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  • The Taken War: Venus
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Venus

    ... managed to uncover a few more references to this Praedyth as a result. We're using what the Collective had in their Vault to help our efforts. Meanwhile, the Guardian's work across Venus appear to be working. Without the Echo, Taken activity is in decline. I have full faith...

  • Mystery: Praedyth's Door
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Mystery: Praedyth's Door

    Praedyth opened his eyes. The receiver sputtered to life. It had taken him the better part of a decade to get his crude comm scanner working. And another few years to get it transmitting. Now, in the brief windows of time when the door to his cell opened, he would call for help. He...

  • No Time To Explain
    Grimoire » Inventory » Primary Weapons
    No Time To Explain

    A single word is etched onto the inside of the weapon's casing: “Soon.”

    ...meline analysis indicates the weapon was built by Praedyth, who based it on his own version of the Exo Stranger's Rifle, and then set it adrift in a time ripple. Hari's timeline analysis indicates the weapon was built by beings of unidentifiable origin, and arrived here by...

  • Mirative
    Lore » Aspect

    ...before. It's not that good, as hallucinations go: Praedyth's radio is talking to him, voices rising out of the static. He wishes it'd at least use a familiar voice, a Pahanin or Taeko or Kabr. He'd even take a Mir at this point. He turns his head toward the radio. His cheek scrapes a...

  • Epistemic
    Lore » Aspect

    Praedyth has watched from his cell for longer than he knows how to quantify, sitting inside, looking out. He's seen so many different timelines. There's no way to know which are real. From a certain point of view, they might all be. Some things he recognizes. He sees the Traveler of...

  • Jussive
    Lore » Aspect

    ...eality—whatever physical reality means to them and to Praedyth at this point, lifetimes deep in Vex projections. Praedyth is attuned to the rhythm of the Vault; when another pulse lines up with that momentary weakness that lets his radio work, he pushes a message through. It doesn't bou...

  • Deontic
    Lore » Aspect

    ...lizing. The voices come often enough now that Praedyth has been introduced to their owners: Sundaresh, Esi, Shim, and Duane-McNiadh. Not infinite mirrored variations of them from different timelines, but simulations all split off the same base, way back in what must have been the...

  • Irrealis
    Lore » Aspect

    ...scientists flex their own limbs, ready to make a break for it. Praedyth, kneeling at his radio, shakes out his hands. They're stiff—he's stiff, queasy with exertion and worry and a stack of lifetimes in a cell—but ready. How big is a transistor compared to a pin, do you know? He c...

  • Age-Old Bond
    Age-Old Bond

    Symbiosis. Not predation. Never predation, o wary one mine.

    ...d blasted their way through the wilds of Mars. Praedyth wished hard. Wished it would never end. Alongside him, Kabr was a towering giant. An Awoken-made weapon roared in his hands and in his head. Pahanin was a force, a living embodiment of the Void. Where he pointed, Ahamkhara di...