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  • LETTER 1
    LETTER 1

    ...-new colony on Europa! Papa is the lead quantum engineer at BrayTech, which basically means he builds super-cool computers. He's so good at it, he gets to work with the Clovis Bray on all the top-secret stuff. He even designed some of Rasputin's hardware! I hope he shows me what ...

  • LETTER 2
    LETTER 2

    ...efore we got off the ship, they gave us official BrayTech snowsuits to put on whenever we go outside. The suits are super chunky and hard to walk in, but Papa says there's an extra-thick lining on the inside to protect against the bad ions bouncing down from space nearby. Plus it...

  • LETTER 3
    LETTER 3

    ...bout the Exos! They did it, Clovis Bray and Papa and all the BrayTech scientists made real walking, talking, human-shaped AIs! I even got to see one when Papa was giving us a tour of the colony! It looked so cool and shiny. It even had these awesome glow-lights for eyes! I wanted ...

  • BrayTech Winter Wolf
    BrayTech Winter Wolf

    The leader of the pack endures through the harshest conditions.

    HFU TEST REPORT WINTER WOLF APD CL: 2.33.472116 Modifications from CL 2.33.390160 show significant improvements to heat dispersion along weapon barrel. Thermal strain reduced by 17% with negligible impact to weapon effectiveness. RSPTN hash: A7732Ke2142Oe201-87TUl28592PU49-70291BT4yY893-5LeY3257u3R 1 ...

  • 18 Kelvins
    18 Kelvins


    ...s easy to conceal. I just hope I never have to actually use it. —BrayTech Scientist, Journal Entry...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...o the might and beauty of the great Emperor Calus. The unsightly BrayTech Futurescape was demolished and remade into the Temple of Revelry, where all in the System come to celebrate the accomplishments of the great Emperor, and the blemished red sands of Mars were reformed into a...

  • IV. A Guiding Hand
    Lore » Pathfinding
    IV. A Guiding Hand

    ...futon, keeping a healthy distance from the Eliksni. I'm searching for information from the BrayTech facilities on Europa. And you believe we have this? I know some of your people defected from House Salvation. They may have seen something. Eido nodded. They have seen many things. On...

  • BrayTech Osprey
    BrayTech Osprey

    Expected Use Timeframe: UNKNOWN.

    Did you find anything strange about the latest Warmind hashes? Not really. What's the issue? Something just seems off. What kind of enemy is this intended for? Isn't that the whole point of the Warmind? It knows better than we do. We just do what it tells us to do. And you're okay...

  • BrayTech Winter Cloak
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    BrayTech Winter Cloak

    Not every piece of equipment is optimal for all environments. You see snow. I see a thousand hiding places. —Designer, BrayTech R&D

    It's a local legend that ghostly apparitions dwell in the mountains of the Hellas region. Based on multiple accounts, they're pale white and blend with the snow. All you can see is a floating set of eyes and a mouth, smiling all creepy-like. Ever since Clovis Bray set up shop, the...

  • Legacy's Oath Vest
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Legacy's Oath Vest

    Every day is a recommitment to my path. —Elsie Bray

    ... At times, I feel I was made to be a walking advertisement for BrayTech. A product. Look how successful the Exo Project was. I'm just a collection of memories and impulses—some kind of abomination. I know that can't be true. I… just don't know what to do. I must be meant for more...

  • Legacy's Oath Gloves
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Legacy's Oath Gloves

    Wilhelmina's more like me than she admits. Immortality at any cost. Even family. —Clovis Bray I

    ...n way. I could be anything I want. Ew, you say. Sounds like being made out of bugs. She grimaces. You realize that if Grandpa never dies, we'll never run BrayTech? We had plans, Elsie. Our plans. Not his....

  • Lost Legend
    Iten » Exotic » Ships
    Lost Legend

    A BrayTech Model X-JY5438 (refurbished).

    [TIMESTAMP REDACTED] I swear, this ship is going to kill me. Not because it's unsafe, mind you. But let's just say flying around in a restored Golden Age relic tends to attract a certain… criminal element. I'm currently in the [redacted] system looking for some replacement ion rotors. I...

