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  • Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult
    Grimoire » Allies » City Factions
    Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult

    ...o weak to look into the Future, or to understand what it sees. What the situation calls for, little Ghost, is a better sort of witness. We found you in pieces in Siberia, and repaired you as well as we could. What do you say? Are you well enough to travel? END RECORD...

  • Echo of Oryx
    Grimoire » Enemies » Exalted Hive
    Echo of Oryx

    Abase yourself, weapons and instruments Submit yourself, shapes and gliders, automata all — I am Oryx, Lord of Shapes, Carver of Tablets Behold my performance of the Last True Shape The final axiom Witness the space that I

    Dearest Guardian, I write to you from a place of high contempt. No no no, don’t be offended, don’t be so superficial — it’s in the architecture of these spaces. They look down on you. I wander out here, in worlds cut by sharp Hive swords, and I send back these messages for you. Of...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age 2
    Grimoire » Places » The City
    Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age 2

    Anomaly 779 (Never-Be)

    ...arent size: 14.4 x 3.55 x .022 meters Participants witness images set in an undetermined orbital habit. 5 to 77 images are generated per participant. The quantity seems insensitive to the participant's time of exposure. Participants experience strong intuitions. Modal self-reports...

  • The Collapse and The Dark Age
    Lore » Sol, A History
    The Collapse and The Dark Age

    ...o be believed, this event marks the arrival of the Witness and its forces in their first attack on the Traveler. That day, the Traveler saved us from certain extinction. The tally of suffering may be beyond comprehension. But in the following decades, the City lifted itself from ...

  • The Threats We Face
    The Threats We Face

    ...ought off each onslaught, a greater enemy was revealed: the Witness. A mysterious voice in the Darkness that led our enemies to our solar system and the Traveler. Though the Witness was cloaked in mystery, one thing was clear: it sought the destruction of the Traveler....

  • Lord Timur
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lord Timur him deep into the sea of shanks, his trusted Lash raised and tearing his path through the darkness. Felwinter is slow to follow, but fast enough to witness Timur’s focus turn shanks by the pack against their Vandal keeper, chasing him back toward the sea. Timur rushes to Felwinter, ex...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth 2
    Grimoire » Places » Moon
    Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth 2

    For Wei. I am sorry.

    ...uished. I put my trust, and the light of four others, in a madman, and I bear witness to their fall into darkness and death. Toland's song was nothing but screams, and we go now to sing with them. We will not return. I only hope now that my foolish charge will serve as a record...

  • Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl
    Lore » BRAVE
    Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl

    .... Caiatl has bent her considerable might to two goals: defeating the Witness and reclaiming her homeworld of Torobatl. Caiatl's empire is a sprawling one, composed of many peoples. It continues to expand even within Sol, with the empress accepting the oath of the empire's first ...

  • Ghost Fragment: Hive 3
    Grimoire » Enemies » Hive
    Ghost Fragment: Hive 3

    The nightmares will crawl across this world and the machines of old will rest silent as they witness the final Light of this seemingly eternal dusk.

    Ikora: And this Omnigul is here? On Earth? Eris: I can feel it. Ikora: Why? Eris: She’s left the Hellmouth. Her inner chambers are active. More so than I have seen. But she is no longer in the shadows. Ikora: No, not—I don't question your belief. I’m asking why she is here. Why E...

  • Noetic Effects
    Lore » Revelation
    Noetic Effects

    ...t to the project. And the twenty percent? Individuals who've yet to be exposed. And yes, before you ask, I did witness the effect in action. I took the levels on an unexposed technician, Keleen Vance, and reexamined them after just an hour with it. Despite no outward changes of b...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 3
    Grimoire » Inventory » Primary Weapons
    Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 3 blind. What was done was done. The cadence of the shots fired told a story none of us cared to hear. Last Word it hadn't been. And somewhere in the world, close enough for us to bear absent witness but far enough to be a dream, Jaren Ward lay dead or dying. And there was nothing...

  • IV: Blood Sport
    IV: Blood Sport

    ...e sisters turn to leave. The congregation on high all follow—their crimson temples emptied—leaving none to witness the assured disappointment in the Pit below....

