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  • The Shadow Thief: Revisited
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    The Shadow Thief: Revisited

    “Variks has brought unsettling news. The Devil Splicers have used SIVA to resurrect an old foe: Taniks the Scarred has become Taniks Perfected.” “Taniks's crew has joined the Splicers. They're using SIVA to reanimate his body and o

    Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey...

  • Iron Banner
    Iron Banner

    Only the strong are welcome here.

    ...Lord Saladin Forge, hero of the Twilight GapThe Lords of Iron, ancient warriors from the City's founding, have no time for mollycoddling. The City remembers Felwinter and Jolder, Skorri and Timur, Radegast and Gheleon and the others, for their invincible patrols during Six Fronts...

  • King of the Mountain
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    King of the Mountain

    “Felwinter Peak is in friendly hands once more. The Guardian and Lord Saladin have driven the Fallen forces back and reclaimed the Iron Temple. “I find myself reflecting on the cyclical nature of existence. Life, death, rebirth. The Iron

    Tyra Karn...

  • The Walls Come Down
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    The Walls Come Down

    “The Cosmodrome is a nexus point. Too many things have happened there to be mere coincidence. Now we add one more piece to that puzzle: SIVA. “Saladin did not hide all knowledge of SIVA as completely as he wished. I have found several ref

    Tyra Karn...

  • Iron Banner Rep
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Iron Banner Rep

    Lord Saladin

    A hero to the City and a legend in his own right, Saladin Forge led the City's defense during the Battle for the Twilight Gap. His protégés, Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx, now lead the Tower's Vanguard and the Crucible, respectively. Saladin remains close to Zavala, though h...

  • Tyra Karn
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Tyra Karn

    ...e undeniable truths of our past. With the rise of SIVA, Lord Saladin has convinced his old friend to return to the Iron Temple....

  • Lady Efrideet
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Lady Efrideet

    ...t serves as the new Iron Banner representative while Lord Saladin devotes his attention to the SIVA Crisis. She urges Guardians to see the Banner tournament as a chance to strengthen their Light, for fighting and for more metaphysical purposes. The Vanguard are also intrigued by Efrideet’s a...

  • The Young Wolf's Howl
    Grimoire » Inventory » Heavy Weapons
    The Young Wolf's Howl

    To the first of the new Iron Lords. —Lord Saladin

    ...y Lord Saladin within the hallowed halls of the Iron Temple, this sword was intended for you, and none other. When you wield it, its burning flames represent the bright light of your valor — and the all-consuming sacrifice that you have promised to make, should you be called to it...

  • Plaguelands
    Grimoire » Places » Earth

    ... Lord Saladin and his brothers and sisters encountered this region, they were faced with an unknowable danger – the techno-plague, SIVA. Their brave attempt to combat and contain SIVA cost the Iron Lords dearly. Hundreds of years later, SIVA has been unleashed, its power unearthed b...

  • III - Plea Deal
    Lore » Acts of Mercy
    III - Plea Deal

    Saladin breaks through the tree line on the backslope of a collapsed bluff. Behind him lies the breadth of the old forest, shadow slinking away before the dawn. He and Isirah had trekked two kilometers from Kepre's village to close in on the location of a Golden Age receiver. Atop ...

  • Legion Lost – 17
    Legion Lost – 17

    ...? Lord Saladin asked, his voice grave. Eido nodded nervously. I have ample evidence for their existence. I know that they have flaming pumpkin heads, and that they're filled with candy, Eido said stiffly. And loot. They are also filled with loot. Lord Saladin considered this. Eido co...

  • Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3

    ... meditation to him. He imagines it feels like this.He always survives. When nothing else does. “Lord Saladin? What’s your status?” calls Shiro-4 through his audio feed. “Just— Taking a walk,” he says, staring at the fifteen-foot divide he broke in the earth. He had to meet SIVA a...

  • Lord Gheleon
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lord Gheleon

    Gheleon wears three knives. Their names are Swiftling, Occam, Quietus. They did much of the work at Black Lona, in silence and at speed. Between the roots of the ash tree that covers his den, Gheleon has stacked the Fallen bones collected from that one-night operation. The scavenged...

  • Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl
    Lore » BRAVE
    Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl

    We eat the mountains. We drink the seas. —————— The former emperor, Calus, lived for joy, rejecting his empire's long military tradition. His sole heir, and a member of the coup that overthrew him, the Empress Caiatl makes for a different leader. A classic militarist, she trained i...

  • Lord Radegast
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lord Radegast

    Radegast strode through the ashes. A cloud hung in his wake as he made his way to the top of the rise. Scars marred his armor, and his sidearm lay in the dust. He didn't need it, now. The battle was over. This had been a mining outpost, once. A few buildings and a transport. Nestled...

  • The Guardian
    Grimoire » Guardian » Classes
    The Guardian

    ... to answer your question, when it came time to reach out, to find a Guardian to take on this mission, there was only one choice. - They stood against the Vex in the Black Garden, and grounded that place to Mars. - They went against the Hive in the dark below, working with Eris...

  • IV. Guardian Angels
    Lore » From the Front
    IV. Guardian Angels

    ...s. Maybe even cheap, legendary friends. Crow smiled at his Ghost. But not exotic friends. You'll have to find a new Guardian for that. You're the best, Glint hummed encouragingly. No matter what Lord Saladin says. Crow snorted at the mention of the Iron Lord. We're all on the s...

  • Lady Perun
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lady Perun

    Perun stood at the top of a sloping, narrow path cut into a steep plateau. It was not yet dawn, and the valley below her was foggy and dark. “Maybe he’s not coming.” This from a thin woman at Perun’s side, the mayor of the crumbling silvery ruins on the plateau behind them. “We did...

    Lore » The Liar

    He wants to join us, Timur said to Radegast. Felwinter stood next to him, silent, unreadable. Unlike other Exos Radegast had seen, he didn't seem to have any emotion mods beyond the factory setting defaults. It was unnerving. Radegast tipped his chin to Felwinter. Timur says you ...

  • Lord Silimar
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lord Silimar

    The Lord Architect

    ...nes down upon the land. Later that night, when Lord Silimar rose again from the ashes, he found Lord Saladin already there and waiting, standing near the place where he’d made his final stand. “This structure is doomed,” Saladin said in the darkness. “You must know this.” “Not doomed...

    Lore » The Liar

    ..., Lord Saladin said. We have no idea what kind of security measures are in place. He leaned back in his seat at the grand wooden table in the Iron Temple. Golden Age tech is durable. We might be walking into a trap set centuries ago. Felwinter stood nearby, arms crossed. I've infiltrated ...

  • Lady Jolder
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lady Jolder

    At the west end of a deep valley stands a castle, its crumbling stone walls patched with glossy sheets of metal and glass. The castle entrance is a wrought-iron portcullis flanked by two motion-sensing turrets. In the valley below, just out of the turrets' range, rests a gold-and-gray...

  • River

    Honor? It's tricky—means different things to different folks. Like your word… Well, your word's your word. You GIVE it. You KEEP it. Do that, regardless of all the rest, and that's honor right there. And, let me tell ya, kid… Honor matters. It's a weapon in its own right. And a s...

  • VI. Vertigo
    Lore » From the Front
    VI. Vertigo

    .... Lord Saladin gazed broadly over the precipice of the wall at the rocky wilderness below. Nearby, Osiris watched the Psion prisoner, restrained by a set of centuries-old iron shackles. Saladin continued, You were conquered by the Cabal. And in the face of a superior military force, ...

  • 10: War Stories
    10: War Stories

    Geppetto: Coms frequency no longer jammed. Re-establishing. Hello OpCom. Welcome to— Shaxx: THIS IS SHAXX; THE ENEMY IS IN FULL RETREAT! Osiris: The Northern walls stand— I am needed. Saint-14: Shaxx? Hello? Western Fronts are clear. This is Saint-14. Shaxx: AMAZING! THEN WE MARC...