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  • Ghost Fragment: Fallen 2
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen
    Ghost Fragment: Fallen 2


    ...3 twists of essence 15 human body parts, kept for study, scorn 55 human adornments, full of glory and warm memory, worth the cost of their acquisition and more so some ether, quantity negligible considerable experience in battle 4 dregs dead, rendering House of Winter weaker 1 dreg...


    ...powered or self-destructive Hive sorcery. Newly created Scorn. Revels and expeditions by the worshippers of the narcissist emperor. [Personal notes, shaved into quartz with a surgical stylus.] Our enemies are turning to the Darkness. The Red Legion is broken; the Almighty destroyed. T...

  • ENTRY 5 - Feast Your Eyes
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 5 - Feast Your Eyes

    ...THE EYES OF KATABASIS… Six hard weeks in the Reef. Scorn, Hive, and horrors enough. I still prefer the open Shore to the Glykon, but it's earning its keep. We crossed the belt and anchored our gravity off Phobos: an old Cabal base still holding an operational tether. I volunteered to...

  • The Threats We Face
    The Threats We Face

    ...corners of the universe: the Fallen, the Hive, the Scorn, the Vex, the Cabal, and the Taken, to name a few. While Guardians successfully fought off each onslaught, a greater enemy was revealed: the Witness. A mysterious voice in the Darkness that led our enemies to our solar system ...

  • Injection
    Lore » Truth to Power

    ...broods. Thus She would escape the trap. In Her modest cunning, which She prefers not to be overstated so as to preserve her from the scorn of gossips, She gathered several of Her Ascendants, who were in danger of being consumed by their worms. Then she pushed them through a rupture ...

  • ENTRY 8 - Acheron's Wall
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 8 - Acheron's Wall cables run from them into the flesh of an Ether-logged Scorn beneath an ugly crown. The gold from the Castellum is flush with tarnish, stemming from some kind of lichen that had burrowed its way into the precious metal adornments since the last communion attempt. I thought gold ...

  • IV: Saturno
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    IV: Saturno

    ... Scorn at first. Like anyone else who could spare the bullets, Crow had picked off a few dozen at distance when he found them in the open. Glint had told him they were related to Eliksni somehow, which made sense—they moved like Eliksni—but they just wouldn't stay dead. When their...

  • ENTRY 9 - Heretical Flesh
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 9 - Heretical Flesh

    ... Pressing. FearandConfusion. No. The mind beneath this one screams to the surface. Nothing, Scorn, a Son… Fallen… Eliksni…King… Akriis does not bow. Arise, commands the voice buried in whispers. Akriis does not bow, but Akriis is dead. Peeled away. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ The spine of the...

  • V: Theraphosa
    Lore » A Tangled Web
    V: Theraphosa

    ...t his side. It's only a matter of time, Glint said softly. People talk behind his back. There are rumors someone named Chalco has been following him. He's heard the Scorn call him 'father.' He'll eventually figure it out. I gave him rules for a reason. Following rules is counter to...

  • ENTRY 12 - Debtor's Knife
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 12 - Debtor's Knife

    ...orld beyond, with only one escape. Soon Katabasis would know it too. Scorn onlookers surround us. I raise Katabasis. Gilly… Katabasis kneels before me, his rifle beside him. What is this? A way out. I won't carry you anymore. You're… abandoning me? Katabasis looks to the Scorn, h...

  • ENTRY 4 - Well of Absence
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 4 - Well of Absence

    ...your dead, don't you? 'I do not answer to you,' Qinziq seethes into my mind. She brushes me away and moves to shut the door. Bahto does. His soldiers do. Do you want to politely ask the Scorn into confinement, or do you want to be straight with me? She scowls at me. Where is your Gh...

  • Riddled with Lies
    Riddled with Lies

    ...n? None can say. And the sly prankster would have it no other way. Of all the Barons marked by scorn, it is Araskes to fear, for her greatest weapon is the dissolution of truth. She will give you certainty, only to reshuffle the deck. She will grant you your desire, only to reveal ...

  • ENTRY 6 - Excess of Avarice
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 6 - Excess of Avarice

    ... ability to bridge minds… and bring them to submit. I see my tributes, Scorn gibbering nonsense in unison, lashed and plugged to the Crown—a thorn made tool in my brilliance. My daring Councilors anchor their psyches and prepare to begin the communion. Greatness is before us. The...

