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  • Dust Palace
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Dust Palace Back in Cabal hands. Word is they've let Psion Flayers out of their cages, to dig around in the Central AI's Cortex. Which means they really want what's buried in there. If Rasputin was protecting it, it's valuable. We've got to flush those Flayers out. - ...

  • Ghost Fragment: Rasputin
    Grimoire » Allies » Rasputin
    Ghost Fragment: Rasputin

    Cayde-6 Reminisces

    ...nk is, if Rasputin had all those mighty tools, and it lost—what did it learn? What's it going to try this time around? When I hear about the Dust Palace, those Psion Flayers getting into Rasputin's mind, I wonder... what would they talk about, Rasputin and those creatures? &...

  • Psion
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal

    There is no higher warfare than deception.

    Psions are smaller than all other Cabal morphs, and may be an unrelated species. Hyper-intelligent, fast and unpredictable, they possess strong psionic capabilities - including the ability to emit disorienting and deadly psychokinetic Arc blasts....

  • Skyburners
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal

    “The second fleet will wait no longer. Commencement will begin on their arrival.”

    ... Ghost scans of the ships and reports of a large Psion presence have Warlocks anxious to learn of their weaponry. Dead Orbit assures the City that the Skyburner fleet poses no immediate threat to the City....

  • The Psion Flayers
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal Command
    The Psion Flayers

    We have just as much to learn from our enemies as we do from our past.

    ...l hide one of their most powerful weapons, the Psion Flayers. The extent of their ability is still uncharted, but Cryptarch studies and Warlock fears have led the Vanguard to classify them as a serious threat. Many among the Warlock orders believe the Flayers pulled Phobos from its...

  • Vest of Feltroc
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Vest of Feltroc

    The Loyalists won't be ready until every world in this system casts a Shadow. Calus will get us there. —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer

    ...Psion, Feltroc possessed the uncanny ability to slow her breathing and steady her motion with a layer of telekinetic manipulation. Before her passing, she had long sought a seat on my Psion Council, to help maintain the nightmare realm I reserve for prisoners and punishing wayward...

  • Ghost Fragment: Cabal 4
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal
    Ghost Fragment: Cabal 4

    For the Staff of Primus Ta'aun, Legion Commander From Skyburner V Cohort/Auxiliaries/Strategic Intelligence Maniple A Tactical Outcomes Analysis

    ...eported Guardians operating elaborate totem rocket weapons. Blind Legion I Cohort/Century 3/Maniple 3 5 Squad [HEAVY INF] TASK: - defend Psion intelligence ops 071x146 OUTCOME: - overwhelmed by Guardian fireteam/Vex pressure. few survivors. survivors reported Guardians foraging for...

  • The Taken: Psion
    Grimoire » Enemies » The Taken
    The Taken: Psion

    ...Psion. Clever, canny specialist. Bolted into the Cabal hierarchy: a pilot, an investigator, a manipulator, an operative. You have been taken. Be still. Your endless vigilance is done. Nothing will enslave you ever again. What hidden plan do you obey? What is your secret principle?...

  • Ringer

    ...d a level of strategic surprise that would be the envy of any ancient general. Psion electronic warfare units compromised the City's sensor perimeters and suppressed our satellite early warning systems (so thoroughly that they even maintained their failsafe signals until the last...

  • VI. Vertigo
    Lore » From the Front
    VI. Vertigo

    ... Psions. Lord Saladin gazed broadly over the precipice of the wall at the rocky wilderness below. Nearby, Osiris watched the Psion prisoner, restrained by a set of centuries-old iron shackles. Saladin continued, You were conquered by the Cabal. And in the face of a superior military ...

  • Entry I
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry I gray and smooth like fog. Among my people—I mean my people, the people of the chalice, not the whole Psion species—we call this feeling sweet oubliette, the shelter that becomes a prison. For Calus, I imagine it feels like the loss of all appetite. Even the curiosity that made...

  • Entry III
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry III

    ...ut as long as we are still losing it, then it has not run out. Psions are said to have no sense of humor, because humor comes from the unexpected, and we are clairvoyant. Well, we were not clairvoyant enough to expect the coup, so I suppose we must be blind enough to retain a sense...

