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  • Who Guards the Guardians?
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Who Guards the Guardians?

    ...ith… nothing. Just frozen. Empty. Soulless. Lightless. The Red Legion has come and taken it all away. Eventually the desperate steps diminish. For a few minutes, the Last City falls silent. Then… The low growl of their breathing. The clanking metal of heavy slug throwers against their...

  • Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia
    Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia

    ...all their hubris and self-righteousness, they couldn't withstand the onslaught of the Red Legion. The Traveler's Light has been suppressed by Dominus Ghaul and his insurrection of the Tower. The timing was impeccable and offered me an insight I hadn't previously considered viable....

  • II. The Cost of War
    Lore » From the Front
    II. The Cost of War

    ...oid another war. Catastrophe seemed to befall this system time and time again, if the Red Legion scribes stranded here were to be believed. So why did the Guardians refuse a way out? She knew why, of course. It was why she'd waited so long before giving the evacuation order in Torobatl. ...

  • Robes of the Emperor's Minister
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Robes of the Emperor's Minister

    Repentance has its rewards.

    ... fair to warn you—I mean to reincorporate the Red Legion. I am their rightful emperor, and I shall offer them forgiveness. All they must do is repent and submit to their reeducation. I feel like it's only fair to make you the same offer. How does Primus of the Red Legion sound?...

  • Grips of Feltroc
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Grips of Feltroc

    There's something very settling about sleeping atop a pile of my own spent rounds. —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer

    ..., among a sea of glittering rounds. There was a Red Legion corpse for each shell on the engineering deck of Ghaul's ship below. When everything in her field of vision was dead, she took aim at the enemy's airborne rounds, the ones meant for the Shadows still in the fight. She had...

  • VII. The Imperial Throne
    Lore » From the Front
    VII. The Imperial Throne

    ... no matter how trivial, was invaluable. Having lost the Red Legion, their dominus , and their homeworld, Caiatl's people needed tradition to galvanize them. They needed the touchstones of their past to carry them into the terrifying future. They needed to feel like they were still ...


    ... surgical stylus.] Our enemies are turning to the Darkness. The Red Legion is broken; the Almighty destroyed. The remaining Cabal will either join Calus's death cult or seek his daughter, Caiatl. And the Fallen—we have driven them to the edge of survival. Turned them against each ot...

  • Suffering
    Lore » Constellations

    ...nd I hold it so tightly that it poisons me. It's all for nothing. I'm in my apartment when I hear the first ground-shaking explosion, and I go outside to see what's happened. I see the Red Legion fleet darkening our skies, and I realize I have made a terrible mistake....

  • Ringer

    ...urveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) network to detect the approaching Red Legion fleet. It is by now well accepted that the Red Legion's sophistication in military affairs vastly exceeded our own. Although Ghaul's campaign made no real provision for continued resistance after the ...

  • DCII.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...ling black eyes: My beloved Shadows represent everything that was lost to me when the Red Legion took Torobatl. They are the epitome of the empire I built. They are each the perfect specimen from their homeworlds, living the fullest version of their lives because they are the fullest ...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...f my design... It was pure delight. You helped me reclaim what was lost when the Empire fell to the Red Legion. More than that—you helped me build beyond it. We took this System together. Together, we created a new world, in the mere moments before it ended. And though our time wa...

  • Fanatic | Part I
    Fanatic | Part I

    ...thered in tight clusters against the vastness of space. Oryx and the Red Legion ripped great holes in the Reef. Oh, if only Uldren had told Petra that Trau'ug's Broken Legion was a Trojan horse; but Uldren has nothing to give to a regent who surrenders her people to the Traveler....

  • ENTRY 3 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. II
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 3 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. II

    ...very Cabal in the sector on us! Qinziq surfaces from the hatch and kneels beside us. This is Yirix, Ghost. She will not reveal us. She's Red Legion. Calus would see her executed. Psions fly many colors, but within the Cabal, we exist in congress, moving toward our own future. She wi...

