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  • Vault of Glass
    Grimoire » Activities » Raids
    Vault of Glass

    ...rank of them. It tasted like the sea. That is all I can remember. Pahanin...

  • Super Good Advice
    Grimoire » Inventory » Heavy Weapons
    Super Good Advice

    This weapon is full of it.

    ... in the weapon's connection to the legendary Hunter Pahanin, who witnessed the fall of Kabr and became terrified of traveling alone....

  • VI: A Gift and a Touch of Gray
    VI: A Gift and a Touch of Gray

    ... Last Word, of Dredgen Yor and Palamon—Durga, Velor, North Channel, of Thalor and Pahanin, of our hunt and Jaren's death, of Dwindler's Ridge and my final showdown with the man who would be a monster. It's a long tale, and nothing I'm interested in revisiting. Not anymore. Them c...

  • Mirative
    Lore » Aspect

    ...static. He wishes it'd at least use a familiar voice, a Pahanin or Taeko or Kabr. He'd even take a Mir at this point. He turns his head toward the radio. His cheek scrapes against granite. It hurts vaguely, the same way everything does, muffled by too much time and not enough Light. ...

  • Ego and Squid
    Iten » Exotic » Ships
    Ego and Squid

    Pahanin was a Hunter, satirist, travel writer, and renowned cephalopod enthusiast.

    Why “Ego and Squid”? Chiefly because puns annoy Kabr, and I enjoy annoying Kabr. You know, the pun is an underrated art form. Historically speaking— Oh. You mean, why squids? What's my “thing” with squids? Why, because cephalopods are the most perfect organisms ever to evolve in th...

  • Epistemic
    Lore » Aspect

    ...imself. Straight-shouldered, warm in the Martian sun, standing between Kabr and Pahanin. Kabr's helmet is familiar; it's one Praedyth helped make. He was a defter hand with spinfoil lamination than Kabr ever was. Kabr had worn that helmet barely five years into their life as a fireteam,...

  • Eriana's Vengeance
    Iten » Exotic » Ships
    Eriana's Vengeance

    Wei… I will see you again. But first… I have work to do. —Eriana-3, before entering the Hellmouth

    ...e the glasses clatter. You bought three rounds for the entire room. Pahanin introduced us. You sat me down next to you and plied me with questions about Stormtrances. All things that on any other night would have annoyed me. But that night—because it was you—I knew then and there tha...

  • Age-Old Bond
    Age-Old Bond

    Symbiosis. Not predation. Never predation, o wary one mine.

    ...oken-made weapon roared in his hands and in his head. Pahanin was a force, a living embodiment of the Void. Where he pointed, Ahamkhara died. In the middle, between them, Praedyth smiled. A winged and scaled lion with a boar's tusks leapt at him, and he could swear he saw the thing w...

  • Deontic
    Lore » Aspect

    ... the conductive pads on his gauntlets and steel plating from his boots. In his pockets, he's got lint and the wrapper from a candy Pahanin tossed at his head half an hour before they entered the Vault. It's worn soft and folded into the shape of a crane. No Ghost. Her loss is one...