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  • I. The Hopeful Legion
    Lore » From the Front
    I. The Hopeful Legion

    ...omise of reward. As Val Ma'rag listened to a transmission from the Empress Caiatl, he thought about how far he'd come since he was recruited. Since he was pulled out of the poorest rural district on his planet. With this new challenge—with the new empress sending her call out in...

  • II. The Cost of War
    Lore » From the Front
    II. The Cost of War

    ..., Caiatl was unprepared. They all were. She'd watched her people, bred for battle and victory, fall to a force that dwarfed their armies. She'd watched her beloved city burn. Caiatl learned from every failure. From this one, she learned two things: First, that warriors were not g...

  • Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl
    Lore » BRAVE
    Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl

    ...e heir, and a member of the coup that overthrew him, the Empress Caiatl makes for a different leader. A classic militarist, she trained in her youth as a fighter pilot. Caiatl has bent her considerable might to two goals: defeating the Witness and reclaiming her homeworld of Torobatl....

  • VI. Vertigo
    Lore » From the Front
    VI. Vertigo

    ...Calus fled, and Ghaul was defeated, you still grovel before tyrants like Caiatl. If you rose up, you could taste true independence instead of the patronizing scraps that she offers . Saladin shook his head in contempt. Your power is wasted by cowardice. In the silence that followed, ...

  • VII. The Imperial Throne
    Lore » From the Front
    VII. The Imperial Throne

    Caiatl sat on a high-backed throne embellished with ornate carvings and rare metals. It had been salvaged by dutiful courtiers in the last hours of her homeworld . The empress thought it looked preposterous on the bridge of her warship. She would have jettisoned the gaudy antique ...


    ...ning Cabal will either join Calus's death cult or seek his daughter, Caiatl. And the Fallen—we have driven them to the edge of survival. Turned them against each other. How many will look to the Whirlwind for an advantage over their rivals? By pushing them from the Light, we have g...

  • Entry III
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry III

    ... cooks or to tell us stories from far-away worlds or even to wonder aloud why Caiatl never heeded him. He stares and stares into the emptiness. I think he feels small. Most of the universe is nothing, and he is nothing to it. This scar in our galaxy was cut long before he was born. ...

    Lore » Empress

    ...where Ahztja settled in to tell the princess Caiatl her nightly story. Ahztja was the emperor's mythkeeper; a talented storyteller and Psion who held all the legends and histories of the conquered worlds in her mind. Caiatl's father often said, Ahztja is an athenaeum world in and ...

    Lore » Empress
    CHAPTER 2: STAR PILOT built by her father's Psion mind-sculptors, Caiatl piloted a fighter through a strange world. It twisted and turned on itself to create strange, rotting landforms all around her. She passed mountains that sprouted weeping tumors and saw fields crusted over with scabrous tissue....

    Lore » Empress

    Caiatl felt the assassin's eyes on her back before she heard their words. Your father sends his regards, they croaked. She calmly turned. The intruder was not Cabal. They wore a strange, sleek armored suit—some off-world species unaccustomed to the atmosphere, no doubt. But her...

    Lore » Empress

    Caiatl loathed the crawling pace of the court. She despised the tricky voices of courtiers and generals vying for attention and resources. Sorting out their tedious requests was like fetching lost scraping sticks from the bottom of a mud-wallow. But one day, a general came to her ...

    Lore » Empress

    ... Caiatl's advisors, that alerted her to the spectacle. In the square, she said, her deep voice laced with concern. I've never seen anything like it. Caiatl went immediately. In the central square of Torobatl's weaponsmith district, a bright green flame licked the air. Umun'arath st...

    Lore » Empress

    ... the ground, infecting the streets and alleyways Caiatl had known so well, rendering the landscape alien. Many of the creatures that poured from the tear in the sky had fallen to her missiles—like any other enemy—but their numbers never seemed to dwindle. Their will never seemed to f...

    Lore » Empress

    ...cil room on the fleeing warship Eligos Lex V, Caiatl sat with her advisors. An ugly panic gripped them. Their war moons are too powerful, said Councilor Taurun. The tactical display, where Hive ships and war moons floated like innumerable dust specks in space, flickered. They a...

    Lore » Empress

    ...S CAIATL OF THE CABAL, TO ALL HER FLEET// I speak to you as crowned empress of the Cabal Empire, your new leader. As I speak, we flee our home. Some of you lament our loss. Some of you whisper about the weakness of retreat. I assure you, we do not flee out of weakness. We march t...

    Lore » Empress

    Caiatl was sitting alone in her private quarters. She glanced up, awoken from her reverie when Taurun arrived. Empress, Taurun said, bowing. She was a stickler for formality. The other councilors are awaiting a decision regarding our arrival in Sol. Caiatl gave her a wry look. A...

  • Caiatl I
    Caiatl I

    ...ave faith in you among your kind to handle this problem as a Cabal would. —Empress Caiatl...


    ...g to convince— An alert chimed at the command console to his right. Incoming call from Empress Caiatl, Targe said wearily. Let it go to depot. Zavala stubbornly rose from his chair. No, he said, receiving the call. Caiatl's imperial seal appeared on the screen with a notice: AUDI...

  • II. Death and Desertion
    II. Death and Desertion

    ...n? Caiatl asks wearily. An air of palpable tension permeates the room. In the time since the Imperial fleet had formed a blockade around the Leviathan, three separate frigates had defected to Calus's side. A fourth has just followed suit. Caiatl began this campaign with fire in h...

  • I - Ambush
    Lore » Ripples
    I - Ambush

    Caiatl stands on the bridge of her flagship, six destroyer-class warcraft at her flanks. Weeks of intelligence and a handful of dead spies have brought her to a single point in space. This moment of opportunity. A massive, reinforced viewport extends from beneath her feet to the ...

  • V. Regrets
    V. Regrets

    ...ts will follow you, Empress. The words grate on Caiatl like sand beneath her armor. The Vanguard could keep their wretched Hive witchcraft; she had sworn to defeat the Nightmare of Ghaul in single combat and cremate his memory on the pyre of victory. That choice had become yet another r...

  • I - Pith
    Lore » Quintessence
    I - Pith

    Caiatl's feet stubbornly refused to touch the floor. She—at least, the loose approximation of her body—floated inelegantly in the Psion's Mindscape. She reached out for purchase as a bit of geometry drifted by, but her hands were as intangible as smoke. She growled. Can you incre...

  • VII. Legacy
    VII. Legacy

    ...l abandon you. Just like the Cabal, just like the Ghost Primus. The Nightmare of Caiatl smiles, sweet and crimson and full of hatred. Just like your daughter. I said be silent, Calus sputters. His daughter's laughter is a knife between his ribs, as it always has been. No one hears you...

  • V - Rite Proven
    Lore » Quintessence
    V - Rite Proven

    ...Caiatl's voice boom over the endless drone of the imperial cruiser's engines. Grains of bloodied sand trickle from the ceiling of the Cabal-sized elevator and fall against his helm as he rides up to the brightly lit arena floor. Guhrn Or'ohk, Valus in the empress's service. You challenge ...

  • Legion Lost – 11
    Legion Lost – 11

    ...s,' Caiatl began, tilting down her tusks in contemplation, they are warriors? Oh yes, Eido said, looking up at the Cabal empress. In fact, they may be Cabal in origin. I am investigating the stories now. Your retainers mentioned a similar tale, and I understand your people have a ...