  • ENTRY 7 -  Ire
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 7 - Ire

    ...e. Disbelief. The gap in thought of a semiautomatic mind. Red Legion sweeps. I see their harrowing fusillades tear annihilation through the Tower. Everyone is standing but me. Debris falling. I am separated. I reach for Gilgamesh and he is gone. The cage chokes our Light. Fire chas...

  • Less Is More
    Lore » Most Loyal
    Less Is More

    ...Perhaps it was. Between the scattered remnants of the Red Legion and the Scorned Barons running rampant through the Reef, the Awoken had little left to call their own. There was little left of the Awoken. Variks sighed. Only a true Kell understood that survival was not a game of w...

  • Overestimation
    Lore » Most Loyal

    ...avala eyes were searching. Variks croaked and continued. Reefborn are close to doom, Zavala the Awoken. Fallen, Taken, Red Legion. All carve at the Reef. All claim its flesh. I made my offer to Petra after the war. His voice was gruff, but not uncaring. She made her choice. Are you ...

  • Flayed

    ... the Fallen wear. A Cabal deserter, hunched against the wall in a baggy pressure sac, sells the location of Red Legion arms caches for lodes of raw Glimmer. Petra pauses for a moment on the threshold; looks back longingly at the chaos within; wishes that anything would happen to make...

  • The Stacks
    Lore » Dust
    The Stacks

    ...hnographic studies of deep sewer graffiti. Hastily she keys in her next search string. C'mon, Lucky Lavinia, she whispers, though she hates the name. >nine 9 IX red legion ghaul attack on city undetected unforeseen no warning why >RESULTS Consensus Committee on the Invasion and Occ...

  • I. The Prisoner
    I. The Prisoner

    ... only one Kell, there is no need for houses. Today, she fights a Centurion of the broken Red Legion. Money changes hands. His pauldrons are scuffed with the memory of battle, and he's been given a War Hammer. He raises it to cheers and peacocks for the crowd. Eramis tosses her broken s...

  • The Gate
    Lore » Dust
    The Gate

    ...rantically through the observations left by the Awoken sentries once stationed here. Cocytus was abandoned when the Red Legion attacked, all its defenses scavenged to reinforce Vesta. What came out of the gate? What did you see? //EVENT 1 TIME 00:00:00 Portal 3 emitted a hydrogen ...

  • Solstice Plate (Rekindled)
    Iten » Rare » Chest Armor
    Solstice Plate (Rekindled)

    Memories of the City burn in your heart.

    ...arth's atmosphere, trying to punch through a fortified Red Legion blockade. Like prey animals limping through a pack of lions. It was a massacre. The only reason the fleet made it past the Moon was because the Red Legion focused so heavily on Earth. In that, they seemed like the ...

  • Phoenix Protocol
    Iten » Exotic » Chest Armor
    Phoenix Protocol

    Do not grieve the dying star. Its death kindles newer life, and thus the wheel turns again.

    ...ics. But it does everything else! It's the same thing as the Ward we had before the Red Legion! It's outright plagiaristic! It doesn't blind people either. Won't you just let me have my outrage?...

  • Praefectus Robes
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Praefectus Robes

    Many victories seem out of reach. But you march onward, step by step, wound after wound, until they are in your grasp. —Empress Caiatl

    ... said as she approached the bedside of a wounded Red Legion Centurion. The soldier had been gazing solemnly out a porthole when the sound of her voice startled him. He turned suddenly, then winced in pain. Caiatl saw darkened synthetic fabric enveloping his torso and the entirety...

  • Solstice Plate (Resplendent)
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Solstice Plate (Resplendent)

    Finish what you begin, at your own pace, with a focus unmatched.

    ...and saw puffs of smoke from below. Looking down, she saw Red Legion troops on the ground, firing up at them. She looked to Mattox. He nodded. Climb! she said, drawing her rifle. He reached her ready to crack a joke—she knew that face—but the clang of metal on metal interrupted him. ...

  • Notorious Sentry Robes
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Notorious Sentry Robes

    When the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Warlock?

    ...n our group reached critical mass, on the other side of the system, Ghaul and the Red Legion took out the Traveler. Even out in space, it cost us our Light. But we didn't know that. We all felt it, blamed each other without sayin' a word. I could see it in their eyes. If I didn't d...