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  • Struck by Wonder
    Lore » Ghost Stories
    Struck by Wonder

    ... return to the Moon and Mars, the pruning of the Garden, and the defeat of Hive royalty. Even Ghaul and his armies… So many threats, so many challenges, yet our Guardians stand—humankind persists. They are touched by the Light, but no longer do I see it as a gift. Instead, it is th...

  • Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia
    Chapter 7 - Nyctalopia

    ...nd the onslaught of the Red Legion. The Traveler's Light has been suppressed by Dominus Ghaul and his insurrection of the Tower. The timing was impeccable and offered me an insight I hadn't previously considered viable. Many lives were lost today in a barbarous skirmish across the...

  • Justified Means
    Justified Means

    ...I'd look to end him as punishment for the paths he'd tread. But things aren't quite so simple these days. Ghaul taught us that. And while I still plan to punish those who have transgressed, I can also see the value in certain… risks. This Gambit—the Drifter's strange little game—may just b...

  • Plate of Nohr
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Plate of Nohr

    Rull threatens, but he'll fall in line. The Clipse just don't like to lose. —Valus Nohr

    ... Ghaul fought and killed Valus Nohr last, only after her bladed shield took the heads off three hundred of his soldiers. I will miss her, and regret that she did not live to see the coming end. So few of us will. —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal...

  • Bond of the Emperor's Minister
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Bond of the Emperor's Minister

    For the Warlock possessed of Ghaul's wisdom.

    Ghaul once served at my right hand. His even temper and disciplined mind proved a useful foil to my passion and force of will. And so, I leaned on him for all of my important decisions. It always felt good to talk through my ideas. He had a way of reflecting them back to me sharper...

  • Cloak of the Emperor's Agent
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Cloak of the Emperor's Agent

    My gift to the Hunter with Ghaul's cunning.

    Ghaul was a masterful conspirator. He spent his whole life dedicated to a higher purpose. Few survive the gladiator pits. Even fewer rise to the rank of Primus. It is remarkable that a discarded runt managed to do both, all the while living a double life. It was only at the very ...

  • VI. Vertigo
    Lore » From the Front
    VI. Vertigo

    .... He marveled at their repulsiveness. But even after Calus fled, and Ghaul was defeated, you still grovel before tyrants like Caiatl. If you rose up, you could taste true independence instead of the patronizing scraps that she offers . Saladin shook his head in contempt. Your power ...

  • Ringer

    ...gion's sophistication in military affairs vastly exceeded our own. Although Ghaul's campaign made no real provision for continued resistance after the Traveler was contained and the Almighty moved into firing position, his opening gambit achieved a level of strategic surprise that...

  • Mark of the Emperor's Champion
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Mark of the Emperor's Champion

    A gift for the Titan with Ghaul's strength.

    ...Ghaul once fought as a gladiator? He was so striking and different… yes, because of his strange color and markings, but also his movement. He weaved through his opponents, tying together the thread of a grand design only he could see. There was no opponent too large or powerful fo...

  • Entry I
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry I

    ...s situation. He no longer rages and spills wine. He has not cursed Ghaul's name in nearly a year. I feel his thoughts taking new shape and color. I do not know if I like it. In the fast-time of relativity, we watch the Cabal change around us, and it leaves my eye cold from weeping. W...

  • Entry II
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry II over emptiness. In council, we surmise that the tyrant Ghaul wants this void as a buffer against invasion—but isn't the irony bitter? This enemy desires nothing but our death. And so we oblige them by dying for nothing. It is the opposite of everything Calus wanted for his people. Ev...

  • Ego Talon Bond
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Ego Talon Bond

    You will find the nightmares grow worse. Thankfully, you no longer have need of sleep. —Gallida Tuyet every day. I live what I teach, but I could not predict Ghaul. This is my failing, and I must answer for it. —Ikora Rey, Warlock Vanguard...

  • Conspirator

    Did Ghaul always dream of a republic? What terrible worm burrowed into his heart that he would betray my love and plot against me?

