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  • Master Ives, Cryptarch
    Grimoire » Allies » The Queen
    Master Ives, Cryptarch


    PLEASE NOTE: The Tower Cryptography operates under many false beliefs. By the Queen's mercy, the Reef Cryptography will educate you on the true nature of encryption, if you so desire. In ancient times, Earthlings thought there were three states of matter. We now know there to...

  • The Kell
    Lore » Dust
    The Kell

    ...t step... Much mourning, the Fallen at her side murmurs. Master Ives murdered, Variks missing. Spider hires away my friends. Well, I stay to guard Master Ives's work. You come in, make yourself into a home. I will bring nitrogen tea and records. Thank you. Lavinia wants to laugh, o...

  • Of Earth and the Reef
    Of Earth and the Reef

    ...Ives, I write to you on behalf of the Cryptarchs of Earth in sympathy for all those who died in service to your Queen. We Earthborn feel your loss and hope this tragedy will usher in a new era. We have made great strides in unraveling a richer and deeper history of Earth and its ...

  • Gensym Scribe
    Gensym Scribe

    ...n metal and skin is neither uniform nor tidy: Metal gives way to a sheath of hard, keratinized skin that puckers and blooms and splits like he is a snake sloughing its skin. Keratinized skin gives way to toughened callus, ugly with bruising and overstressed veins. He spreads his ...