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  • Widow's Court
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Widow's Court

    It's only quiet 'til the shooting starts.

    Nestled against the crumbling facade of a derelict wall on the edge of the European Dead Zone, there are countless stories of the events that left this small village a ghost town. But its eerily quiet streets and nostalgia have made it a favorite of Lord Shaxx....

  • Memento
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas

    ARENA DESIGNATION: Memento LOCATION: European Dead Zone, Earth On the outskirts of the European Dead Zone lies a ruin, once a thriving riverside city center. Crucible codename: Memento, the ghost city features resplendent streets and bleeding edge pre-Golden Age architecture— or d...

  • Ghost Fragment: Widow's Court
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Ghost Fragment: Widow's Court

    Widow's Court

    TYPE: POST-MATCH REPORT PARTIES: Two [2]. One [1] Guardian-type, Class Hunter [u.1]; One [1] Guardian-type, Class Warlock, Vanguard Designate [u.2] ASSOCIATIONS: Crucible; European Dead Zone; Fallen; Lord Shaxx; Malphur, Shin; Rey, Ikora; Thorn; Widow’s Court //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //...

  • Ghost Fragment: Memento
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Ghost Fragment: Memento


    TYPE: LIVE COMBAT FEED PARTIES: Two [2]. One [1] Guardian-type, Class Warlock [u.1]; One [1] Guardian-type, Class Warlock [u.2] ASSOCIATIONS: Crucible; Earth; European Dead Zone; Lord Shaxx; Memento; Redjacks //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS.../ [u.1:01] Sometimes I dream...

  • The Watchful Eye
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    The Watchful Eye's right. I've been tracking Fallen crew movements along the edge of the EDZ for some time, careful not to venture too deep into their territory. After all, I'm only one Ghost. Without a Guardian, I'm no use in a fight. But I can watch and learn and report. I can find my own ways ...

  • Lucky Raspberry
    Iten » Exotic » Chest Armor
    Lucky Raspberry

    No one has ever died wearing me. # It's true. She leaves the unworthy before they fall.

    ... off some derelict satellite that crashed in the EDZ. So I ran diagnostics on them and it ebbed and flowed with massive Arc fluctuations. No pattern, no match to known solar or extra-solar events. Just random-like. So I hooked one into an old Malina vest we had lying around, and wished...

  • The New Normal
    Lore » Eva's Journey
    The New Normal

    ... background of the Underground: plan, move, sew, repeat. Even when contact was finally made with the Farm and getting survivors to the EDZ became the goal, Eva was always there making sure the trains ran on time. After some thought, she asked that her role not be spread around. She ...

  • Message from Aunor V
    Message from Aunor V

    TYPE: VANGUARD CASUALTY REPORT PARTIES: Two [2]. One[1] Guardian-type, Class Titan [u.1]; One[1] Guardian-type, Class Warlock [u.2] ASSOCIATIONS: Emerald Coast; Cathedral of Scars; Legion's Folly; Kell's Grave; The Drifter; Gambit; Gambit Prime //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS…/ [...

  • Caretaker
    Lore » Eva's Journey

    Eva Levante stood leaning against the ivy-covered outer wall of the barn, gazing down into the football field at the Farm. The old nets were slack, now. Needed to be rehung. No one came by who cared enough to restring them, and the Farm's current inhabitants were not the sporty type....

  • The Drowned Captain – 9
    The Drowned Captain – 9

    ... EDZ, Glint began. Eido typed into her datapad. They were both on one Sparrow? she asked flatly, not looking up. Yes, Glint said. They stopped at the side of the road, because the Sparrow broke down. One went to look for supplies, and the other waited inside and locked the doors. Th...

  • I—From Great Distance
    Lore » Sightlines
    I—From Great Distance

    ...aring Vanguard livery. Devrim felt his hands go numb. Mayday, he said into the EDZ comms channel, his voice somehow calm and clear. Our birds are coming down. Far below, his binoculars shattered against the Trostland cobblestones....

  • Into the Fray
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Into the Fray… I am reluctant to recount in full. She was new then—awakened into a world of sudden, fierce violence. All I will say is that I am here, and my Guardian is near, and somewhere deep within the EDZ there is ground still darkened with the stain of Cabal blood. —Tam, a Ghost recounti...

  • Solstice Strides (Resplendent)
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Solstice Strides (Resplendent)

    Flames lick at your heels but you are too fast.

    ... moving when you're so afraid—SO afraid? In the EDZ, we were starting to mount an organized defense. It was still Cabal territory. She and I drew the short straw to hit a rolling transport: a fat Cabal train on wheels coming out of a munitions depot and heading for the Farm. So we'...