  • Blight Ranger
    Iten » Exotic » Helmet
    Blight Ranger

    It reflects whatever it sees, no matter how ugly.

    ...hold, now buried. Most of them were workers at the old BrayTech facility, none too happy to see an Exo. One of them began to play a rueful tune on a cobbled-together string instrument. To this day, I haven't forgotten the words he sang: Let me tell ya now Bout the time the Devil w...

  • BrayTech Researcher's Boots
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    BrayTech Researcher's Boots

    Snow is snow is snow. Right?

    ...onentially. So how do we deal with it? Keep quiet and walk lightly. —BrayTech Recon Log...

  • BrayTech Researcher's Robes
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    BrayTech Researcher's Robes

    I tend to work better while not freezing to death.

    ...tbite they've been treating. —Fabrication Specialist, BrayTech R&D...

  • BrayTech Sn0Helm
    Iten » Legendary » Helmet
    BrayTech Sn0Helm

    The perfect way to avoid a brain freeze. the field. Just not literally. —Fabrication Engineer, BrayTech R&D...

  • BrayTech Combat Vest
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    BrayTech Combat Vest

    Agility. Protection. I have always subscribed to the idea that armor is useless without both. —Lead Engineer, BrayTech R&D

    Armor is the inherent struggle between freedom and protection, and has been since the dawn of humanity. The natural conclusion of elementary physics is such that resilience is the enemy of mobility. But now we're pioneers in a nascent world of discovery, where we can abrogate the...

  • BrayTech Iron-Heart Engine
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    BrayTech Iron-Heart Engine

    The air is cold, but our hearts are warm.

    Do not fear the cold. Become the flame. Your heart beats true, driving the warmth of courage through your veins. Blaze on, and know victory enduring, lighting the path for your brothers and sisters. —Martian Polar Credo...

  • BrayTech Survival Mitts
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    BrayTech Survival Mitts

    Stand over here. Stick your arm out. Yes, perfect. OK, just hold still… —Production Lead, BrayTech R&D

    FEEDBACK FROM FIELD SESSION 177 * Thermal conservation tech felt good over a seven-hour session * Micromesh webbing had minor grating on user's wrist, consistent across multiple test subjects * 3cm, 1cm, 5mm grip tests successful * User shouted expletive during high-caliber round...

  • BrayTech Researcher's Bond
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    BrayTech Researcher's Bond

    Keeping our greatest minds safe and warm. notes a marked improvement in user satisfaction. —BrayTech Internal Memo...

  • BrayTech Thermal Grips
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    BrayTech Thermal Grips

    You think this is cold? You have no idea.

    ...ance. Also: great for throwing snowballs. ” —Head Researcher, BrayTech R&D...

  • BrayTech Sn0Treads
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    BrayTech Sn0Treads

    Piecing together complex systems of causalities is the puzzle that defined me. —Elsie Bray

    Elsie's here from Weapons R&D to lend us a hand. She'll be taking over the project until the next milestone, and hopefully get rid of our little jamming problem in the treads. Elsie… as in Elsie Bray? You know another Elsie? No, I just… well, she's basically an engineering legend aro...

  • BrayTech Sn0Boots
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    BrayTech Sn0Boots

    Nonslip techno treads for maximum arctic mobility.

    ...reat in ice and snow. A real pair of lifesavers! —Intern, BrayTech R&D...

  • BrayTech Sn0Mask
    Iten » Legendary » Helmet
    BrayTech Sn0Mask

    This is our best work yet. —Project Manager, BrayTech R&D

    To: wibray CC: CB Leadership, atvon Re: Quarter Update New arctic line is on track to hit Milestone Silver. Current risks lie with key Priority 1 issues with the Sn0Treads design, but we've recently requested additional resources to mitigate that. I've spoken with the head engineer,...

  • BrayTech Researcher's Gloves
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    BrayTech Researcher's Gloves

    Warm hands, warm heart.

    ...h team a fruit basket or something. —Field Technician, BrayTech R&D...