  • Nitrogen

    ...plastic hovel. Tellia thinks of arc grenades and the Baron's Scorn cutting through the walls of her lab. She shudders, counts the arrows in her quiver, and tries to go back to sleep. She can't. She puts on bow and quiver, joins Koro outside. He's sifting the lightning-struck earth, ...

  • ENTRY 10 - Blood in the Barrel
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 10 - Blood in the Barrel

    ...ere is your Ghost? Bahto grunts as he throws a crushed Scorn into a tangle of festering dark tendrils. These fungal growths had grown across the Glykon during the timeless expanse since their plunge, and only continued to spread. I don't know, I sputter as I pull a ragged blade from ...

  • Where Loyalty Lies
    Lore » Most Loyal
    Where Loyalty Lies

    ...nother Whirlwind. They were no longer just Fallen. Fikrul called them his Scorn. Behind him, Fikrul laughed and laughed and laughed until—he abruptly stopped. At that exact moment, the Scorn dropped to the floor, dead once more. Your scribes, your Kells, your Houses—they will all s...

  • Immaru
    Lore » Lucent Tales

    ...oked assault into their Ascendant Plane. No better than Scorn, he growled. Savathûn turned from the honey-sweet music only she could hear and stroked her Ghost. Ah, child. Loyal as you are, you still only see their actions, not the chains that drag them to inevitability. Just as H...

  • Blast Battue
    Blast Battue

    Yes, you got the kill, but the pelt is ruined. —Devrim Kay

    ... the signal's source, I discovered a small camp of what I initially thought were Scorn. Upon further observation, I found that these were not Scorn but Fallen afflicted with some kind of flesh deformity and mental degradation. Shot one dead and the others just looked at me. They didn't...

  • Wild Hunt Hood
    Iten » Legendary » Helmet
    Wild Hunt Hood

    Listen to the wind blow.

    ...llen, just that something moved through the trip line. What besides Eliksni Pikes moves that fast? Her voice was clear through their direct channel. Scorn… on Pikes. Their numbers are scant. She navigated connection points between drifting chunks of land. Rubble drifted against the p...

  • Resonant Fury Bond
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Resonant Fury Bond

    I reach for nothing. I am subdued. I shall remain useless.

    ...he once-great Pyramid lies fractured, a sight you will become familiar with. So try and send your Scorn, or your Disciples, or even bring your many selves to reclaim your loss, if you must. But this is my domain now. And you shall never set foot inside it, even if I must draw my ...

  • Wild Hunt Grasps
    Iten » Legendary » Gauntlets
    Wild Hunt Grasps

    Strike like a serpent. on this convoy? Always… Nivviks eyed Gaelin's Ghost as it dematerialized into the Exo's hand. Vynriis nudged Nivviks and spoke. They take bodies. Don't know why. She added, Cabal oil unexpected. Rumor is Calus has a ship snagging Scorn from the Reef. You're sure it was Wrathborn? Assu...

  • Celestine Bond (Majestic)
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Celestine Bond (Majestic)

    ...told them, taking on a low, conspiratorial tone. She had given the Shank the wrong spirit. All her anger and pride had poisoned it, like Dark Ether poisons the Scorn. Eido watched one hatchling seize the nearest hand of another. She could end the story there, but a glance at the ...

  • Path of Least Resistance
    Path of Least Resistance

    No charge greater.

    ...Scorn in their eyes. She does it to assert dominance, she once heard one of her subordinates say. Rather than correct them, she let the rumor take root, and grow wild and fierce. There is no one left that she trusts enough to share the truth: Eramis always looks Scorn in their e...

  • Veiled Tithes Greaves
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Veiled Tithes Greaves

    Feet steady in the midst of the madness.

    ...r, dodging explosion after explosion. Their Light seared through the Scorn, burning them alive. It wasn't long before the smoke cleared and the Guardian stood alone, their Light thrumming with tithes. Immaru grumbled to himself. For as long as he'd been a Ghost, he'd resented h...

  • Veiled Tithes Boots
    Iten » Legendary » Leg Armor
    Veiled Tithes Boots

    Lithe came the footfalls of the dead.

    ...r, dodging explosion after explosion. Their Light seared through the Scorn, burning them alive. It wasn't long before the smoke cleared and the Guardian stood alone, their Light thrumming with tithes. Immaru grumbled to himself. For as long as he'd been a Ghost, he'd resented h...