  • Outliers

    ACCESS: RESTRICTED DECRYPTION KEY: 73XK5V2PG1$AUN-326 REP #: 692-FALLEN-DUS AGENT(S): RAN-187 SUBJ: Countercultural intelligence update 1. Fallen armed forces continue to fall back from active fronts across Terra. Factions of House Dusk remain active in the European Dead Zone. Throughout ...

  • The Hothead
    The Hothead

    Think of it as a weaponized temper tantrum. off his Sparrow in a rocky gulch near the EDZ. Across the wash, a Cabal Legionary leaned next to a small shuttle. A Psion stood at attention nearby. You Zavala? the Legionary called. Zavala tried not to feel slighted. I am Commander Zavala, he answered. The Legionary squinted an...

  • Caretaker

    All it takes is a little trust. So cute I could eat 'em up. Confusion turned into apprehension. Ah, just an expression. Old Earth phrase, Drifter explained. Anyway, lotta orphans comin' in from the EDZ, and your Scribe's a bit preoccupied. Eido said you looked after them the other day. Even led them in a...

  • Regnant

    No one is hatched a Kell. —Mithrax who had come to her among the civilians Devrim sent from the EDZ. He was trembling so nervously she was worried he would fall apart. Even as they sat together in the Botza District, surrounded by fellow Eliksni, he kept glancing upward at the Great Machine. Eido didn't know if...

  • Criticality of Quickness
    Iten » Exotic » Vehicle
    Criticality of Quickness

    A lot can happen in 72 hours. Three days can change the course of a hundred lives.

    ...—we happened upon a settlement near the ruins of Sturivon in the EDZ. We discovered the locals slaughtered, with no surviving eyewitnesses. But Ikora was quite familiar with Fallen weapons, even by then, and recognized the impact marks immediately. She wasted no time mounting an a...

  • Salvager's Salvo
    Salvager's Salvo

    The only way out is through.

    ...ogs. Following up on Engineering's findings. Got myself a day pass out of the City, took a jumpship to the edge of the EDZ. Listened to Vivaldi on the way, helped clear my head. If this turns out to be what I think it is, it could shift the balance of power completely. // VanNet—SECURE-04 //...

  • The Palindrome
    The Palindrome

    Draw, O Coward!

    ...he watched her prey cut slaughter through the EDZ. She watched every weapon and muscle break against their Light. She watched her prey's little Ghost snicker with glee at the death of dozens. Bleak humor to the undying. They had exercised the same nonchalance as the Almighty bore ...

  • Ecliptic Distaff
    Ecliptic Distaff

    We Awoken spin our paths from Light and Darkness. —Mara Sov

    ...y. Had it been yesterday? Do not presume to— Mara began, but somewhere in the EDZ, a Titan lowered her armored shoulder and charged into a group of Shadow Legion, and Mara sent her the power she needed. Elsewhere, a Hunter teased a fistful of emerald strings from the nothing that sur...

  • One-Eyed Mask
    Iten » Exotic » Helmet
    One-Eyed Mask

    An eye for an eye.

    ... that, not anymore. Not long after the Taken War, we'd made our way to the EDZ, looking for a place to call our own. Looking for some quiet. Maybe something resembling peace. Ghost and me, we'd been fighting since the Faction Wars. Always fighting. Non-stop fighting. And I was done. ...

  • Loreley Splendor Helm
    Iten » Exotic » Helmet
    Loreley Splendor Helm

    I don't know what it means That I am so sad A legend of bygone days That I cannot keep out of my mind. —Die Lorelei, Heinrich Heine

    ... does it tell you about the wearer? The crate says it was recovered from the tomb of Carnunta, a Warlord in the EDZ. Lightbearer. Don't read. Deduce. She laughed, feeling silly. Gallic-inspired design. She paused, gazing into the imperfect etching as something ate at her. I'm sorr...

  • Last Bastion Shell
    Iten » Exotic » Ghost
    Last Bastion Shell

    For Ghosts who hold the line., I almost bought it the other day. I was in the EDZ, watching Gambit from about 500 meters off. Using those high-res sights we found on Io. And there was this Hunter perched in the ruins, laying down that high-caliber Sniper damage. Just as she lined up her shot, somebody rocked ...

  • Challenger Shell
    Iten » Exotic » Ghost
    Challenger Shell

    For Ghosts ready to face any challenge.

    ...ed to defend her charge. It was done. A lone Ghost in the deathly stillness of the EDZ. She drifted passed the massacre and hovered over her Guardian. She wondered: if the Traveler had chosen Torobatl instead of Earth, would her allegiances be reversed? Would she be battle-sister t...