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  • Shrine of Oryx
    Shrine of Oryx

    ... Osiris has vanished, his prophecies and parables offer undeniable insight. Even in his time among the Vanguard he spoke with fear of the King named Oryx. His Eyes still hunt for the Shrines. If Osiris lives, he will know that you struck a blow against one. - Master Rahool...

  • The Road to King's Fall
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Road to King's Fall

    ...p to the tasks ahead of them.” - Eris Morn, undisclosed report to Osiris...

  • Trials of Osiris
    Trials of Osiris

    If you think you're ready, then you're ready.

    ... OsirisThe Cult of Osiris wants something. Whatever it is, it might be obtained through violence. The Trials are a competition built to identify Guardians who never lose. The Warlock Osiris vanished into exile years ago. Unlike solitary Toland, Osiris left a network of acolytes and...

  • Timekeeper
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas

    Gears are busted, but if this clock ever starts ticking...? We'll be outta luck, and outta time.

    ...ex millenia ago or to come. The rogue Warlock Osiris once theorized that this place, and others like it, were tuned to react only with presence of the Darkness itself....

  • Disciples of Osiris
    Grimoire » Allies » Osiris
    Disciples of Osiris

    ENCRYPED: Champollion Algorithm v.4 KEY: ############################VANC My brother, Despite all of Shaxx's work with the Crucible, we must accept that the Tower may never be ready to accept the Trials. But, as many Guardians flock to the Reef, we are suddenly presented with...

  • Vision 81
    Grimoire » Allies » Osiris
    Vision 81

    This journey begins with doubt. And ends in solace. One by one they fall, and you realize you are alone. There, in the shadow of night, you see the world splinter, the Darkness thrive. And you fight, with more than your Light... you use your pain. You remember its source, the way...

  • Vision 47
    Grimoire » Allies » Osiris
    Vision 47

    The first comes in a shadow. A window becomes a door. An ebb becomes a gulf. The second comes in bones. Tithes offering feasts, carrying laws. A path torn, minds shattered. The third does not come alone. It cannot. Our truths woven into their being, desires beyond our own. The fi...

  • Hyperborean Pinion
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle
    Hyperborean Pinion

    Soar together, under an eternal sun.

    ...oard of little worth and a cold and empty throne. —Penned by Osiris, in memory of Saint-14, lost in the Infinite Forest...

  • Aeon Swift
    Iten » Exotic » Gauntlets
    Aeon Swift

    We are unique emanations of the same shared Light. —Cult of the Aeons

    ... feet] became [one mind) can absorb (the truth] is that Osiris understands [nothing) can describe the joy of shared (thought] you knew what they were didn't [you) haven't lived as they (do] you wish to find [your future) is (predetermined] individuals will never find [answers) lie...

  • Osiris
    Grimoire » Allies » Osiris

    What drives a Warlock to madness? Ghosts choose those suited to war and heroism to be reborn. By nature or circumstance they go to battle against the Darkness, and through this battle they learn how to use the Light. But Warlocks, by their nature, fight a second, internal war. This...

  • Legend: Saint-14
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Legend: Saint-14

    Twilight's End

    ... “Of course, son, but—” “There is something concerning you? More Fallen march on the City?” “No, not this time. I have word that Osiris was seen on Mercury. The Caloris Basin. He’s turned his mind back to the Vex.” “Mercury? Too many channels to know. You activate one, you start to...

  • Skolas: Captured
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Leadership
    Skolas: Captured

    ...t. He tried to use their machines. Has that ever worked for anyone? Maybe one. Maybe a few: the Osiris cultists are Variks' favorite people. Maybe that's how you survive this alien star where dead gods slumber and dead heroes walk. You cozy up to powers you barely understand...

  • The Undying Mind
    Grimoire » Enemies » Vex Axis Minds
    The Undying Mind

    We are starting to believe that time is home to the Vex, and somewhere in those unmappable voids dwell their undying minds.

