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  • The Buried City
    The Buried City

    ... Clovis Bray. Losing their machines to Rasputin is unfortunate, but we still have access to so much we thought we'd lost. This is the dawn of a new era for us. - Master Rahool...

  • Asylum
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas

    There used to be life here. Now it's just overgrowth.

    ...been just another stop on the subway line between Clovis Bray's Venus arcology headquarters and the Academy campus by the shore. Now, it's a grim reminder of the lives, the dreams, and the progress we lost when the Darkness came. For the Guardians of the Crucible, it's...

  • Blind Watch
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    Blind Watch

    Dry as the bones you'll break.

    ...le as a combat training ground. Resting atop an old Clovis Bray science facility, the Blind Watch allows Guardians to acclimate to the harsh Martian environment, while maintaining a combat ready presence should the Cabal ever begin to mobilize....

  • Skyline - Meridian Bay, Mars
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    Skyline - Meridian Bay, Mars

    ...ATION: Skyline LOCATION: Buried City, Mars This Clovis Bray center served as a hub to several company assets across Meridian Bay and beyond. Though a transit system connects the various Bray facilities, the exact breadth of the network has been lost to time. The Vanguard intends to...

  • Ghost Fragment: Skyline
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Ghost Fragment: Skyline


    ...[1]. One [1], Frame-type, Unit Combat ASSOCIATIONS: Cabal; Clovis Bray; Crucible; Dahlia 99-40 [Unit07]; Lord Shaxx; Redjacks; Skyline //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS.../ Redjacks engaged Cabal scouting party at Clovis Bray research facility designate: SKYLINE. Units fifty and fifty-two suffered ...

  • Ghost Fragment: Blind Watch
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Ghost Fragment: Blind Watch

    Blind Watch, Class Titan [u.2] ASSOCIATIONS: Blind Watch; Buried City; Cabal; Clovis Bray; Crucible; Exclusion Zone; Lord Shaxx; Mars; Meridian Bay [Mars]; Orsa, Zyre; Vanguard; Rey, Ikora; Thorn; Yor, Dredgen //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS.../ [u.1:01] I’m assuming you’re awa...

  • Download Complete
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    Download Complete

    “The Vanguard has known for some time that the Fallen were exploring the Cosmodrome for lost technology. Now we know that they were digging for one treasure in particular – SIVA. The data from Clovis Bray was their map. “Now those same pro

    Tyra Karn...

  • Transmission
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    Transmission spread wings, are at rest again. While the gifts of Clovis Bray’s research were many and valuable, Dr. Shirazi’s notes describe terrible things. That they only enhanced our cognition is fortunate. But they were also unstoppable. What will we do when something more harmful touches us?...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.0
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.0

    I can't in good professional conscience recommend further research in this direction without stringent review of protocol and mitigation of the undisclosed lethality risks. Which I should have been informed of. Should have been. Is this insubordination, Zarin? It's a—what d...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.1
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.1 I don't think you did. I am trying to act in Clovis Bray's best interests. How would you know what Clovis Bray's interests are? ~SIVA.MEM.WB066...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.2
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.2

    I understand your concerns. You're a good researcher, Zarin. Your work here has been deeply appreciated. So you'll listen? You'll cease this line of inquiry? On the contrary, we'll take your valuable findings and run with them. Your work will live forever. ~SIVA.M...

  • Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3

    ... the fifteen-foot divide he broke in the earth. He had to meet SIVA again. One last time. “I’ve analyzed the Clovis Bray data.”Timur always said that Clovis Bray was the key. “Can you break the Splicers’ hold over SIVA?”How different would things be, had Saladin listened? “Theoretical...

  • Ghost Fragment: Vex 3
    Grimoire » Enemies » Vex
    Ghost Fragment: Vex 3

    From the Records of the Ishtar Collective

    SUNDARESH: I have a plan. ESI: If you have a plan, then so does your sim, and the Vex knows about it. DUANE-MCNIADH: Does it matter? If we're in Vex hell right now, there's nothing we can - SHIM: Stop talking about 'real' and 'unreal.' All realities are programs...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3

    I'm surprised, I have to say. Although perhaps I shouldn't be. It does save time to run experiments in parallel. I see the benefit to the colonization effort, but I can't support those plans. I won't help you. Strictly speaking, Zarin, your participation isn't...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.4
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.4

    Do you see these access logs? They were flagged for my personal attention. Yes. Do you see the times on these unauthorized access entries? I do. Would you have any idea who might have been prying into unreleased data, Zarin? ~SIVA.MEM.WB070 ~consume consume consume~...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5

    ...iple trials and environments. They'll be what Clovis Bray is remembered for, hundreds of years from now. All that's left is construction of the replication chamber and initiation of production. ~SIVA.MEM.WB071...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.6
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.6

    I am changing project requirements to include a kill switch. Is that feasible? Completely. But if I may ask, why that, and why now? Another scientist on staff—well, formerly on staff—brought up the possibility of undesirable outcomes. And you believe her. Somewhat. She was honest abo...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.7
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.7 was the direct result of our generous budget. Clovis Bray prides itself on its talent and liberality, Dr. Zhang. From construction workers to researchers, we treat our staff royally. ~SIVA.MEM.WB073...

  • Ghost Fragment: Vex 4
    Grimoire » Enemies » Vex
    Ghost Fragment: Vex 4

    Maya, Chioma, Duane-McNiadh and Shim decide to have a picnic before they send themselves into infinity.

    Up here they have to act by biomechanical proxy. No human being in the Ishtar Academy has ever crossed the safety cordon and walked the ancient stone under the Citadel, the Vex construct that stabs up out of the world to injure space and time. It's not safe. The cellular Vex elements...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.8
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.8

    I see you've been trying out the capabilities of SIVA, Dr. Bray. I have. And I'm very impressed. How is construction going on the replication complex? Everything moves smoothly. ~SIVA.MEM.WB074...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.9
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.9

    The complex is ready for wholescale replication of the SIVA nanite. We are waiting for your signal to start. Thank you for your faithful service, Dr. Zhang. I look forward to the wonders that come from this replication complex. The New Machine Age, shall we call it? Let's begin....

  • BrayTech Winter Cloak
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    BrayTech Winter Cloak

    Not every piece of equipment is optimal for all environments. You see snow. I see a thousand hiding places. —Designer, BrayTech R&D and a mouth, smiling all creepy-like. Ever since Clovis Bray set up shop, the sightings have dropped sharply, but every now and then someone claims to see one of these phantom figures....

  • Ghost Fragment: Cabal
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal
    Ghost Fragment: Cabal

    ...a Guardian. The sand preserves everything well, and Clovis Bray had been famous for attracting talent. The brave, the brilliant, the footloose, those restless on Earth and itching for fame. I stowed away aboard a Mars scout ship, hoping. No luck. The sand ate everything. Clothes from...

  • SIVA
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA

    ...f-Assembling Materials; Cosmodrome; Warmind; Iron Lords; Clovis Bray SUMMARY: We must reopen all previous entries on SIVA. What we once believed to be a colonial tool of the Warminds, destroyed long ago, appears to be active again. This time, there is no sign of any active Rasputin ...

  • Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age 3
    Grimoire » Places » The City
    Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age 3

    From the Journals of Lord Colovance

    ...d it is flooded with mania. Whatever he thinks this Clovis Bray might hold would make you believe that they were the only entity of any technical know-how, that they owned every piece of that tarnished Golden Age. I write this because I fear none of the others knows or senses it. ...