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  • Roll Call
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    Roll Call

    ...haunted the Baron's territory with phantom decoys and ended all trespassers from the shadows. Reksis Vahn, the Godslayer, the Hangman. He had secreted away the Ether stores of his victims and driven the Barons and their followers into a frenzy with that tainted feast. Arakses, the W...

  • Anguish, Ten-Fold
    Anguish, Ten-Fold

    ...d Observations from the Tangled Shore: A Fallen Text It was Reksis Vahn who saw to the final days of the House of Wolves. With cold hatred, he hunted and slaughtered their Servitors until none remained, and thus a rabid House did fall. But Reksis Vahn's rage was not sated, as the W...