  • Honored

    ...r Grace, we here present to you Petra Venj, your loyal servant, wherefore all you who are come this day to witness her homage and service. Do you acknowledge her? Petra cannot see anything but her own distorted reflection in her polished sabatons. She closes her eyes. I do, Mara s...

  • Ghost Fragment: Vyhar's Ghost
    Lore » Luna's Lost
    Ghost Fragment: Vyhar's Ghost

    ...p! [g:01] Traveler, do you see me now? [v:06] He's huge! [ru:04] He has the Light! [o:04] Impossible! [g:02] I am immortal—a god! [o:05] Listen to them cheering. [ru:05] We've lost. [g:03] You have failed! [o:06] The plan didn't work. [g:04] Witness the dawning of a new age! [ru:06] W...

  • ENTRY 1 - Charon's Silhouette
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 1 - Charon's Silhouette a tomb around a pearlescent seat supporting a lonesome figure within. What an auspicious early arrival. Come. Witness my containment. Few have seen this, Calus wheezes from inside the cage, his voice like taut suffocation. Calus's withering form swells and jostles. My thoughts s...

  • TEST NO: 109 - Food Supplement
    TEST NO: 109 - Food Supplement

    ... [A.F.] I… uh, can't. (groans) (retching) (screams) (burst) (burst) (burst) (burst) (burst) (fluid spilling) [C.B.] Agatha, clearly we have not found our solution. I'll leave this, hm, mess in your incapable hands. Don't ever bring me up to witness an event like this again. Disgu...

  • The Spark
    Lore » Most Loyal
    The Spark

    ... loyalty—if any—he owed to the prince. And each time, he stopped short when he bore witness to the prince's… ramblings. Today was no different. There Uldren sat, elbows atop knees, staring into the same dark corner of the cell, face concealed by his long, black hair, seemingly commu...

  • XII. The Priestess
    XII. The Priestess my eyes, and now I see. So I entreat you, children of Riis. Come receive clarity for yourselves! Witness the greatness of the House Salvation and the Kell who leads it. Rejoice, for she who brought our Servitors low where they belong will do the same to the Great Machine! The l...

  • Toland I
    Toland I

    ... yourself on only the anhydrate wisdoms that remain. I witness your crude battering against the shores of Savathûn's throne world; causal flotsam adrift in the Sea of Screams. Your flailings stir storms on its waters as surely as a firefly lights conflagrations. And yet, you persist. W...

  • Pickman
    Lore » Lucent Tales

    ...lows departed to find unity with the Hive, I found myself compelled to witness their descent. Not to share in it, of course. I doubt we share anything more than a species and the dark urge we all undoubtedly feel. Yet as I watched them, I could not deceive myself into denying the e...

  • Liberated
    Lore » Shattered Suns
    Liberated It has opened—truly opened this time—to show me what lies beneath: death. I drop your Luster. I drop Lubrae's Ruin. I let myself fall in. And then I… I… and then I am… ) —————————————————————————————————————————————- Here. With you. My… Witness. —-And what do you feel now? Devoid of family. Devoid of The Regime. Dev...

    Lore » Triage
    RRHEXIS All is silvered in the moonlight. The cicadas sing. The world does not stop and witness her grief. Safiyah shakes her head, silent. Her sister puts an arm around her shoulders. You will have to decide. The silence grows heavy. She feels Amani draw her into an embrace. He ...

  • VII. Legacy
    VII. Legacy

    ... seethes the Nightmare wearing his daughter's face. Even from the Witness. Silence, Calus grumbles. He instinctively reaches for his chalice, but it has long since left his side. It will abandon you. Just like the Cabal, just like the Ghost Primus. The Nightmare of Caiatl smiles, sw...

  • II - The Whispering Dark
    Lore » Above All Else
    II - The Whispering Dark with our new reality. My son had only borne witness to a fraction of it. He was still young, still struggling to understand his place in the world. The two children from the House of Dancers, Rakis and Siviks, were slightly older and had become his reluctant friends. They protected...

  • Irae
    Lore » Inspiral

    ...e idea of that perfect quiet ending remains, lingers into dreams. I think sometimes if I dream long enough, I will understand this Witness better, the Voice not of the Darkness, yet in it. But I do not have the time to spend in dreaming. To understand this listless scavenger that ...