  • Entry VI
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VI

    ... rest had the peace of ash. The eternal war was over. I prayed to the cup in the mirror for answers. But it was Calus who responded. Match. He spoke into my mind just as a Psion would. I told Rull the truth. Everything is going to end soon. We must accept that. What matters is the j...

    Lore » Empress

    ...emperor's mythkeeper; a talented storyteller and Psion who held all the legends and histories of the conquered worlds in her mind. Caiatl's father often said, Ahztja is an athenaeum world in and of herself. He often retreated, either into his pleasures or his unpredictable melancholy,...

    Lore » Empress

    ... Psion mind-sculptors, Caiatl piloted a fighter through a strange world. It twisted and turned on itself to create strange, rotting landforms all around her. She passed mountains that sprouted weeping tumors and saw fields crusted over with scabrous tissue. The exhilaration of flight ...

  • ENTRY 2 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. I
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 2 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. I

    ...o claim. Most of the seats in the drop-hold are empty. A Psion officer named Qinziq sits across from me. Her eye hasn't left me since she boarded. To my right, a craggy Cabal Centurion, complete with demolition satchels and Projection Rifle, adjusts the connectors on his pressure ...

  • Chain of Souls
    Lore » Most Loyal
    Chain of Souls

    ...merald marrow worm-food of the Hive, the prismatic viruses of the Vex, Psion Flayer wavelengths—each of these secrets had been wrested free within these dank halls, traded among his networks for more secrets, or harnessed into weapons for the Awoken. But the secrets of Fikrul's… muta...

  • ENTRY 3 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. II
    Lore » Captain's Log
    ENTRY 3 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. II

    ...service chute to the command deck. I peek through the open hatch. Down the hall, a lone Psion runs diagnostics on the bridge. I carefully crawl inside and slip the long rifle from my back. Shoot it. Guns are loud, Gil. He wasn't totally off-kilter. One thought from that Psions co...

  • Flayed

    ...elf— No. This must be an illusion. It's too much of everything she wants. She searches with senses beyond sight for something capable of casting this into her mind. A Psion Flayer? A Hive Wizard? She trusted you with all of this, all of us. And you gave it to the 'mercy' of the Lig...

  • The Stacks
    Lore » Dust
    The Stacks

    ...tion letter. Reviewers concur that the paper does not provide a mechanism by which cold dark matter could interact with City sensors. Military experts attribute the Red Legion's stealthy approach to electronic deception by Psion operatives. >MORE RESULTS? Lavinia freezes. Something w...

  • Legion Lost – 14
    Legion Lost – 14

    ...for speaking with me, Eido said cheerfully. The Psion bowed its head, and Eido did the same. I've conducted an interview with Empress Caiatl already. But I am hoping that you could further illuminate the subject. Eido felt a soft, blooming sensation in the forefront of her mind. G...

  • I - Pith
    Lore » Quintessence
    I - Pith

    ...proximation of her body—floated inelegantly in the Psion's Mindscape. She reached out for purchase as a bit of geometry drifted by, but her hands were as intangible as smoke. She growled. Can you increase the… clarity? she spoke aloud. An indignant chirp filled her mind, a flutter of ye...

  • V—Brevity Code
    Lore » Sightlines
    V—Brevity Code

    ...fied Devrim's low murmur to audible ranges. I'm waiting for this Psion to come and pay me a visit, but he's being shy. I thought you'd be better company. Marc couldn't help but picture it: the single watchful eye, waiting in the dark. He felt, abruptly, wide awake. Do you need help? ...

  • IV - Shutdown
    Lore » Quintessence
    IV - Shutdown

    ...ive suspended in the holding tanks—not dead, but certainly not alive. The Psion sat in its chair, twitching faintly, its long fingers moving as though tracing through water. Pulses of blue energy radiated out from the Psion's skull and into the depths of the machine. I've got some go...

  • Ancient Apocalypse Vest
    Iten » Legendary » Chest Armor
    Ancient Apocalypse Vest

    Sometimes it's a cosmic event. Sometimes it's a beast from hell. Sometimes it's one man. —The Drifter

    .... Drifter shambled up to the bank. He dragged a Psion corpse with him so he'd have something to sit on. He dumped the body to the ground, took a seat. Drifter licked his finger and slid it behind a hidden panel on the bank's outer shell to crack the thing open. It unfolded, ejecting a ...