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  • Chapter 5: Almighty, Once
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 5: Almighty, Once

    ...s if she actually doesn't like this plan. Rasputin chimes in again in Russian. What's he saying? Zavala asks. He can track it. The Traveler, I say. Clovis installed the capability as a failsafe in case it ever tried to run off. Even with Red tracking it, we'd need an army to build Gh...

  • Ringer

    ...r satellite early warning systems (so thoroughly that they even maintained their failsafe signals until the last possible moment). An extraordinary deception program in the Prison of Elders, combined with relativistic projectile strikes against key sensors, blinded the Reef to a simultaneous...

  • asudeM
    Lore » Truth to Power

    ... see schemes and conspiracies everywhere you look. 2. The three-week loop must be a failsafe measure to keep Dûl Incaru safe as she pursues her mission. In a sense, this entire city has been rendered deterministic; only paracausal Guardians have any free will here. (The Awoken here h...

  • Nessus – 1
    Nessus – 1

    ...eive you. Even if you are a terrible ingrate. Thanks, Failsafe! Glint scooted into the ship, away from the prying eyes of the Vex and Fallen. I know the Vanguard hasn't been back here in a while but— Correct! It's been almost two years since you last visited, even though you pro...

  • Nessus – 4
    Nessus – 4

    ...en hanging around in those ruins for centuries, Failsafe continued brightly, but they've never once come to say hello. If they've been there that long, why don't they appear more often? Glint asked. The AI snipped: Why don't you ask them? Oh wait, you can't. Because they only s...

  • Nessus – 7
    Nessus – 7

    ...lint chirped as he scooted his digital pip into Failsafe's back row. The holographic checkers board hanging in front of him suddenly exploded into a shower of digital cubes. Murky darkness filled the Exodus Black's cabin. Oops, the AI said. I accidentally knocked the board over. H...

  • Solstice Strides (Rekindled)
    Iten » Rare » Leg Armor
    Solstice Strides (Rekindled)

    Jump not from the pan into the flames.

    ... 'Failsafe'? Yes! And your name is the Cayde unit! (You're an Exo. Human brain in a robot body. Weird mouth lights.) Wait, who was that? Who was who? I am me! It doesn't matter. You don't know what'll happen if I do this. You're an AI, just like one back home that told me about thi...

  • Solstice Cloak (Rekindled)
    Iten » Rare » Class Armor
    Solstice Cloak (Rekindled)

    Mistakes can burn, even in the dead of night.

    ...ut… hurk! Ah, shoot. Gotta start over. How long was that one, Failsafe? Two hundred thirty-six seconds since the last teleportation! You never told me that Ace was your son! How wonderful!(And super sad.) That's the theory. Saw the name in a journal in my pocket when my Ghost fir...

  • Impact Velocity
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle
    Impact Velocity

    Captain, this conveyance's top speed is a fraction of the Exodus Black's when it crashed into Nessus! Try not to find out for yourself. —Failsafe

    FAILSAFE NAVIGATIONAL AI RECOVERY PROTOCOL EXBLK .QAR UNRECOVERABLE (!CFIT !) EXBLK.CVDR ONLINE 32% INTEGRITY DEST : KOI-571.05 DIST : 151pc ~~492ly ~~161pc~~552ly~~141pc ETA: ##^^^$$%%~~~~~~~ samBLA: —rbit of 7066 Nessus is different from what the Cos— EXCEPTION CAUGHT IN NAVIGA...

  • Opulent Scholar Gloves
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Opulent Scholar Gloves

    I have foreseen the work that will bring this system together. I'll need your wisdom. —Emperor Calus

    ... said, Ah, now I understand you. The Shadow said: The one I nominate is called Failsafe-0.^ She is a malicious and humorless being, despised by all. She would make a worthy Shadow of the Exo. Said the Emperor: Thus will it be done. ^ Note to Underscribe Shipal: My own independent res...