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  • Misraaks

    ...e his kel? She taps two fingers against her cuirass. Sjur, she says slowly, then she points at him. Honor-bound even as he simmers in scandal, he replies, Misraaks. Velask, Si-yu-riks. Mithrax, she repeats, then grins. Velask, Mithrax. And welcome! Let's have a look about, shall we...

  • MCXII.
    Lore » The Chronicon
    MCXII. a sorry state. One promising upstart stood out within the Eliksni-tribe, called by his allies as Mithrax the Light Kell, whom the Shadow of Earth promptly took on as a protégé. Together, the Shadow and Mithrax eliminated the Eliksni who remained loyal to their pathetic houses. Se...

  • Grimoire: Enemies—Reaver Vandal
    Lore » To Old Friends
    Grimoire: Enemies—Reaver Vandal

    ... arising in full health from a death or near-death state—as Mithrax did, some say—abound. The Reaver of Old Russia is attested to in dozens of Vanguard records. Experienced Guardians will swear on their Ghosts that they once killed a Reaver Vandal who was uncannily strong for his ...

  • Lightkin Helm
    Iten » Legendary » Helmet
    Lightkin Helm

    Even below this night, the ground has been warmed by the Great Machine. —Mithrax

    I will focus on the emptiness. Her Gauntlet hummed behind her shield, and later, they would swear she walked between the bullets....

  • Lightkin Mask
    Iten » Legendary » Helmet
    Lightkin Mask

    A Sacred Splicer can change much, but I never dreamed our lives would change so quickly. —Mithrax

    A single moment of calm is all I need. He drew his Gauntlet tight to his chest, and in his next breath, he was alone with his target....

  • Outliers

    ...issue. VIP #3987, another former confederate of the Awoken, is a lesser-known personality known as Mithrax. Scattered field reports suggest that like #1121, #3987 styles himself a Kell of the so-called House Light, an otherwise unknown House apparently founded by #3987 himself. We ...

  • Nessus – 3
    Nessus – 3

    ..., Mithrax said, his deep voice resonating through the ruins. Those with eyes of flame. Tormented by endless burning. And where do the Eliksni think they came from? Glint asked. Some say they were once Hive, twisted by foul experiments. He paused to take a pull from his rebreather. O...

  • Lightkin Cover
    Iten » Legendary » Helmet
    Lightkin Cover

    It has been a long time since Eliksni looked up at the Great Machine with hope. It is an honor to live in this moment. —Mithrax

    There is nothing here, and I have no fear of nothing. The Splicer saw herself in a hundred places at once, then chose her favorite....

  • Some Kind of Luck
    Lore » Most Loyal
    Some Kind of Luck

    ...d Variks right in the center of his chest. Seen on Earth. I have knowledge. I have information. You know Eliksni have ways. Like Mithrax? Like Taniks? The warden realized his error as soon as the name was out of his mouth. Don't you EVER mention the name Taniks around me, got it? N...

  • V - Wick Burnt Black
    Lore » Ripples
    V - Wick Burnt Black

    ...n her eyes. Maybe I should. Her voice is brittle. I brought Osiris—Savathûn—inside our walls. Yes, as you did with Mithrax and the House of Light, Zavala counters evenly. But Ikora lowers her eyes. People died for that too. As Zavala rises from his seat, she turns away; the last th...


    ...e wall was thin; Lakshmi was right about that. Mithrax stood in silent observation of the memorial above the main concourse. He leaned against an iron railing, watching Guardians and citizens alike moving below, Eliksni with them. A Dreg approached the memorial and led his child t...

  • IV. To Forgive or Forget
    IV. To Forgive or Forget

    ...s me you have a question in need of an answer, Mithrax begins. Please, sit. Amanda nods as she pulls up a folding chair next to the fire. She hadn't been back to the Eliksni Quarter since the Vex invasion. The light from the flames casts flickering shadows across the building's cracked ...