    Ghaul spent too much time in too close communion with those I had humbled. No good would come of those hushed tones and sidelong glances. Did he think I would not notice? I dispatched a spy to follow him. To think that I felt guilt in that moment; one should never doubt their gut ...

  • Entry VI
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VI

    ...the Clipse with fine culture and high luxury. The Clipse were not pleased. After Ghaul's mutiny, the Dominus tried to secure their loyalty by sending a fleet group to win their ancient war. Of course, the legionaries discovered it was impossible to conquer the xenocidal ecosystem ...

  • Ghost Fragment: Vyhar's Ghost
    Lore » Luna's Lost
    Ghost Fragment: Vyhar's Ghost

    ...ype, Class Hunter, designate Vyhar [v] ASSOCIATIONS: Cabal; Ghaul; Hive; Magic; Young Wolf [Saladin's] //AUDIO PRESERVED// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS…/ [v:01] How is this possible… [v:02] Ghaul's dead. You're dead! The Young Wolf killed you! [v:03] What is this? Hive magic? TYPE: LIVE ...

  • Entry VII
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VII

    ...true in itself. He looked at me with great satisfaction, delighted by my insight, and by the way my words reflected his own wisdom. What was the flaw in my empire, Match? Why did Ghaul overthrow me? I sensed he did not want my first answer: because those disenfranchised and infuriated b...

  • DCV.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...d the beauty of his face was marred by a frown. Dominus Ghaul, the Ghost Primus, the Usurper, lived, while the mightiest of his Shadows, his Chosen Killers, his Zenith Champions, were dead. When approached by one of his Advisors, who hoped to console the Emperor, the Emperor held u...

  • Entry VIII
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VIII

    ...aveler awaits. His Shadows are already on their way to kill Ghaul, or to die in the attempt. How could I betray him, in this time of endings, by keeping a secret he has asked to share? I went to him as he bathed in his royal pool, for his proxies are, of course, as exquisitely sensual ...

  • DCCII.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...his Advisors, Tlu'arg and Ilhali, who clumsily derided Ghaul's crude brutality in hopes of cheering him. Spake the generous and compassionate Emperor: Ghaul has risen above his own past. That, at least, is admirable. Ilhali—do you think, after all I've seen, I am heartbroken by suc...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...rmance troupe, which retold a fictionalized account of Ghaul's defeat. The Shadow of Earth sat at Calus's right during the performance and loudly applauded the finale of the show, where the player portraying Ghaul, Tor Trakal, was killed in a great blaze of fire and light. After ...

  • MCXX.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...f ambivalent soldiers. I am the Young Wolf. I killed the Taken King. I defeated Ghaul, I roused the Traveler, I silenced the Moon, I stopped the invasion, I broke the curse, I broke the Houses, I killed the queen! I am the Shadow of Earth! In the following silence, the Shadow of ...

    Lore » Empress

    ...e loss to the Hive. There were murmurs of assent across the table. Ghaul diverted some of our best generals, lamented Tha'arec. All to the damnable Sol system, for his idiotic crusade… They will not return, said Ca'aurg. And neither will Ghaul. He clenched his fist. But this wea...

    Lore » Empress

    ... order from her empress. She gingerly lowered herself into a chair. The Guardians killed Ghaul, Caiatl said. Yes, said Taurun. Stories say they've killed greater enemies too. Other deities of the Hive. One of the great worms. And a sibling of Xivu Arath, Caiatl added. Perha...

  • Regarding Ghaul
    Regarding Ghaul

    ...e Red War was not so long ago. The Nightmare of Ghaul is an unwelcome reminder of the slaughter we faced. Many of us are still rebuilding after the atrocities committed by this murderous fiend. He orchestrated one of the greatest tragedies our people have endured when he tried to...

  • Fleet

    ...Dead Orbit had ruled the City, there would've been a fleet to meet Ghaul. It's Arach Jalaal of Dead Orbit, he says, cheerfully. I'm here to speak to Regent-Commander Petra Venj. I am not an emissary from the City. I come on my own accord to discuss matters of fleet. Jalaal has been t...