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  • Osiris
    Grimoire » Allies » Osiris

    ...ior. I watched you at Six Fronts, and heeded the call of Saint-14 to appoint you Vanguard Commander, even when the Concordat claimed to have records proving you were a Golden Age experiment mis-incarnated as a human by an inept Ghost. Saint-14 assured me you were just a man without...

  • Legend: Saint-14
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Legend: Saint-14

    Twilight's End

    He could feel his light draining. He pulled all of it into one last hope. He reeled back and bam! His helm found purchase, breaking through just above the Kell’s eyes. The Ether screamed from his head and together they fell to the ground. The Exo Guardian rose, staggering back. H...

  • Steelfeather Repeater
    Steelfeather Repeater

    There is strength in delicate things.

    ...aving nothing but ruin in our wake. Nothing can stop this union. —Saint-14...

  • Hyperborean Pinion
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle
    Hyperborean Pinion

    Soar together, under an eternal sun.

    ... and a cold and empty throne. —Penned by Osiris, in memory of Saint-14, lost in the Infinite Forest...

  • Growing
    Lore » Constellations

    ...e. Silence falls over the room. I am trying to think. What does the Traveler say? Saint-14 asks, quietly. Everyone looks at me. I breathe in through my nose, breathe out slowly. About the factions? I ask. Or about people killing each other in our streets? This is not what the Traveler wa...

  • Searching
    Lore » Constellations

    ... civilians and Guardians at the entrance of the City. And still, I've found no one I can hand down my mask to. Before Saint-14 left for Mercury, I'd thought that maybe he could take my place. That I might be able to teach him. That's not the way it's usually done, but he has such ...

  • Martyr's Retribution
    Martyr's Retribution

    That which returns from the void will always seek revenge.

    ...ould know by now, I also want them dead. And I won't stop either. —Saint-14...

  • Winner Take All
    Winner Take All

    ...thought. What followed was a party. Osiris even showed up. He and the Speaker had sent Saint-14 after Taniks as well, and maybe Sainty's one hell of a Titan—but we're Hunters. No way were we losing the kill. Looking back, I wish maybe we had. Andal kept his word—joined the Vangua...

  • react|choose|act
    Lore » Truth to Power

    ...solution exists, we may apply massive computational power to generate a reasonable facsimile. This was the approach used against Saint-14. After observing Dûl Incaru during many loops, this simulation reveals her purpose in the Dreaming City. She seeks the key to the Distributary, t...

  • Gallant Charge
    Gallant Charge

    There is a brief moment, before the clash, that lives between fear and certainty. Push through. to do. More heads to break. My weapon charges. I breathe in. I move. —Saint-14...

  • 1: Burden Part I
    1: Burden Part I

    ...s too thick to land. We'll be exposed in the clearing. Saint-14: She will be there. Final transmission lists six refugees; peddled for Ether. Geppetto: And upward of thirty Fallen. Marin Oru: In that case, I'm glad we brought the machine gun. Saint-14: This Warlord who deals with the...

  • 2: Burden Part II
    2: Burden Part II

    ...fugees and ushering them into the carrier. It does not matter who had the idea. Saint-14 hugs her. Marin straightens and looks beyond them. Flares loose from the canopy, breathing pale azure revival back into sky. Shrieks and lights whip into frenzy within the trees. Cloud cover c...

  • 3: Burden Part III
    3: Burden Part III

    ...brink, face to face with death. The Walker's field gun teeters to match his verticality. Saint-14 braces. He is an incandescent Ward. A just retribution. A violet wall that stands to refute the night, but the Dawn does not follow. A second shell rings from the Walker's cannon. It...

  • 6: Foundations Part I
    6: Foundations Part I

    ...he shadow of an osseous-white orb. I will be your friend. Come. Sit. Eat. There is enough for you to join us. I am Saint-14. Osiris eyes the plated meat and the smoky grill before glancing back at the distant fortifications. You could do the work of twenty on that wall. It is their wa...

  • 7: Foundations Part II
    7: Foundations Part II

    ...ase. Saint-14 gestures to a flimsy wooden chair. Two Ghosts zoom past them and sweep plates from the counter before scooting off. Would you mind helping them bring food to the people, Sagira? Sure, let me just load up my service protocol. The joke hangs. Saint-14 expresses genuine th...

  • 8: Observer Effect
    8: Observer Effect

    Saint-14 barrels through drifting wool tufts, dyed in now-dispersed polychromatic patterns. A detachment of the Firebreak Order had overextended their hold in the valley and, when pressed, refused to give ground. Their valiance was swept away in futility. Eight downed. One missing. ...

  • 10: War Stories
    10: War Stories

    ... RETREAT! Osiris: The Northern walls stand— I am needed. Saint-14: Shaxx? Hello? Western Fronts are clear. This is Saint-14. Shaxx: AMAZING! THEN WE MARCH ON THE SOUTH. Saladin: The Fallen's southern approach has broken. The City holds. Silence hangs for but a momen— Shaxx: THEY THOU...

  • 11: Breathe
    11: Breathe

    ...the other thirteen? I think about that sometimes. I am happy with fourteen. Ana grips his shoulder. Me too, Saint-14. She sprinkles a handful of seeds over him. Make sure you walk the row. It's getting dark. She smiles. Thank you, Anastasia. Ana nods. You know it's Ana, she says, and...

  • 14: Patron
    14: Patron

    ...Saint-14 through the City. He walks them most days when he is home. When time permits. The people wave. They cheer. They bring offerings of their support and adoration. Breads. Tokens. Wonderfully spun tassels and bands of royal purple hue. His name had become synonymous with the...

  • 15: Shepherd
    15: Shepherd imagine it would be like this when we first arrived? Saint-14 leans against the Tower railing. The Speaker looks over the bustling City streets. Not in so little time, but I always believed we were capable. Do you remember when I first awoke? I do. You told me that I would be ...

  • 19: Reunion
    19: Reunion

    Saint-14 watches vessels dip in and out of the hangar. The cadence of docking and disembarking ships finds rhythm in the busy city. It is routine. Practiced. Peaceful. A visitor steps aboard the Gray Pigeon. Geppetto turns to welcome them. Greetings, Brother Osiris. You are a welcome s...

  • A Very Nice Young Man
    A Very Nice Young Man

    ...le bit. I see, I said, smiling. After a moment, I added, My name is Eva. Saint. I sat with that answer for a moment and then asked, Saint-14? I'd heard the story of how he fought for the City during the Battle of Six Fronts, so long ago, and another more fantastical story about ho...

  • Vance: Canary
    Vance: Canary

    ...head tilted before he continued. You did not claim this weapon from the tomb of Saint-14, but instead through some Fractaline-powered tesseract, yes? The Titan nodded, then stood for a long moment looking at the blind man. That Sundial made it, he said finally. Vance's grip tightened on...

  • III - Gifts from the Shore
    III - Gifts from the Shore

    ...ghed more than they did, the two Eliksni gave Saint-14 a wide berth on their way to the Eliksni Quarter. You see how they distrust, Saint grumbled. Amanda Holliday scanned the crate into her datapad, the unexpected shipment of emergency supplies from the Tangled Shore nearly offloaded. ...

  • IV - Conspirators
    IV - Conspirators

    ... added with an ill-concealed smirk, but he's not as cutthroat as he seems. Appears the Iron Lord has a soft spot for Commander Zavala. Lakshmi gave Hideo a look, as though he had revealed too much. We are now considering Saint-14, she said, pointedly bringing the conversation back ...