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  • Hallowfire Heart
    Iten » Exotic » Chest Armor
    Hallowfire Heart

    You who seek the Forge: your journey will be long, but your destination is closer than you think. —Ouros

    ...nd. May history remember the Forge. Remember the Hammer. Remember the Sunbreakers. —Ouros, Third and Final Empyreal Magistrate of the Sunbreaker...

  • Phoenix Cradle
    Iten » Exotic » Leg Armor
    Phoenix Cradle

    For some, a nest. For the rest, a crucible.

    ...e? Aodh? I'm here. I've returned. I know that voice. Ouros. You found the Forge. Yes, Magistrate. I knew you would. Come. Sit by me. Let us rekindle our friendship. …Magistrate? What happened? I am Empyreal Magistrate no longer. I have not been for many years. I lost my Ghost, and so...

  • Lion's Reign Mark
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Lion's Reign Mark

    When the world begins to crumble, they will look to you to hold up the sky.

    ...the old orders and heroes. Radegast. Jolder. Wei Ning. Ouros. Sledge looked up at her from the training course, shoulders hunched. O-okay. Everyone is counting on us, Sledge, Vasara said. So get that speed up. Ladrillo will be firing at you to simulate a high-pressure environment. S...

  • Sunshot
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons

    Can't outrun the sunrise. —Liu Feng

    ...ou this. Come find us. She had forged the Warlock gauntlets herself. Ouros laughed in her face when she told her their name. She wasn't very good at names. A gun. She would forge a gun, next. It would speak like her Hammer. And burn like fire. The ring of jade eyes closed on her. L...

  • Nation of Beasts
    Nation of Beasts

    I can show you how we were in our prime. You need only ask, o student mine.

    ...d the handgun pressed against Liu Feng's head. Ouros blinked through the sweat. Liu Feng held the handgun against Ouros's head. She shivered. Across the river, as if in a mirror, another Liu Feng and another Ouros looked back at them. Two Liu Fengs. Two Ouroses. Four handguns. The ...

  • Ashen Wake
    Iten » Exotic » Gauntlets
    Ashen Wake

    It is your turn. These people will follow you to the very end. Remember that we were forged in Light. —Aodh, Second Empyreal Magistrate of the Sunbreaker

    ..., Ouros. It will come in time. Why does the Forge not choose me? I'm already blessed by Light. I'm here. I wish to serve. We all have our place in the world. One day, you could be our next Magistrate. The Order would look to you for guidance. Ha! As if. I don't want to be some st...