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  • Sepiks Perfected
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    Sepiks Perfected

    The House of Devils marked you as Public Enemy Number One after you trashed their Prime Servitor, but—Your old friend, Sepiks Prime, is back, and apparently better than ever, thanks to the Devil Splicers and SIVA.


  • The Shadow Thief: Revisited
    Grimoire » Activities » Strikes
    The Shadow Thief: Revisited

    “Variks has brought unsettling news. The Devil Splicers have used SIVA to resurrect an old foe: Taniks the Scarred has become Taniks Perfected.” “Taniks's crew has joined the Splicers. They're using SIVA to reanimate his body and o

    Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey...

  • Wrath of the Machine
    Grimoire » Activities » Raids
    Wrath of the Machine

    ...und the means to apotheosis, to become machines. SIVA can make you strong, but we can show you how to wield it, to free yourself from the bonds of Ether. Find us in the wasteland and bring us an offering of SIVA. In return, we will bring you to our chamber of perfection. And we will...

  • Skyline - Meridian Bay, Mars
    Grimoire » Activities » Crucible Arenas
    Skyline - Meridian Bay, Mars

    .... After the role Clovis Bray tech played in Earth’s SIVA Crisis, Commander Zavala wants no stone unturned when it comes to the Golden Age conglomerate. But for now, Vanguard researchers have learned all they can from Skyline. It’s Lord Shaxx’s turn to scrutinize it....

  • The Walls Come Down
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    The Walls Come Down

    “The Cosmodrome is a nexus point. Too many things have happened there to be mere coincidence. Now we add one more piece to that puzzle: SIVA. “Saladin did not hide all knowledge of SIVA as completely as he wished. I have found several ref

    Tyra Karn...

  • The Plaguelands
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    The Plaguelands

    “The Splicers are using SIVA to reshape not only themselves, but also the Plaguelands. They are experimenting. Learning how to manipulate SIVA through terrible inquiries. But there is still time. The Fallen’s understanding of SIVA is not yet complet

    Tyra Karn...

  • Download Complete
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    Download Complete

    “The Vanguard has known for some time that the Fallen were exploring the Cosmodrome for lost technology. Now we know that they were digging for one treasure in particular – SIVA. The data from Clovis Bray was their map. “Now those same pro

    Tyra Karn...

  • The Iron Tomb
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    The Iron Tomb

    “The Young Wolf has stopped the flow of SIVA to the Devil Splicers, ended the torment of the Iron Lords, and lifted centuries of grief and regret from Saladin’s shoulders. My old friend is a changed man. “Centuries ago, I thought the sto

    Tyra Karn...

  • Beauty in Destruction
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    Beauty in Destruction

    “This commission is a commemoration! They deserve something dependable. These men and women did not survive the Gap so that you could make art!”

    ...sign combined flawlessly with Shiro’s modified SIVA tech. The result: a peerless weapon that embodies beauty in destruction and delivery....

  • Quarantine
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron

    ...s for the study, worship, and proliferation of SIVA throughout the Plaguelands. It is unclear if these rituals have a specific purpose, or if they are simply another form of experimentation in the Devil Splicers’ continuing efforts to understand and control SIVA. Interfering with a S...

  • Tyra Karn
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Tyra Karn

    ...ut the undeniable truths of our past. With the rise of SIVA, Lord Saladin has convinced his old friend to return to the Iron Temple....

  • Devil Splicers
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen
    Devil Splicers

    ...tists, to work investigating and understanding SIVA, the Golden Age wonder discovered in the Cosmodrome. As the Splicers’ knowledge of SIVA’s potential began to take shape, a rift grew between their techno-religious leaders and a younger, more ambitious sect of their rank-and-file – De...

  • SIVA Charge
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Arsenal
    SIVA Charge

    SIVA Charge

    ...f SIVA will glitch off the main swarm. Activated but without a directive, the unstable mass seethes. Touching it triggers a chain reaction with an explosive conclusion....

  • Archon's Forge
    Grimoire » Activities » Rise of Iron
    Archon's Forge

    ...-evolving caste by making offerings of dormant SIVA to the Forge. Their worth is then tested in a trial-by-combat. The offering’s quality–fused, enhanced, perfected–determines the severity of the challenge and, in turn, the level of augmentation the petitioner will be granted should...

  • Lady Efrideet
    Grimoire » Allies » Tower Allies
    Lady Efrideet

    ...tive while Lord Saladin devotes his attention to the SIVA Crisis. She urges Guardians to see the Banner tournament as a chance to strengthen their Light, for fighting and for more metaphysical purposes. The Vanguard are also intrigued by Efrideet’s accounts of a nonmilitary Guardian c...

  • Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6
    Grimoire » Allies » Rasputin
    Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6

    ...orized users with [O] energy. I am invoking PALISADE IMPERATIVE. [O] lifeforms in restricted areas will be suppressed. SIVA use authorized. Self-destructs disengaged. Security codes reset. All defenses activated. Frames activated. REPLICATE. ELIMINATE. IMMUNIZE. ..... SITE 6 secure. Res...

  • Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3

    ...n their final moment: a crimson pulse beats in place of their hearts. SIVA. He puts his helmet on as an Iron battle axe forms in his hand, the air around him bursting into flame. The first wave of dregs approaches. Saladin breaks into a charge, swinging the axe to bear as he smashes...

  • Aksis, Archon Prime
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Leadership
    Aksis, Archon Prime

    ... Archon Priest, Aksis has submerged himself in SIVA’s apotheosis and emerged as Archon Prime. All that he was is gone: his dreams. His hopes. Replaced by agency. He has shed his gods and his Ether like skin, and in his uplifted state, waits in his Perfection Complex for offerings o...

  • Vosik, the Archpriest
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Leadership
    Vosik, the Archpriest godhood— someday. Vosik has been enhanced by SIVA, but lacks the total apotheosis of Aksis, Archon Prime. Vosik wields the technology to build and maintain a body for Aksis. Nothing more, nothing less. In due time, Vosik will ascend. All his people will. And worlds will fall....

  • Ghost Fragment: Fallen 5
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen
    Ghost Fragment: Fallen 5

    ...s had slain this god. And now it was reborn, through SIVA. Variks of House Judgment sneered at the abomination. “Golden Age project, yes?” he clicked, turning to the Crow. His field agent was a young Awoken woman. “Technology of old Earth. Learned from the Great Machine.” The Eli...

  • Sepiks Perfected
    Grimoire » Enemies » Fallen Leadership
    Sepiks Perfected

    ...s has been reborn— Augmented and Perfected through SIVA and set to usher in the conversion of the House of Devils from desperate scavengers to SIVA-powered soldiers. Through Sepiks and those like it, SIVA will change the world....

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.0
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.0 It's a—what did they call it—it's a protest. ~SIVA.MEM.WB065...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.1
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.1

    ...How would you know what Clovis Bray's interests are? ~SIVA.MEM.WB066...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.2
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.2

    ...findings and run with them. Your work will live forever. ~SIVA.MEM.WB068...

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3
    Grimoire » Enemies » SIVA
    Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3

    ...y speaking, Zarin, your participation isn't necessary. ~SIVA.MEM.WB069...