    ...d. Cayde-6: Any more Hidden intel? Zavala: Negative. Just some old Osiris riddles. Cayde-6: They are starting to feel like the same thing. Ikora: We cannot just ignore it. We have to keep the Garden here, among the Light. We are just beginning to match its pathways to this fractured...

  • The Lighthouse
    Grimoire » Places » Mercury
    The Lighthouse

    Report on the Caloris Spires

    ...e for the delay. The site we were invited to is clearly a Cult of Osiris camp. We found stores of Glimmer, equipment, and books. A grounded ship of conventional design rests unguarded. The architecture is clearly, self-evidently Vex, but it has been ornamented extensively with fabrics...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth
    Grimoire » Places » Moon
    Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth

    I am dead.

    ... fearful place, of what use were those laws? But I have work to do. I shout into deep places. Osiris! I call. Osiris, Osiris! Can you hear me? Sometimes I think he answers. Sometimes I wonder what became of Eris. She was very tenacious. For the first time I am lonely....

  • Compliments
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Compliments ago, back when we were still in the City and Osiris was Vanguard Commander. Osiris and Ikora would talk for hours—days, sometimes—and frankly, it was pretty boring. Especially when I got stuck entertaining Ophiuchus. Seriously, that Ghost is not a conversationalist. Anyway, O sa...

  • Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia
    Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia assertion of the sensitivity of my work. Now, it is between me, the Queen, Osiris, and the Light and Dark itself. No more loose ends. Entry 63 The inevitable has occurred. For all their hubris and self-righteousness, they couldn't withstand the onslaught of the Red Legion. The T...

  • Chapter 2 – Postexilic
    Chapter 2 – Postexilic

    ..., Osiris mutters to himself, running his fingers through the dry and dusty etchings inside the Spire on Mercury. Sagira, record this. I'll want to cross-reference this pattern with any other constructs we come across. Gladly. I was looking for inspiration for a remodel anyway. I'm i...

  • Chapter 8 - Idolatry
    Chapter 8 - Idolatry

    ...asize what it would be like to meet the fabled Osiris. He had imagined the exchange so many times… Brother Vance, I'm indebted to your servitude. You have solved one of the greatest mysteries of our age. Your dedication, wisdom, and passion inspire me and reinvigorate my bourn. N...

  • Chapter 3 – The Cult of Personality
    Chapter 3 – The Cult of Personality

    ...on. No one seemed to know he was coming. He had yet to see Osiris, and none had spoken of the prophet beyond cryptic phrases or referencing texts he already knew. Vance faced back toward the haggard door that kept dust and sand from whisking into the Spire Chapel. He no longer felt ...

  • Chapter 4 - Reflections
    Chapter 4 - Reflections

    ...l each other for our rewards. I've stumbled onto something grand. I will do whatever it takes to get the answers I seek, just as Osiris would. Should he ever return, I imagine he will be quite proud and pleased to meet me....

  • IV. Guardian Angels
    Lore » From the Front
    IV. Guardian Angels

    ...ther into his new Hunter cloak. It really was a beautiful garment, he thought. He admired the fine fabric, chosen by Glint and gifted to him by Osiris. Recalling their generosity made him feel suddenly guilty about his stinginess. Crow sighed. Fine. After this mission, once we know ...

  • Chapter 5 – [Ambition]
    Chapter 5 – [Ambition]

    ...ment before interrupting. Most Guardians care only for power and glory. That is what makes Osiris so unique. Meaning drives us. Understanding. Knowledge. These are the marks of our work's importance. Gunshots rang through the arena's capture devices. Ch3-5ka's commentary singled ...

  • VI. Vertigo
    Lore » From the Front
    VI. Vertigo

    ...f the wall at the rocky wilderness below. Nearby, Osiris watched the Psion prisoner, restrained by a set of centuries-old iron shackles. Saladin continued, You were conquered by the Cabal. And in the face of a superior military force, you did what you had to do to survive. There's ...

  • To Osiris
    To Osiris

    Osiris, I fear this letter may never reach you, old friend. Your disappearance is as mysterious and unexplained as the loss of the planets we suffered. I write to you because we are in the midst of a new era. You predicted this turning point long before it was on the horizon, and ...