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  • The Coming War
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Coming War

    “The Awoken died for us. They gave their lives to save the system, to stop Oryx's fleet at the outer planets. We must honor their sacrifice. We must face the Taken King without fear. Queen Mara has given us a gift. We must not waste it.” - Eris Morn...

  • The Road to King's Fall
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Road to King's Fall

    “We have confirmed it among our number within the Hidden. I have asked Ikora's Warlocks to reach out, and they sense nothing. The Orb is quiet. On the Moon, his shrine is dark and cold. It is true: the Taken King is dead. The Hive's dark god, and his foul son, have been p...

  • Petra Venj, Queen's Wrath
    Grimoire » Allies » The Queen
    Petra Venj, Queen's Wrath

    To My Lady Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken

    My letter is a plea, my lady. A simple one. Please let me come home. It has been years now since my appointment as your Emissary. Once, I was proud to call myself a Corsair in your service. My sisters and I were the sharp edge of your will, cutting across the stars in protection of...

  • WANTED: Saviks, Queenbreaker
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Hunted
    WANTED: Saviks, Queenbreaker

    STATUS: Escaped from the Prison of Elders; AT LARGE

    ...: Variks of the House of Judgment declared Queen Mara Sov the new Kell of Wolves, and advised those captured at Cybele to serve her. The first among these to pledge their loyalty to the Queen was one called Saviks, who was given the honor of serving in the Queen's throne room,...

  • Telesto
    Grimoire » Inventory » Special Weapons

    Vestiges of the Queen's Harbingers yet linger among Saturn's moons.

    ...l Nolg, Techeun Shuro, Techeun Sedia, Techeun Kali, and the Awoken Queen Mara Sov. Note that as acting regent-commander it is NOT your duty to actually declare these deaths at this time. MESSAGE ENDS...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Reef 2
    Grimoire » Places » The Asteroid Belt
    Ghost Fragment: The Reef 2

    And our long-range communications? An aggrieved sigh. Mara, it's a miracle any of us are still alive— You will address her as 'Queen,' Techeun Shuro cut in. Sorry. My apologies, Queen. The engineer ran a dirty hand through her matted hair. No. No long-range comms. No s...

  • Chords of Meaning
    Lore » Ecdysis
    Chords of Meaning

    ...n Mara Sov tells the Awoken about the dying world they abandoned. The idea sucker-punches her—one crippling jab to every tender part of her. For four sleepless nights, she can scarcely draw a breath without gulping. She holds her silver jar to her forehead, focusing on its cool c...

  • Queenslaw
    Lore » Ecdysis

    ... Turning, she looks at Namqi. You know you broke the law, right? He nods. She claps him on the shoulder and smiles. My man. 26. Two Paladins deliver her to Mara Sov. Gol is not permitted in the court, nor is Namqi. I knew you, Orin says before Mara can speak. It is uncourtly etiq...

  • Debt
    Lore » Ecdysis

    ...nturies pass. 31. On the day that Sjur Eido dies, she receives a call from Mara Sov. I would ask for my boon, the queen says with shaking voice. It is the first time she dares to trust a Guardian. It will not be the last. 32. The Queen paces as Orin leans on her war hammer. I ne...

  • Synesthesia
    Lore » Ecdysis

    35. Orin begins to experience waking hallucinations. Immaterial strangers speak to her in unrecognizable languages. When she reaches for Namqi, she feels as if she is falling into him, being pulled through him, sieved into smaller and smaller scarves of some atom-self that he breathes ...

  • Pulled Pork
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Pulled Pork

    ...ey can remember. Pulled Pork is not his real name, but it feels right, like calling Mara Sov by her full name instead of just her forename. Agu directs Nkechi's attention out into the floating scrap. Sure enough, there he is: a tiny speck moving with meticulous patience across the ...

  • Chapter 6 – Beguiled
    Chapter 6 – Beguiled

    ...earer than Mercury; probably filtered, he assumed. The Queen of the Reef, Her Majesty, Mara Sov. Announced one of the Paladins in a rather boisterous manner. There were others in the room, Vance noted. My lady. Vance said, paying her the obeisance he felt she deserved, genuflecting b...

  • Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia
    Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia, I had been presented with only a harmonious two-toned note; the implications, as I made clear to Queen Mara Sov, could not be overlooked. Today, I am presented with a defining note that substantiates my theory and validates everything our founder stood for. When I speak now, ...

  • Chapter 8 - Idolatry
    Chapter 8 - Idolatry

    ...makes this situation all the more precarious. Osiris! Wait! Brother Vance came vaulting out of the Lighthouse at breakneck pace. Here we go. Hush, Sagira. Queen Mara Sov… wanted me… to tell you… Vance struggled to catch his breath. She wanted me to tell you, 'plant the seed.' Osiris st...

  • Chapter 5: Almighty, Once
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 5: Almighty, Once

    ...suppose, Zavala says, If this is the end of the world, we may as well go down swinging. Ana's eyes light up. We'll still need that army. I know of someone in command of an army who has a bone to pick with Eris, Zavala says. We need to find Mara Sov....

  • Chapter 6: A Matter of Trust
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 6: A Matter of Trust

    ...g Mara Sov based on her last correspondence with Zavala. The signal was further out than we'd anticipated. Got a minute? Ana asks, knocking on the entrance to my quarters. Sure. I just want to say thank you. Coming with me, helping me convince Zavala. I admit, it's been inspiring see...

  • Chapter 7: Commandeered
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 7: Commandeered

    ...s good to see you. Or what remains of you, Queen Mara Sov says with a cutting elegance as we exit our ship and board the Leviathan. I believed you dead. Part of me was. I am glad to have found you, he says. We are in need of all the allies we can find. And you bring the Bray sisters, I...

  • Chapter 8: Migration
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 8: Migration

    ...gaining her footing as we close in. All of my detractors in one place. Thank you for bringing them to me, Ana, she says and smiles. I turn to Ana, confused. She pulls out a knife and readies it toward Mara. I make a move to stop her, but I can't. I'm frozen in place… by Ana. She st...

  • Chapter 9: The Return
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 9: The Return

    ... as Mara Sov's body drops lifelessly to the ground. Elsie, listen to me. This was necessary. The Darkness cannot thrive while believers of the Light remain. There's a world beyond this conflict. Let's go there together, Ana pleads. This is not the way! I cry and ready my Stasis. E...


    [Report by VanNet encrypted router.] The bird cannot fly until it leaves the eggshell. The enemy continues to suggest that we must abandon the Traveler. This is a good sign. It would not need to entice us if it could destroy us without effort. [Personal notes, scored in Hive leather w...


    [Report by VanNet encrypted router.] It preaches the philosophy of the Books of Sorrow, Yor's scriptures, and the unveiled fragments. The Traveler is a false creator, guarding its creations with false law. We are dead things made in the shape of the dead. The only true law is violent ...


    [Report by VanNet encrypted router.] The enemy is convinced of the rightness of its cause. Uninteresting. [Personal notes, scratched in Hive leather with a flake of Ionian stone.] I saw a strange Ghost yesterday, lurking among my supplies. Normally, they do not come this close, ev...


    [Report by VanNet encrypted router.] A rebuke to Savathûn for her interference. Perhaps she is jealous of our direct access to the Pyramid. She led the Hive to the Darkness, but she has had eons to regret that choice. Could we exploit this? [Personal notes, scratched in Hive leather wi...


    [Report by VanNet encrypted router.] Meaning unclear. Perhaps simply a threat. We are hidden closer than you know. [Personal notes, knotted in a codex of Hive gut.] Now I am hiding the truth even from my own friend. I do not want to make them distrust the Vanguard. But I am sure th...

  • Throne

    Eris Morn returned to the Vestian Outpost. Because she spoke well, it was agreed that aid would be traded for intelligence and a long-term alliance. In this way, the Awoken were the first to know of the Great Navigator: his philosophies, his strategies, his weaknesses. And as the...