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  • The Exo Stranger
    Grimoire » Allies » The Exo Stranger
    The Exo Stranger

    Stories of an Exo who walks in the Darkness without a Ghost have long haunted the Tower. Legends say this anomaly dissolves in and out of the world, intangible and elusive, as if she is a visitor from somewhere beyond. Some believe she's the last of an ancient Exo squadron, fighting...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger
    Grimoire » Allies » The Exo Stranger
    Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger

    I stand here now and now and now many times, this view, this ground... This is where I always choose to stand. I put my feet where I put my feet before and where I will again and I look at the sky. Great things moving, rendered small with distance, lesser things not moving, watching...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger 2
    Grimoire » Allies » The Exo Stranger
    Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger 2

    [Scattered field notes captured on an archaic transmission band]

    RECORD 084-BRIDGE-10.7 Right When this time, wrong Where. The world so big on the horizon — wasn't expecting it. As it happens, something's here that's not supposed to be, other than myself. Will return.RECORD 092-BRIDGE-08.1 Configuration worked, mostly. Arrived under t...

  • To Zavala
    To Zavala

    Zavala, Our world has changed, and the people of the Last City look to you—to the Vanguard—for leadership. We have come face-to-face with that which we have feared and condemned for so long. New insights have been discovered and knowledge once thought unobtainable has been gained. Ther...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 4
    Grimoire » Inventory » Primary Weapons
    Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 4

    Then. Palamon was ash. I was only a boy – my face caked in soot, snot and sorrow. I’d assumed Jaren, my friend, our Guardian, the savior of Palamon, would always protect us – could always save us... But I was a fool. Jaren, and the others, only a handful, but still our best hunte...

  • To the Stranger
    To the Stranger

    Stranger, You raise a great deal of suspicion in your ways, and your words harbor the weight of someone who has witnessed more than they let on. As one who has seen through the Darkness and into the void, I too know how to conceal unbearable truths. Know this: truth is eternal. R...

  • To the Drifter
    To the Drifter

    Drifter, While your presence is often irritating and your odor repellent, you have proved yourself quite knowledgeable regarding our foes. As Darkness appeared, you did not flinch. Your assistance during its arrival was greatly appreciated. Under normal circumstances, I would belittle y...

  • To All Guardians
    To All Guardians

    Guardians, Discontent and skepticism permeate our allies and corrode our bonds. I am certain the rumors that circulate in the Tower have found their way to you: Eris Morn has been compromised, corrupted by the Darkness. You and I know that could not be further from reality. You have ...

  • Two Cells
    Lore » Most Loyal
    Two Cells

    Petra called for not one, but two cells. Variks finished his Ether, considering. Perhaps Cayde had finally found Fikrul—and for that, Variks would need every drop of strength he could muster. His strides were long and slow as he allowed the Ether to course through him, his posture gr...

  • The Ravine
    Lore » The Beaten Path
    The Ravine

    They were traveling with a group, refugees who had gathered at the northern edge of the Panama ravine. Crossing was safer in larger numbers. They shared stories, traded supplies. They had all heard of the Last City. Some were looking for it; some not. The crossing was treacherous, ...