of effort or idle chatter. No clangs of loaded salvage. ...

  • Imponent V
    Lore » Marasenna
    Imponent V Mara put them there. Huge distributed-array telescopes orbit the Distributary's cool sun; gravity wave sensors and cold primordial neutrino detectors spider the crust. Out of shell corporations and seed investments, she has opened her world as an enormous eye and focused it heavenward....

  • II: Identity
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    II: Identity

    ...ic beat as they greeted a new arrival in the Spider's lair. He entered with hesitance. Gold eyes flitted around the room like a nervous animal. His clothes were those of a traitor. The white shawl of a funerary covering draped across shoulders that hunched downward as if a heavy ...

  • VI: Revenant's Switch
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    VI: Revenant's Switch

    ... Spider sat hunched to one side of his throne, head in hand, when Crow returned from the field. Baron, Crow addressed his ostensible benefactor. The Spider looked up and wordlessly beckoned the Lightbearer over. Upon reaching the throne, Crow took a knee. What was it we talked ab...

  • V: Theraphosa
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    V: Theraphosa

    ...Spider's subterranean shipping depot. He bobbed uncertainly through tight towers of stacked crates, beneath hanging coils of gurgling tubing, over piles of crushed Phaseglass, and through a hissing vent of rich lavender smoke that obscured what looked like a quantum opal. (But as ...

  • VII: Broken Wing
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    VII: Broken Wing

    ... Spider's implements. I'm so sorry. Crow's voice was barely a whisper. For all his strength as a Lightbearer, he looked small seated on the floor in his den, illuminated by the pale glow of a solitary lamp. Crow cradled Glint in his cupped hands. The ghost's monocular eye stared ...

  • 2: Burden Part II
    2: Burden Part II

    ... The carrier is annihilated. Tyv shatters, her body skids across the grass in ruin. Deafening shock breaks the night. In it, one lone call: SPIDER TANK!...

  • A Tale Twice Told
    A Tale Twice Told much has happened, but I get only drips of information. Spider is a name I hear over and over, but who is he? A common criminal? A deity? A friend? Some accounts paint him as all three. What is it about this Spider fellow that compels these Guardians so? And do I have it right t...

  • The Kell
    Lore » Dust
    The Kell

    ...he Fallen at her side murmurs. Master Ives murdered, Variks missing. Spider hires away my friends. Well, I stay to guard Master Ives's work. You come in, make yourself into a home. I will bring nitrogen tea and records. Thank you. Lavinia wants to laugh, or maybe cry, at the malapropism. ...

  • Riddled with Lies
    Riddled with Lies

    ...The Trickster. The liar. Silver-tongued Araskes, the Wit. She who bartered with the Spider and nearly cost him his life. She who swindled a dozen bounty hunters that she alone may profit. So many tales of Araskes' sleight of hand and tongue and mind. The enemy who has won battles ...

  • The Leviathan
    Lore » Dust
    The Leviathan

    ... mass groups. No corresponding radar or lidar contacts. The black screen of the dark matter detector explodes into frenzied purple-white shapes, like the webs of a spider locked in sensory deprivation for a million billion years. Thick cords of shadowstuff that twine into strangling ...

  • Nitrogen

    ..., heads for his hovel just a moment before his baby bursts out crying. You hear about that one Fallen on Hygeia? He pays for people willing to maintain a few remote telescopes. You work for the Spider? Tellia cries. But he's— Willing to pay in hard goods. Willing to help people mov...

  • Revanche V
    Revanche V cringed from battle as they peeled off wall panels, desperate for salvage to please their Captains. Armored Sjur Eido met the Fallen Baron in zero-gravity combat above his spider tank and shot him dead, one adamant shaft through plate and throat. Ether hissed into vacuum. Sjur ...

  • Flayed

    Spider's lair. Petra in her element, light-footed, light of thought. She keeps herself open to the place. Heat of packed bodies and machinery, bite of Ether in the air. Money and the promise of money and the things money can make people do. Knives. Pistols. Danger like static charge....


    ... but it betrayed him as he felt the seeds of an argument start to form. True, Ikora shrugged, but Spider's very presence in the City is a provocation. You saw what happened when the House of Light arrived. All the unjustified hatred. Zavala grunted in reluctant acknowledgement. I...

  • III - Gifts from the Shore
    III - Gifts from the Shore

    ...guard lanyard scampered over in distress. Saint sighed. It is fine, he said to the Eliksni. Spider probably sends more surplus from old House of Dusk. Knowing you carry supplies from our enemies is great joke to him. He dragged the crate out of the walkway with one hand and knelt ...