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  • XXV: Dictata ir Dakaua
    Grimoire » Enemies » Books of Sorrow
    XXV: Dictata ir Dakaua

    Verse 3:5 — Dictata ir Dakaua

    ...xplorers [disposable class] discovered an organism frozen in stasis deep within the hull. She claims to be Taox, member of a proto-Hive species. During debriefing, she provided records of the fall of Ammonite civilization and vital intelligence about the motives, biology, and leadership...

  • