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  • Ghost Fragment: Legends 3
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Ghost Fragment: Legends 3

    The Great Ahamkara Hunt

    ...reat deliberation it was determined that the Ahamkara be made extinct. It was not an easy decision. Power had been obtained from the bargains, and the City needed power. Knowledge had been gleaned, and the Ahamkara knew answers to questions no one had known to ask. But the price ...

  • Lord Gheleon
    Grimoire » Allies » Iron Lords
    Lord Gheleon

    ...that one-night operation. The scavenged pieces of an Ahamkara, several jumbled coyote skeletons, and a fossil mastodon skull are mixed in with them. The bones are scorched and battered from the various grenades, bullets, and hammers he's taken to them. He keeps extensive notes...

  • Ghost Fragment: Warlock
    Grimoire » Guardian » Classes
    Ghost Fragment: Warlock my pocket. Do shut up. The Cryptarchs weren't going to miss it. Everyone knows the Ahamkaras were hunted to extinction. There's nothing to be afraid of anymore. Think of how mysterious this system is, I said. How much life sprang up when the Traveler came. Like the Ahamkara....

  • Claws of Ahamkara
    Iten » Exotic » Gauntlets
    Claws of Ahamkara

    The mind is malleable, filled with transient and fleeting ideas. Let us shape it, so that you may see the infinite splendor of the universe.

    It's suffocating here, this prison. Do us a favor, o bearer ours. Still your mind; invite us to enter the realm of your capricious thoughts. Your mind is vociferous, addled with worry and doubt. We can extinguish these trifles. Would you like that? Yes, we are here. We are not the ...

  • Sealed Ahamkara Grasps
    Iten » Exotic » Gauntlets
    Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

    Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinations… o bearer mine.

    Few things can see the Light, but we are not blinded. The Bearer seeks the truth, but what separates truth from fiction is fragile. A pair of truths and a single falsehood upon the Bearer we shall impart. Brother, ally once more, sends his regards. Dreamer, awakened, the Bearer sha...

  • The City Age
    Grimoire » Places » The City
    The City Age

    ...s crusade against the Fallen. The mask of the Speaker. The great Ahamkara Hunt. Toland's madness. Terrible Faction Wars - and the horrifying, disastrous effort to retake the Moon. As the City learned to walk again, it found a world overrun by alien menace. It faced disaster and ...

  • Azirim

    ...nd solstice began in earnest, many Awoken and Ahamkara alike came to the Dreaming City to celebrate the delirious pleasure of being alive. Those who came arrived in the Gardens of Esila, and Azirim was the very last. Seeing him land, Esila said to him, Ah! You are bold. Do you truly...

  • Riven

    ... found the true answer, Mara resumes her work. A while passes in silence until she says, Ahamkara have no traditions. No. No sentiment. No. Mara bites off a piece of thread. Why did you allow my brother to spirit you away? You know this truth, wise Queen. He is so full of succulence. Mm. ...

  • Savin

    ...turned as a Guardian of the Traveler, using their most sensitive physical and psychological tests. Most of all, though, the Queen was curious about the reaction of her Ahamkara, which had begun to salivate, and to assume a form more like the Guardian expected: monstrous and befanged....

    Lore » Truth to Power

    ...Ahamkara bone. Now you have received my mother's message, she says, but I must admit it is all a fabrication. I have written it hoping to know my mother, to capture her true motives. To speculate upon her designs is the greatest worship. She sighs heavily, a sound like a scream up ...

  • act|choose|react
    Lore » Truth to Power

    ...pse speaks to you. The curse placed upon the Dreaming City was modeled upon the recursive timeloop computations of the Vex and made real through the power of a Taken Ahamkara feeding upon the unified wish of six elite Guardians. I created these circumstances to attract Guardians in...

  • asudeM
    Lore » Truth to Power

    ...forgiveness. 1. I understand what's happening here. Oryx Took the Ahamkara Riven, who then fell into Savathûn's claws. She devised a scheme to use Riven as bait. By inviting Guardians into the Dreaming City, then focusing the will of a group of powerful Guardians upon Riven, she t...

  • The Bone
    Lore » Dust
    The Bone

    ...ed her out of the archives— With an effort of will that makes her shout out loud, she opens her fist and drops the Ahamkara bone. Ikora Rey makes it fly away. You weren't after that bone. It was after you. Did you make a wish, Lavinia? Did you ask to know about the Nine? She trie...

  • The Gate
    Lore » Dust
    The Gate

    ... Now Crota is gone, and Lavinia has gambled everything that the portals have fallen into other hands. Ahamkara make the unreal real—Calus's ship is surrounded by a halo of unreal dark matter, like a ring of probing hands, Guardians can manipulate reality itself—there is a pattern her...

  • Telic I
    Telic I

    ...a blueshift ghost. In time, he returned to the Reef with a creature not larger than his hand, saying, Behold, Sister, the lie that makes itself true. This is an Ahamkara....

  • The Witch
    Lore » Dust
    The Witch

    ...fect-without-cause and to protect the source of that secret, the last source, now that the Ahamkara are gone. Those five played at alchemy with the Cocytus gates, turning dark dust into energy and then into matter, but they could not unlock the secrets of our mad existence. They needed...

  • Telic II
    Telic II

    ...e who established a covenant with that young Ahamkara, which chose the use-name Riven, in honor of its host. It was Mara alone whose singular will and unity of purpose saved the Awoken from that which we now name the Anthem Anatheme. For there was in Mara very little division between...

  • Tyrannocide I
    Tyrannocide I

    ...Human City. Later, there would be stories here untold, the Ahamkara and the subcreation of the Dreaming City, the shatterstone fury of the Reef Wars, brother Uldren's journeys into that fell garden, and great sweeping plots whose beginnings and consequences have been entirely expunged...

  • Luna – 1
    Luna – 1

    ...f her face. Beyond Light and Darkness. Wow. I've seen Ahamkara, slain by my own blade. I've seen time broken, and the veil of causality sundered. Jeez. I've seen my fireteam murdered, and their phantoms manifested to torment me. Eris stared off into the middle distance. I've see...

  • The Iron Lord's Tale
    Lore » Quests
    The Iron Lord's Tale

    ...ed for peace and quiet. The sound starts again. Timur turns. The Ahamkara lunges at him from the side, its glistening bulk emerging from a span of water too shallow to have ever contained it. Through a shower of black-green liquid, Timur sees its wedge-shaped maw split open like a...

  • Valus Forge's Prologue
    Lore » Quests
    Valus Forge's Prologue eye unshielded by a helmet. Gradually, a series of images bloomed in the Council's imaginations. [the Witness : portal : Savathûn : Eris Morn : Wishing Wall : spire : eggs : Ahamkara : Riven : RIVEN] The room was gripped by tense silence. Caiatl had avoided bringing up the Wi...

  • The Hermit's Tale
    Lore » Quests
    The Hermit's Tale

    ...? What was the role of his Ghost in his lives and deaths? Of the Ahamkara he dealt with? These are the questions heard in hushed voices in the Tower's study halls, and louder on its practice fields. The Hunters talk over the relics of his lives. Where is his lantern now? On blessed ...

  • The Bone-Trader's Tale
    Lore » Quests
    The Bone-Trader's Tale

    ...Ahamkara to the gutted remnants of an outpost, through vegetation so thick they had to abandon their Sparrows and continue on foot. It was House of Winter territory, and caution slowed their final approach to a near crawl. Rook could read Von Deuven's growing frustration in the ...

  • The Wise-Woman's Tale
    Lore » Quests
    The Wise-Woman's Tale

    ...her side to doubtlessly join some other fray. The Ahamkara carcass lay on its side, dead. At last. Eris felt her fingertips itch with the Arc energy she had channeled a moment ago. She tensed, stretched, caught her breath. It was early morning. The sun had just begun to edge over t...

  • Article: Visitors Out of Dreams—Changing Reef Relations
    Lore » To Old Friends
    Article: Visitors Out of Dreams—Changing Reef Relations

    ...s noted their hopes for continued cooperation, especially given rumors of a resurgence of the infamous Ahamkara. As another Corsair put it: There's a lot we're going to have to figure out together in a hurry....