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  • Eververse
    Grimoire » Inventory » Economy

    “I like your style, Fenchurch. Have you ever considered selling any of these? No? Well, I think the people need to see your work, Fen. I really do. Listen, I have an idea...”

    ...gner, explorer and Guardian who became known as Fenchurch Everis, Tess knew an opportunity when she saw it. He brings the creative flair: roving the planetary wastes, gathering rare antiquities, crafting vibrantly new pieces, sharing new customs and techniques. She handles everything...

  • Chroma
    Grimoire » Inventory » Economy

    “It's not just about how you fight. It's about how you look.”

    ...her than Eververse's chief creative officer Fenchurch Everis. Using multi-channel heat sinks to accentuate Guardian weapons and armor, Chroma is a style for the fiercely, fearlessly fashionable....