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  • Festival of the Lost: Underwatch
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    Festival of the Lost: Underwatch

    Eri-i-i-is. Oh, Eri-i-i-is. Do you have my ship for me, Cayde? No, but— Then go away. No ‘Happy Festival of the Lost!’ for me, Eris? Happy—? Count what I’ve lost. My companions: Eriana, Sai, Omar, Vell, Tarlowe, Toland. My eyes. My Ghost. My ship. And who was it who lost my ship? ...

  • Crota's End
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    Crota's End

    ... forgiveness. In our world Crota seemed invincible. Together Eris Morn and I worked the problem, but found no hope. So we sought forbidden knowledge—the exiled master of Hive arcana. We found Toland. Toland tells us that Crota's presence in our world is a shadow. That its true p...

  • Ascendant Sword
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    Ascendant Sword

    Eris, Eris, what a name, a name for discord, a name for far cold orbits where no living thing should dare to go. I like this name. Let me give you a gift, Eris. Let me tell you about the power in the logic of the sword: A Shredder or a Boomer is a powerful weapon, but it kills acyclically....

  • Will of Crota
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Will of Crota

    ...own, and exterminate every Hive that stands in your way.“ - Eris Morn...

  • The Sunless Cell
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    The Sunless Cell

    ...'s crown. We must not allow another Prince to rise.” - Eris Morn...

  • Blighted Chalice
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Blighted Chalice

    ...s to perfect a dark sorcery. He must be destroyed.” - Eris Morn...

  • The Will of Crota: Revisited
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    The Will of Crota: Revisited

    “Remember Omnigul? Hive general with the lovely voice? She's back.” “Vanguard scouts report she's undone her death.” “’ ‘Undone her death?’ You make it sound like she pulled her knitting apart.” “Eris would tel

    Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey...

  • Rise of Crota
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    Rise of Crota

    ...en the others, or Crota will claim the Earth for his king, and all Light beware.” - Eris Morn...

  • The Wakening
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    The Wakening

    ...r that abyss, only there can we truly see to Crota's end.” - Eris Morn...

  • Disciples of Crota
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    Disciples of Crota

    ...sters walks the Earth, the threat of Crota will never fade.” - Eris Morn...

  • Urn of Sacrifice
    Grimoire » Activities » The Dark Below
    Urn of Sacrifice

    ...uld bring us to a very fortunate but challenging future.” - Eris Morn...

  • The Coming War
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Coming War

    ...een Mara has given us a gift. We must not waste it.” - Eris Morn...

  • Cayde's Stash
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Cayde's Stash

    “It's been a pain in the rump keeping Ikora, Zavala, and Eris in the dark. But I think it's worth it. That Guardian found the stealth drive just where I thought it would be, even took out some kind of powerful Taken construct. This plan's going even better than I expected! W...

  • The Dreadnaught
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    The Dreadnaught

    ...ening. For now I need to go have another conversation with Eris Morn before she rends Cayde limb from limb.” - Commander Zavala, transmission to Traveler's Observatory...

  • Enemy of My Enemy
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Enemy of My Enemy

    ...onnection to Ascendant Hive is a breakthrough. Eris Morn is working with Cayde-6 to form a plan to address this, and I believe they will see this through... assuming they don't kill each other. In the meantime, the Hidden are investigating the activities of the Cabal. The loss...

  • Lost to Light
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Lost to Light

    ...He is also nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.” - Eris Morn...

  • Last Rites
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King
    Last Rites

    “You know, I give her a lot of guff. But there aren't five Warlocks in the Tower that coulda done what Eris did today, getting the Guardian out like that. Damn good work, and now they're all ready to take on the King. Just remember, Eris' creepy and condescending manner m...

  • Regicide
    Grimoire » Activities » The Taken King

    “...and so, the King has been slain. Driven out of our world. Eris and Ikora have already begun planning a way to assault the Ascendant realm and end the threat of Oryx once and for all. The Guardian will lead that fireteam, no doubt, once they have a chance to stop and breath. I...

  • The Road to King's Fall
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    The Road to King's Fall

    ...ians now. Let us hope they are up to the tasks ahead of them.” - Eris Morn, undisclosed report to Osiris...

  • Ghost Fragment: Eris Morn
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Ghost Fragment: Eris Morn

    ...e stillness, there was another measured source of breathing in the room. Eris Morn settled back into the chair, allowing the dark wisps of power she’d summoned to effortlessly flow from her back into the night. The green emanations from her shroud were stark against the dimness. Al...

  • Crota's Bane
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Crota's Bane

    Eris Morn

    Eris Morn is the sole survivor of an ill-fated raid on the Hive’s lunar fortress. It was Eris and a rag-tag Fireteam who, after the first charge to take back the Moon, sacrificed everything to return in search of the one the Hive call Crota. Robbed of her Ghost, Eris remained lost a...

  • Blades of Crota
    Grimoire » Enemies » Exalted Hive
    Blades of Crota

    They are the heralds of our destroyer. Ushers of this coming storm.

    Vell: They’re more than Knights. Eriana-3: They look like Knights. Vell: That’s like calling you a tin can. Eriana-3: Excuse me? Vell: I’m saying calling them Knights is an understatement. Omar: What are they then? Toland: World carvers. Omar: Meaning? Toland: Those swords are ne...

  • Sardon, Fist of Crota
    Grimoire » Enemies » Exalted Hive
    Sardon, Fist of Crota

    One sword stands tallest among them, leading the charge against us all.

    Vell: So this Sardon is one of these Swarm Princes? Toland: In a stretch of the concept, sure. He is their lord and master. They are his generals. Vell: Sounds like my kind of fight. Omar: What isn't? Vell: Eris and Eriana said the Blades rose first and slaughtered our brothers...

  • Might of Crota
    Grimoire » Enemies » Exalted Hive
    Might of Crota

    It is a mountain of rage, summoned to leave only destruction in its path.

    Toland: When a god's Will is met with force, its Might will be unleashed in the form of those raging beasts we call the ogre—monsters bred of pain, tormented by the Light, nothing but hatred for all who bring its suffering forth. Eris: And how do you know this? Toland: It was t...

  • Eyes of Crota
    Grimoire » Enemies » Exalted Hive
    Eyes of Crota

    The Eyes watch us all, gathering our secrets in hopes of ending the Light.

    Eris: Something is watching us. I can feel it. Omar: I hate when you say that. Toland: Crota has many Eyes. Every god does. Eris: We have to go. Omar: If they know our every move, what chance do we have? Toland: With their great age comes even greater wisdom. I have no doubt the Hive...