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  • Outliers

    ...the Reef and now styles himself the Kell of Kells, still representing House Judgement. The Praxic Order has petitioned the Vanguard for permission to detain #1121. The Awoken monarchy, acting through the Queen's Wrath, has claimed jurisdiction over #1121 and further stated that any...

  • Lease

    ...hear and consider these philosophies. Further: any concerned members of the Praxic Order should recall that the Vanguard holds jurisdiction over their actions, and that the exile of dissident philosophers is very different from the exile of rogue operators. MESSAGE ENDS...

  • Potential

    ... force of will. As to the apparent presence of #2015, it is a falsehood. My handlers in the Praxic Order surmise simply: the shape of Oryx was the scariest Hive he could think of. He's tenacious, but he has a small mind. 3. Highly recommend we assess #1315 for the influence of paracausal ...

  • Ghost Fragment: Eriana-3's Ghost
    Lore » Luna's Lost
    Ghost Fragment: Eriana-3's Ghost

    ... Yût [REDACTED] ASSOCIATIONS: Deathsinger; Deathsong; Eriana-3; Hive; Ir Yût; Praxic Order; Toland [AKA Toland, the Shattered]; Wizard //AUDIO PRESERVED// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS…/ [j:01] I'll keep the feed live. Maybe the Praxics can make use of this data. [j:02] It's a song that's kill...

  • Message from Aunor I
    Message from Aunor I

    ...ame is Aunor. I serve the Hidden and the Warlock Praxic Order. You and I have never met, but I hold you in high regard. You've accomplished wonders for this City, and humanity owes you a debt it cannot repay. A marvel for one so young. But, in true Guardian fashion, nothing you d...

  • Message from Aunor II
    Message from Aunor II

    ...ement they can control. I see a criminal in a place of power. The Praxic Order has been surveilling Vanguard activities: Guardians like you are abandoning frontline duties so they can run rampant in the Drifter's Gambit. Every Mote of Dark they drop in his hands means another moment th...

  • Message to Aunor
    Message to Aunor

    ...Praxic Order. Along with a brief statement of solidarity, the message contains transcripts of your conversations with the Drifter, as well as data packages detailing Drifter's Gambit Prime and Reckoning operations. Your Ghost has also provided specifications for the modified Gambit ...

  • Message from Aunor IX
    Message from Aunor IX

    .... Word of advice? Try to keep emotional language out of your reports. To the knowledge of the Praxic Order, the Nine aren't allies of the Darkness. We've got solid intel from Reef spies that the Awoken Queen's working with them now beyond the system. Could be that they're up to n...

  • Message from Aunor X
    Message from Aunor X

    ...rk you've both done is worthy of induction to the Praxic Order. It's too bad the Vanguard keeps you so busy. This is the end of our investigation. Those tapes you found contain the scraps of truth that we've been hunting all this time. It's just not the truth that I was expecting—I've bee...

  • The Salt Mines
    The Salt Mines

    ...e held out a Cormorant Seal, fearless in the light of his ever-burning Gun. Aunor. Praxic Order. You're interrupting important work, he said. Stole the words right out of my mouth, she replied. These Ghosts are coming with us. No more killing. Your reputation won't protect you. Y...

  • Symmetry
    Lore » Chirality

    ...s and followers ought to not only be included, but embraced. The Praxic Order may have their duty to combat Darkness all they want, but basing political and military positions on the fever-dreams of one Warlock—yes, I speak here of the Pujari Position—is misguided at best. Since when...

  • Empty-Handed
    Lore » Chirality

    ... were reforged in Light. And the Light didn't burn the Dark out of them, or whatever nonsense the Praxic Order has been cooking up. They kept being Hive. It's just about choice. Everyone's got one. Always. Whatever you're doing, wherever you are. Not finding a choice acceptable i...

  • Bond of the Cormorant Blade
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Bond of the Cormorant Blade

    Paperwork. —Warlock Aunor Mahal, on the most devastating adversary of her Praxic career.

    ... They've given him the keys to the City for reasons I still don't understand, and now they want the Praxic Order to handle him. As Praxic and Ikora's Hidden, of course it falls to me. And the Hero of the Red War— —Is a dedicated Gambit enthusiast. Already compromised for this partic...

  • Tommy's Matchbook
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons
    Tommy's Matchbook

    It's warm in here.

    ...tracks. The Hunter looked on in silence. Aunor flashed her Cormorant Seal. Aunor, Praxic Order. What does internal affairs want with a Hunter den? The question itself was a lie. Your names. I'm Tommy, said the Ghost. I'm Ghost, said the Hunter. Aunor holstered the Minuet, made anothe...

  • Wild Hunt Gauntlets
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Wild Hunt Gauntlets

    Strike relentlessly.

    ... horizon. Siegfried, first Striker Titan of the Praxic Order, sat across from The Queen's Wrath and two bodyguards. Their skimmer-craft glided through the dazzling amethyst architecture and swooping fog-ridden tunnels of the Dreaming City. Crystalline reflections danced through the...