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  • Cathedral of Dusk
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Cathedral of Dusk

    “The impact of Oryx’s arrival was immediate. He was all full of bluster and noise. We took offense — and that wasn’t all we took.”

    ...haxx's Redjacks launched a boarding party to Oryx's fortress. By war’s end, they'd fought all the way to the ship’s “impossible weapon,” the Dark ordnance that obliterated the Awoken fleet. It was there they found what the Warlocks named the “Cathedral of Dusk.” A Hive buri...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Dungeons
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Ghost Fragment: The Dungeons

    The Dungeons

    ...Titan [u.2] ASSOCIATIONS: Crucible; The Dungeons; Hive; Lord Shaxx; Oryx; Rings of Saturn; Saturn; Taken, The; Taken King, The [Oryx] //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS.../ [u.1:01] Why don’t we just torch the place and let these nightmares burn? [u.2:01] I asked that same q...

  • Ghost Fragment: Cathedral of Dusk
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Ghost Fragment: Cathedral of Dusk

    Cathedral of Dusk

    ...: Cathedral of Dusk; Crucible; Dreadnaught [Saturn]; Hive; Lord Shaxx; Oryx; Rings of Saturn; Saturn; Taken; Thorn, Vale, Dredgen [AKA Orsa, Zyre]; Yor, Dredgen //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS.../ [u.1:01] Thorn, huh? [u.2:01] Freshly-crafted. You like? [u.1:02] A little ...

  • King's Fall
    Grimoire » Activities » Raids
    King's Fall

    ...aken King. The Warpriest did his duty, and you did yours. Oryx was challenged, yes, but challenged in the way of the Hive, which is to say that challenge is worship — is challenge — is power. Sword-logic. You played your part well. You were not supposed to touch the Light. How did...

  • Shrine of Oryx
    Shrine of Oryx

    ...e Vanguard he spoke with fear of the King named Oryx. His Eyes still hunt for the Shrines. If Osiris lives, he will know that you struck a blow against one. - Master Rahool...

  • The Sunless Cell
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    The Sunless Cell

    ...atures of the Hive strain against the Will of Oryx. Alak-Hul the Darkblade is one such. Long ago he fomented rebellion against the King, and attempted to take his mantle. Alak-Hul failed, and now awaits the 'mercy' of the Hive. Given the chance, the Darkblade will step in...

  • Shield Brothers
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Shield Brothers

    ...n Oryx 'took' right after you landed on the Dreadaught? Then the Centurion and that Taken Ogre tried to stop you from killing the King? Heh. Didn't work. So the Centurion's bond-brothers are pretty angry they lost their commander. They're leading a team to blow...

  • Blighted Chalice
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Blighted Chalice

    ...en warbeast fled for the safety of the Shrine to Oryx. The would-be Prince Malok works to perfect a dark sorcery. He must be destroyed.” - Eris Morn...

  • Urn of Sacrifice
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    Urn of Sacrifice

    ... the Hive calling to them, and to Crota's maker, Oryx. “I can lead you to their most unholy rites, and there we can taint their faith and sully their offerings. But be warned, what we dabble in now could bring us to a very fortunate but challenging future.” - Eris Morn...

  • The Coming War
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Coming War

    ...ey gave their lives to save the system, to stop Oryx's fleet at the outer planets. We must honor their sacrifice. We must face the Taken King without fear. Queen Mara has given us a gift. We must not waste it.” - Eris Morn...

  • Cayde's Stash
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Cayde's Stash

    “It's been a pain in the rump keeping Ikora, Zavala, and Eris in the dark. But I think it's worth it. That Guardian found the stealth drive just where I thought it would be, even took out some kind of powerful Taken construct. This plan's going even better than I expected! W...

  • The Dreadnaught
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Dreadnaught

    “...and so that's the situation. With Cayde's help the Guardian has established a beachhead on the Dreadnaught. I'm caught in the impossible position of wanting to reward and punish them both. If you have any guidance in this matter, it would be appreciated. I'll f...

  • Enemy of My Enemy
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Enemy of My Enemy

    ...Cabal. The loss of their commander, Primus Ta'aun to Oryx is worrisome. More intelligence is required.” - Ikora Rey...

  • Lost to Light
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Lost to Light

    “The Guardian has the crystal. I was quite prepared to accompany them into Crota's realm, but Cayde insists on this Rasputin insanity. You must speak with him. He is reckless, rude, and has no respect for knowledge hard-earned. He is also nowhere near as funny as he thinks he i...

  • The Promethean Code
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Promethean Code

    “A Guardian breaking into the Warmind's bunker does nothing for our efforts to make true contact with Rasputin. I've tasked several of my agents with unraveling his response. However, the Guardian is now prepared for the assault on Crota's realm. Just a warning, many t...

  • Last Rites
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Last Rites

    “You know, I give her a lot of guff. But there aren't five Warlocks in the Tower that coulda done what Eris did today, getting the Guardian out like that. Damn good work, and now they're all ready to take on the King. Just remember, Eris' creepy and condescending manner m...

  • Regicide
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King

    ...o assault the Ascendant realm and end the threat of Oryx once and for all. The Guardian will lead that fireteam, no doubt, once they have a chance to stop and breath. In the meantime, we're leveraging all available Hidden and Awoken intelligence assets to understand the threat...

  • Dread Patrol
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Dread Patrol

    “...just have a hard time believing you take anything seriously. Placing the patrol beacons was supposed to be a careful, meticulous process. I expected it to take the better part of a week. I don't mind you delegating the task, but you should have collaborated to make sure t...

  • Outbound Signal
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Outbound Signal

    “To answer your question, yes. We can confirm the signal was received. I've enclosed our best guess for the targeted area of space. It's problematic, because our tightest footprint still encompasses several light-years worth of systems. It is worth noting, for what it's w...

  • The Taken War: Venus
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Venus

    “...and we've managed to uncover a few more references to this Praedyth as a result. We're using what the Collective had in their Vault to help our efforts. Meanwhile, the Guardian's work across Venus appear to be working. Without the Echo, Taken activity is in decline. I...

  • The Taken War: Earth
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Earth

    “Yep, yep. All thanks to me. I know, we thought we had a good thing with that coven of Wizards, but it took a real field commander to see how easily intelligence can be misread. Now that the Guardian's cleared out the Echo at King's Watch, I think the old Cosmodrome's g...

  • The Taken War: Mars
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Mars

    ... it is simply too soon to fully appreciate the stain Oryx has left on our system.” - Zavala, after-action report to the Speaker...

  • The Road to King's Fall
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Road to King's Fall

    “We have confirmed it among our number within the Hidden. I have asked Ikora's Warlocks to reach out, and they sense nothing. The Orb is quiet. On the Moon, his shrine is dark and cold. It is true: the Taken King is dead. The Hive's dark god, and his foul son, have been p...

  • The Wolves of Mars
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Wolves of Mars

    “Another Prime, destroyed. Once sources of life, Light. Hope. Now a sign of decay. Machines as gods. Conspire with Kells. Conspire to kill, to conquer, to control. This will not end. There will always be new Kell. There will always be new Prime, yes? Skolas was savage. Skolas was...

  • The Sunbreaker's Challenge
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Sunbreaker's Challenge

    “What the forge does to your Light must be respected, and feared. That path is not for everyone. The Sunbreakers take the oath very seriously. I’m not trying to talk you out of anything. I’m just making sure you know the stakes. That forge breaks the brittle. And it bends the weak....