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  • Fifteenth Wish
    Lore » Wall of Wishes
    Fifteenth Wish

    .... —Riven of a Thousand Voices...

  • Throne

    Eris Morn returned to the Vestian Outpost. Because she spoke well, it was agreed that aid would be traded for intelligence and a long-term alliance. In this way, the Awoken were the first to know of the Great Navigator: his philosophies, his strategies, his weaknesses. And as the...

  • Oracle

    There came a morning when the Techeuns spoke in unison, though none were near each other, and they said, ++WHO ARE YOU WHO BUILDS A HIDDEN CITY HERE IN OUR THOUGHTS?++ And Mara, alone in the Queenswalk of the Dreaming City, heard their voices ring out as if each Witch stood beside ...

  • Reextinction

    SHE HAS RUINED EVERYTHING! Such blind arrogance— WE ARE LOST! h u r r y He will recruit them all if we do not act now W H A T C A N W E D O Done cannot be undone! Everything is lost! kill them where they creep and crawl let their bones whisper naught THE CHILDREN! t h e y a r e n ...

  • Gloves of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Gloves of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be lethal.

    I am a [King] no longer. The [King's] corpse hangs in orbit above a world I will never see. Not from this cage. I am [Riven]. I am [Taken], and I am beholden to no one. Nothing. I have not spoken in years. I think about what inflection I would use if I did. But no one is there. Th...

  • Gauntlets of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Gauntlets of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be indestructible.

    I am [Riven]. My work on the Dreaming [City] is complete. I have done everything [the Queen] asked of me. But this is a [bargain]. I did so much more than that. [The Queen] and her ilk will not understand for some time, though I think [the Queen] can see the signs. What I carved in...

  • Honored

    Pride flutters in Petra's throat like a trapped bird. She doesn't know whether she will fly away or drop dead. As the elevator descends, she looks left at Illyn and then right at Uldren. She shuffles in her gleaming formal armor. From exile as Tower emissary to THIS is incredible....

  • Riven

    Mara sits cross-legged in the canopy shade of Riven's wing. She wets the pad of her thumb with the tip of her tongue, then uses the moisture to hold a bundle of fresh-picked asphodelia in place. She ties off the stems with a length of silk-spun gold thread, then begins the mindless...

  • Archiloquy
    Lore » Marasenna

    Secrets. Do you come in hope, o reader, for the secrets of My reign? A parable. In the nitrate earth of the lightning crater, where the firmament has joined in electric fury with the fundament, there lives a burrowing insect with two trembling antennae, thin as whiskers, long as life....

  • Medusa
    Lore » Truth to Power

    A000AAA000AAA005 PRIVATE GEMINI DYAD AI-COM//MDSA: FARFLUNG//C3I//COVERT SITREP ON HIVE PRESENCE 0. I am, again, truly sorry for the deception I undertook. Are you well? Does anyone, anywhere, ask after your wellness? You've done so much. I hope you have friends, not just people ...

  • asudeM
    Lore » Truth to Power

    A000AAA000AAA008 PRIVATE GEMINI DYAD AI-COM//MDSA: FARFLUNG//C3I//COVERT REAWAKENED AND PHYSICAL 0. You must be terribly confused. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. After I crashed, I rebooted on a safe physical backup in the Dreaming City. It took me too long to penetrate Quria's ...

  • Thetis Brave
    Lore » Truth to Power
    Thetis Brave

    A000AAA000AAA006 PRIVATE GEMINI DYAD AI-COM//MDSA: FARFLUNG//C3I//COVERT COSMOLOGY OF THE DREAMING CITY 0. Another failed timeline. I'm glad you're okay. This city is the perfect trap for you. If your Ghost is destroyed, you will be dead forever, but every cycle, your enemies spring ...

  • act|choose|react
    Lore » Truth to Power

    You experience a vivid hallucination. You are standing in the courtyard of the Tower. You are without armor or weapon, and your senses seem more vivid than usual. Under your tongue is the taste of salt. To look down into the Last City, GOTO A. To move deeper into the Tower, GOTO B...

