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  • XXX: a golden amputation
    Grimoire » Enemies » Books of Sorrow
    XXX: a golden amputation

    Verse 4:0 — a golden amputation

    Wrath! Behold the wrath of Oryx, coiled for ten thousand years. Behold the Golden Amputation: the fall of Taishibeth, the end of an age. We beat the worlds of Taishibeth like skull drums and we howl in joy for our black war moons as they ram silver orbitals and gleaming star-webs,...

  • XL: An Emperor For All Outcomes
    Grimoire » Enemies » Books of Sorrow
    XL: An Emperor For All Outcomes

    Verse 4:10 — An Emperor For All Outcomes

    Oryx rushed home and read from the Tablets of Ruin. He put some of the Vex into wounds, to be taken by the power of the Deep. Thus he turned the Vex against each other. Quria manifested a range of tactics, but none of them were adaptive. Oryx crushed all the Vex in his throne. Oryx...

  • Ghost Fragment: Cabal 3
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal
    Ghost Fragment: Cabal 3

    Today, Primus Ta’aun leads from the front. He pounds from bunker to bunker, roaring encouragement. “You’re my cornerstone!” he tells a wounded Centurion, grabbing her by her armored shoulders. “Bear the weight!” He gets back up, into the fight. “Come on!” Tlu’urn snaps at him, run...

  • Primus Ta'aun
    Grimoire » Enemies » The Taken
    Primus Ta'aun

    You are Ta’aun. Primus of the Skyburners. Veteran of star-shaking campaigns. Bond brother to Tlu’urn and Mau’ual: your beloved comrades. Your faithful friends. For a while you were the mightiest Cabal soldier in the system. You have been taken. You are free now. Free of the ancien...

  • VI. Vertigo
    Lore » From the Front
    VI. Vertigo

    ...ut their helmet. He marveled at their repulsiveness. But even after Calus fled, and Ghaul was defeated, you still grovel before tyrants like Caiatl. If you rose up, you could taste true independence instead of the patronizing scraps that she offers . Saladin shook his head in contempt. ...

  • Chapter 7: Commandeered
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 7: Commandeered

    ...icular about her customs. Mara smiles back at me. And you, my friend. Where is Calus? Zavala asks. We are unsure of his whereabouts. A problem for another day. She's surrounded by Cabal and Fallen working alongside what's left of the Awoken army. I had heard some defected to Eris aft...


    ...oken; the Almighty destroyed. The remaining Cabal will either join Calus's death cult or seek his daughter, Caiatl. And the Fallen—we have driven them to the edge of survival. Turned them against each other. How many will look to the Whirlwind for an advantage over their rivals? B...

  • Entry I
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry I

    ... eyes. My every thought and purpose for my Emperor, Calus, once and future sovereign. We pass through the outer marches of our lost empire. One day the Leviathan howls along at speed, and the next it drifts on an idle course. We still cannot repair the butchered control systems, ...

  • Entry II
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry II My every thought and purpose for my Emperor, Calus, once and future sovereign. We are at war. Here at the fringe of the empire, fleets clash over emptiness. In council, we surmise that the tyrant Ghaul wants this void as a buffer against invasion—but isn't the irony bitter? Th...

  • Entry III
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry III

    ... ink. My every thought and purpose for my Emperor, Calus, once sovereign. The Leviathan journeys through a void in the galaxy, without stars or even dust to relieve its nothingness. The astronomers say that an ancient cataclysm blasted open an abscess in the cosmos here. I feel the ...

  • Entry IV
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry IV

    ...ave us all— Nothing. God answers god! The void in Calus's soul called out and THIS is what replied—the Leviathan's control system failed when it saw what awaits us—we are drifting into it! Calus has sealed himself in his observation chamber. His transmissions strike the THING and retu...

  • Entry V
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry V

    ...e odds. My every thought and purpose for my Emperor, Calus, once and future sovereign. I was in the observatory today when he came to me. I should have been vetting a list of loyalists for the countercoup, but in truth, I was watching the ruined mirrors of an ancient starshell as ...

  • Entry VI
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VI

    ...wounds. My every thought and purpose for my Emperor, Calus, once and future sovereign. We have conquered the Clipse. Among all the clients of Calus's reign, all those diverse species he encouraged to join and influence our great culture, the Clipse were one of his dearest favorites. W...

  • Entry VII
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VII

    ...metal. My every thought and purpose for my Emperor, Calus, once and future sovereign. We have been at the work for so very long that I have neglected this journal. But now we are crossing a starved place, a burnt clearing in the dark galactic forest, and I find myself with time to ...

  • Entry VIII
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry VIII

    ...y I fill the Y-goblet with praise for my Emperor, Calus, once and future sovereign, so that my ancestors may know his generosity. I told him. He has decided where he will make everything ready for death. The Leviathan's course is set for a far system, where the Traveler awaits. H...

  • Entry IX
    Lore » Confessions
    Entry IX Emperor's own amusement. A party of the Guardians that Calus entertains have arrived with a set of various squabbling demands—a starship, a precise description of their Darkness, a list of stars the Traveler has visited, a treaty with the Cabal empire for the defense of Earth, a...

  • I.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...deeds and remarkable discoveries of the Emperor Calus, greatest emperor of the Cabal, witnessed by his most loyal allies and recorded by his most trusted scribes. Upon suffering a terrible betrayal at the hands of false allies, Emperor Calus commissioned the Chronicon, a record of ...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...onned a pressure-gel suit and demanded to exit the ship alone. Said Calus, I wish to see the destination of my banishment in private. He could not be persuaded otherwise. ////// I, Tlazat, must break the convention of our record-keeping for fear that this entry may be the last of...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    DLXXIX. Recorded by Scribe Tlazat After twelve hours of violent tremors, the Emperor returned. His behavior was erratic, and it appeared from his speech that he had suffered hallucinations outside the ship. A Royal Mechanic identified a malfunction in the pressure gauge of the Emperor's ...

  • DCII.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...nto a great Palace of Pleasure was an edict supported by all of Calus's Loyalists, save for the traitor Tlazat; and 3. The Shadows of the Clipse, the Sindû, and the Arkborn represent the greatest, most skilled of their kind, hand-picked by Calus himself, and were chosen not for a...

  • DCV.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...fter the fall of his Shadows, the great Emperor Calus, Master of Celebrations, Patron of Festivity, stood in the throne room of his great ship. The Golden King's shining, mottled brow was furrowed with a deep melancholy, and the beauty of his face was marred by a frown. Dominus Ghaul, ...

  • DCCII.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    DCCII. Recorded by Scribe Shagac So perplexed was the Emperor by the failure of his Shadows that he spent many hours meditating with his Advisors on what had happened. His Advisors made many misguided attempts to soothe him, fearful that wrath lay below the calm surface of his demeanor. ...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...he Guardian-tribe, dictated by the great Emperor Calus: Ah, Light-born! What a joy it has been to watch you! When I invited you aboard my Leviathan the first time, it was an exceptional pleasure to see you go through a test I had designed myself. It was uniquely suited to your talents, I...

    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...ed account of Ghaul's defeat. The Shadow of Earth sat at Calus's right during the performance and loudly applauded the finale of the show, where the player portraying Ghaul, Tor Trakal, was killed in a great blaze of fire and light. After the performance, while the troupe removed ...

  • MCXII.
    Lore » The Chronicon

    ...hments, my Shadow, and in doing so, free them. ////// On this day, the great Emperor Calus, Bringer of Joy, Champion of Cheer, announces the long-anticipated formation of his new army of Shadows. The Shadow of Earth, having set out on a quest at the behest of the Emperor, began by...