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  • Guardian Outfitter
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Guardian Outfitter

    Eva Levante

    Eva Levante provided services to the Tower long before she actually took a place in it. Guardians would call for her work again and again, looking for marks of distinction, both new and old, and she began to craft emblems and shaders for the bold and discerning. These days she has...

  • Just Another Day at the Tower
    Lore » Eva's Journey
    Just Another Day at the Tower

    ... Eva Levante grinned, threatening to break through her deadpan. The request was simple enough: a shader to commemorate the end of the SIVA incident. Zavala's color suggestion, though… Her companion held up the cloth, a ghastly combination of fluorescent yellow and blood-red that wou...

  • Last Day
    Lore » Eva's Journey
    Last Day

    ...oor flew open and a pair of Psions stepped through, weapons ready. Eva Levante, seamstress of the Tower, would have been taken aback. The gaunt woman she'd just seen in the mirror had spent months dry firing the weapon. Endless drills had trained her for action and her first shot ...

  • The Tower
    Lore » A New Age
    The Tower

    ...s, Solstice, Festival of the Lost, and the Dawning, will find Eva Levante leading the celebrations with special activities and decorations galore!...

  • Loss of Light
    Lore » Eva's Journey
    Loss of Light the wall behind her. She hadn't even realized she still had it. She reached down and keyed the pad. A hushed voice said Ma'am? Her own voice low and shockingly gruff, she answered, This is Eva Levante. Is this Tozzi? A pause. Tozzi's dead. She wanted me to make sure someone go...

  • Say It with a Dawning Gift
    Say It with a Dawning Gift… a certain well-known Titan—not Zavala, but I will not tell you who. Eva Levante does not tattle about sensitive matters. He was carrying a formidable piece of weaponry, a complicated curve of many metal parts with a thick string connecting the ends. It's a compound bow, he expl...

  • The New Normal
    Lore » Eva's Journey
    The New Normal

    ...thought she'd take that exit, go with that convoy, she stopped herself. Settled back. Did the work. That was how the months of the Red War passed for Eva Levante....

  • Opulent Stalker Strides
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Opulent Stalker Strides

    I have foreseen the apex of your slaying potential. Should you wish it, this system shall die—from the inside—and make way for what's coming. O champion mine. —Emperor Calus

    ... So the Shadow went to Earth, to the master of ceremonies, and said, Eva Levante, the days of the Dawning and Crimson Days, of Revelry and Festival of the Lost are over. From now on, it is your jubilant task to fete his Grandiose Majesty, the Father of Satisfaction. But Eva Levante r...

  • Amnestia-S2
    Iten » Exotic » Ships

    The Dawning welcomes everyone. —Eva Levante

    For the last three weeks, the Guardian has been camping in a rusted-out shipping container, far off the main pathways that are always buzzing with Sparrows. He stays out of the way of other Guardians, and if he can't do that, he keeps his helmet on. Always. All he has to his name ...

  • Caretaker
    Lore » Eva's Journey

    Eva Levante stood leaning against the ivy-covered outer wall of the barn, gazing down into the football field at the Farm. The old nets were slack, now. Needed to be rehung. No one came by who cared enough to restring them, and the Farm's current inhabitants were not the sporty type....

  • Something New
    Something New

    It's new to me. —Banshee-44

    ...ks Eva Levante. Banshee-44 looks up from his workbench. Eva often crosses in front of his kiosk on her walks to and from the Bazaar, striking up conversations with him in passing when she does. He briefly wonders if they've had this particular talk before; he wouldn't put it past ...

  • You Can Never Go Home Again
    Lore » Eva's Journey
    You Can Never Go Home Again

    Eva Levante pulled opened the door to her storage unit and gagged at the smell. She turned to the two frames who were accompanying her and pointed inside. Start by sanitizing the whole space. When it's clean, we'll start moving in the crates. The frames both nodded to her and beeped ...

  • Color of Speed
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle
    Color of Speed

    After a certain point, speed is a matter of willpower. —Petra Venj

    Eva Levante threads a needle with fine white silk. A lone lamp lights the wood grain of her table and the length of handsome black cloth in front of her. She only touches this garment at night, when her small flat in the Last City is shrouded in secrecy. With each stitch, she recalls ...

  • Tradition Is Bigger Than You
    Tradition Is Bigger Than You

    ...t it, but… She shakes her head. With respect, why not just message him? Perhaps. I just don't have the time to… She pauses. Eva Levante! I make sure to tread loudly and rustle my sheaf of Dawning Crystal designs as I enter (why have her think I was eavesdropping?). Ikora watches me, he...

  • A Cautionary Tale
    A Cautionary Tale

    Eva Levante! Ikora caught my wrist and leaned in to whisper. I need to speak with you about Eris Morn. Ah, I will never forget that day. Way back then, I was very busy getting the Vanguard and the other Tower vendors excited about the Dawning. In turn, many reached out to me about ...