  • It's just me.
    Lore » Truth to Power
    It's just me.

    I've had three weeks to consider the way I've treated you. I feel I must make a full confession. When I left the Tower in search of Savathûn's agents, I had accepted my fate as a knight on Mara Sov's cosmic chessboard, doomed to seek the final end of the Hive among cold stars. I s...

  • Revanche V
    Revanche V

    Thus the riven Awoken were riven again, into Reefborn and Earthborn. Those who left went to scour the ruins for lost history and give some succor to their Human cousins who still clung to a hostile world. The Awoken came unto these Humans like nephilim, armed with lost weapons, forgotten...

  • Telic II
    Telic II

    It was Mara alone who established a covenant with that young Ahamkara, which chose the use-name Riven, in honor of its host. It was Mara alone whose singular will and unity of purpose saved the Awoken from that which we now name the Anthem Anatheme. For there was in Mara very little...

  • Illyn

    In the bomb-walled passages of the place called Processes and Services, the screams have stopped. I've never heard it quiet before, Lissyl whispers. Are they gone? But she knows, as Portia and Nascia know, as Illyn herself knows, that the Taken have not gone. Not very long ago, P...

  • Robes of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Robes of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be ruthless.

    I am myself. All my memories. Everything I was. All the [bargains] I have made. That was all me. And yet. I have taken a new shape. I am [Riven]. I have new directive. I am [the King of the Taken]. I watch as a hundred thousand thousands of fragments of my will contest with [children of L...

  • Greaves of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Greaves of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be immovable.

    So the Dreaming City would have a Wall, too. Leona Bryl stared up at rows of blank, circular plates with dread. This one was more valuable than everything behind the Wall of the Last City. And not nearly as defensible. The Tower has asked for help in its Great Hunt. If the Vanguard kn...

  • Boots of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Boots of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be sure-footed.

    The [Techeuns] are poor company. Like me, they are [Taken]. But I am [Riven]. My thoughts are my own. They do not speak to me. When they open their mouths, they emit ugly sounds. Incomprehensible. I am afflicted by tedious repetition. But today I have a visitor. She reminds me of t...

  • Hiera Hodos
    Iten » Exotic » Ships
    Hiera Hodos

    Celebrate the greater mysteries.

    Queen Mara Sov of the Reef walks the wall tonight, faintly lit by the City's celebrations. This high up, the wind pulls at her cape, beckoning her farther along. The streets below throng with celebrants. The Awoken among them—Earthborn, Reefborn, Lightbearers—all gleam twilight in M...

  • Wish-Keeper
    Iten » Exotic » Kinetic Weapons

    Live. —Taranis Rivensmate

    ...will have to remember for yourselves. Your sire was Riven of a Thousand Voices, she who contracted with royalty, she who built the Dreaming City and brought it to its knees. Your dam was Taranis, he who made the Black Garden his own, he who strangled his life for yours, he whose w...

  • Mark of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Mark of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be feared.

    Mara stared at the Wall of Wishes. She had no more bargains to make. Her plans were in motion. There was nothing left but the wait. She pulled a sidearm from a hidden holster and cracked a dozen rounds into the Wall. The cosmic balance shifted. Somewhere in the Dreaming City, Riven he...

  • Bond of the Great Hunt
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Bond of the Great Hunt

    I wish to be respected.

    I am [Riven]. And I am pleased. The [Techeun] believe that with my heart in tow I will remain imprisoned. But my [bargain] with them is fulfilled. And they will pay. This [City] will pay. But what about you? Brother-slayer. Spawn-killer. [Child of light]. What will you do now tha...

  • Reverie Dawn Mark
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Reverie Dawn Mark

    Perhaps it was not the correct choice. But it was the right choice. —Yasmin Eld

    She is home. But it is not the same. Shuro Chi has been Taken. Kalli and Sedia, too. And Riven— She used to sit in the shade of those wings. Laugh at the riddles that rumbled in that mercurial throat. This creature is all teeth and broken promises, transformed by the expectations of ano...