  • IV. A Guiding Hand
    Lore » Pathfinding
    IV. A Guiding Hand

    ...purpose very well. Fluidity implies a continuation, Ada replied. She sighed heavily. But it seems my path is coming to an end. Clicks resonated in Eido's jaw. Devils was a dead House, until Eramis made it new. Mithrax was Dusk, and now, he is Light. Paths only end when we stop walking. A...


    ...both sides like Spider. And second? Ikora prompted. We never know who might become an ally. Zavala gestured in the direction of the Eliksni Quarter below. The number of Guardians that Mithrax has killed over the years… He trailed off with a shake of his head. But now Mithrax figh...

  • III: Bannercloth
    III: Bannercloth

    ...orm, this revenge—it must stop, Variks. Please. Help me. No favors, the judge pronounces. Not for you. However… Variks's prosthetic hand scratches letters in the snow. It takes Namrask several blinks of his second eyes to understand that it is Human script: MITHRAX. I will make y...


    ...The Ether Tank, surveying his tiny fiefdom. He beckoned Mithrax to approach. To what do we owe the honor of your presence, Mithrax-kell? Spider asked loudly, over-pronouncing the Human version of his name. Surely you have more important people to see than a humble entrepreneur like ...

  • II - The Pigeon and the Splicer
    Lore » Ripples
    II - The Pigeon and the Splicer

    ...I cannot, Geppetto. Then do not ask a Guardian, Geppetto presses. Mithrax is finishing repairs on a Shank when he sees Saint-14 transmat into the Botza District. He watches the Saint greet a pair of Eliksni startled by his materialization. He watches the Guardian bow and the Eliksni h...


    ...he Last City, where he now survived on the charity of Drifter and Mithrax alone. Crow shook his head with a smile and pulled the knife from the stool before sliding it into its sheath. He was at the doorway before he heard a fizzling noise behind him. Glint materialized in midair. W...

  • The Drowned Captain – 5
    The Drowned Captain – 5 her tone casual. His reputation was known by all, Mithrax replied cautiously. The odes say he was a ferocious warrior, Eido prompted, who killed many Cabal. They speak of his bravery. Mithrax fidgeted silently with the regulator on his Ether rebreather. Was it not so? she ins...

  • The Friends We Made
    Lore » Our Allies
    The Friends We Made

    ...eoples to form the House of Light under the leadership of Mithrax, Kell of Light. They now live alongside us in the City and have become trusted allies....

  • IV—Over the Water
    Lore » Sightlines
    IV—Over the Water

    Mithrax stood among the trees at the edge of the Farm and looked out over the water. His Splicer faceplate, still connected to his chestpiece by a tangle of wires, hummed quietly on the ground behind him. He turned to pull a ragged breath from the rebreather at his collar and noticed ...

  • Chapter 20
    Chapter 20 Mithrax placed her datapad on the table in front of him. They are… good, he finally admitted. Really? she exclaimed. He nodded. Especially the 'Tragical Scribe.' To sacrifice one's freedom for boundless knowledge—it is a sorrowful yet troubling tale. I believe everyone will enjoy ...

  • Process

    ...ires, struts, and braces spread out before them. Mithrax had mentioned that his Splicer Gauntlet had been causing his arm to go numb, and Saint's overeager offer of assistance had turned into an evening of frustratingly meticulous tinkering. Mithrax had politely excused himself hours...

  • Grimoire: Allies—Eliksni
    Lore » To Old Friends
    Grimoire: Allies—Eliksni

    .... —Mithrax, after Chelchis —————— Known on Earth for centuries as the Fallen, the Eliksni are four-armed beings from the planet Riis. They fled their home after the Traveler's departure caused a planet-wide calamity called the Whirlwind. While many Eliksni remain steadfast enemies of the ...

  • Auspices

    ...feet: LAMENT He gave a plaintive chuckle. Perhaps the oracles were not so difficult to interpret after all. * * * Ikorakel? Mithrax called out to the Athenaeum. He had come looking for the Warlock Vanguard on City business, but having found the space empty, he paused his search to ...