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  • Story Activity Introduction
    Story Activity Introduction

    ...Guardian. You choose your own path. Before you lie the worlds of our broken past, overrun by nature, claimed by Darkness and alien intent. There are secrets to uncover, alliances to forge, and implacable foes to vanquish. What will your legend say?...

  • A Guardian Rises
    A Guardian Rises

    ...have been chosen by the Traveler as one of our Guardians, gifted with the power to wield its Light in the coming battles of a timeless war. Trust this Ghost. It will guide you on your path....

  • The Dark Within
    The Dark Within

    ... the Moon, the last place we faced them. A lot of Guardians never come back, especially the new. Are you new? Oh. Well! I'm sure you'll make it. - Cayde-6...

  • The Warmind
    The Warmind

    ...know Rasputin lives. Your discovery is priceless, Guardian. Nothing in the Cosmodrome is more important. - Ikora Rey...

  • The Archive
    The Archive

    ..., Guardian. An entire hidden Archive full of Vex research. Even chronicles of the legendary Vault of Glass. Perhaps this will finally help us crack its riddles. - Master Rahool...

  • Scourge of Winter
    Scourge of Winter He hurt my City and he hurt my friends. Few Guardians have ever assaulted a Kell in the throne room of his own Ketch. The entire Tower is abuzz at the chance to explore this downed Wintership, but more important, we've removed another Fallen nightmare from our worlds. We thank...

  • The Black Garden
    The Black Garden

    ...ower of the Vex is not broken. Look into the Vault, Guardian, for it is said to hold powers the Progeny were meant to bring forth. - The Speaker...

  • Quests Introduction
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    Quests Introduction

    Deny no ally their quests, and together we will explore those paths untraveled.

    ...pent years sifting through the plights of its Guardians, seeking humanity's greatest feats and the true desires of our enemies, but there is still so much unexplored and unknown. The incessant curiosity of the Tower patrons continues to offer new paths and insights to aid in our...

  • Rise of Crota
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    Rise of Crota

    ...the Moon's surface with every stroke, and countless Guardians, losing their light to his wrath. “We tried once to hunt him, gave up all we were to challenge the ones that bow in his name, hoping to deny him his power. One by one, we failed. But I've kept watch, seeking vengeance f...

  • Arenas Introduction
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    Arenas Introduction

    Prove your Light.

    ...Guardian Fireteams with a series of aggressive and increasingly challenging combat scenarios. Skill, teamwork and every weapon in a Fireteam's arsenal are needed to triumph. Those brave Guardians who withstand the onslaught and emerge victorious will be rewarded with glory and...

  • Cayde's Stash
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Cayde's Stash in the dark. But I think it's worth it. That Guardian found the stealth drive just where I thought it would be, even took out some kind of powerful Taken construct. This plan's going even better than I expected! What could go wrong?” - Cayde-6...

  • The Dreadnaught
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Dreadnaught

    ...that's the situation. With Cayde's help the Guardian has established a beachhead on the Dreadnaught. I'm caught in the impossible position of wanting to reward and punish them both. If you have any guidance in this matter, it would be appreciated. I'll file another...

  • Prison of Elders
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    Prison of Elders

    ...olves in disarray, the Queen needs muscle in the Reef. Guardians go where the treasure and the glory are, and an arena of champions is a wonderful place to earn both. Guardians in the Reef deter threats to the Queen and give the Awoken a chance to learn about their power and subvert...

  • A Kell Rising
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    A Kell Rising

    ...s no lie, it is Skolas? Petra Venj: Yes, my lady. A Guardian got eyes on him in the Ishtar Sink, I used Ghost telemetry to confirm. Same pelt. Same awful voice. We drove him from Winter’s Lair. How did he— Queen: And you would have me consider this a success? What of Winter itself? You...

  • The Silent Fang
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    The Silent Fang

    ...t low. Uldren: I do not see why this is funny. This Guardian may have dealt with them on Earth, but my Crows say we still have much to fear. More of the Fang survive, nearly every one of them made it out alive. Queen: I find no humor in any of this, brother. The Queen rises and descends...

  • The Kell of Kells
    Grimoire » Activities » House of Wolves
    The Kell of Kells

    ...d by screen): Looks like Skolas returns to Venus. Petra: I'll find the Guardian....

  • Lost to Light
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Lost to Light

    ... Guardian has the crystal. I was quite prepared to accompany them into Crota's realm, but Cayde insists on this Rasputin insanity. You must speak with him. He is reckless, rude, and has no respect for knowledge hard-earned. He is also nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.” -...

  • The Promethean Code
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Promethean Code

    ... Guardian breaking into the Warmind's bunker does nothing for our efforts to make true contact with Rasputin. I've tasked several of my agents with unraveling his response. However, the Guardian is now prepared for the assault on Crota's realm. Just a warning, many thanatonauts...

  • Last Rites
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Last Rites

    ...that coulda done what Eris did today, getting the Guardian out like that. Damn good work, and now they're all ready to take on the King. Just remember, Eris' creepy and condescending manner makes her all kinds of unpleasant to deal with. I don't want to make this collaboration...

  • The Taken War: Mars
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Taken War: Mars

    ...n the Taken will have. The Echo destroyed by the Guardian on Phobos will certainly slow their advance. Now that we know of access to the Black Garden in the old tunnels beneath Freehold station, we'll ensure those areas are regularly patrolled and locked down. At the end of the...

  • The Road to King's Fall
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Road to King's Fall

    ...s right, scholar. Queen Mara was right. It is all down to the Guardians now. Let us hope they are up to the tasks ahead of them.” - Eris Morn, undisclosed report to Osiris...

  • Regicide
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King

    ...alm and end the threat of Oryx once and for all. The Guardian will lead that fireteam, no doubt, once they have a chance to stop and breath. In the meantime, we're leveraging all available Hidden and Awoken intelligence assets to understand the threat of the Taken army left behind....

  • Challenge of the Elders
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Challenge of the Elders

    .... “Our prince is missing. Our numbers are few. But we still have our pride. We still have that much.” “Make Guardians want to help,” Variks said. “How?” “Guardians desire many things,” Variks said. “Glory. Honor. Treasure. Open the vaults again. Show them gifts we give to the worth...

  • Strikes Introduction
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Strikes Introduction

    There are threats that must be faced with unfettered aggression. Are you ready?

    ...tures of the Darkness grow strongest, and seeks Guardians bold enough to join forces to face them....

  • The Wretched Eye
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    The Wretched Eye

    The Splicers’ High Priest has crews pushing further underground in the Plaguelands. Looks like a large-scale mobilization against a Hive nest. An army of Hive controlled by the Splicers would be the end of Old Russia. “Could

    Shiro-4 and Ghost...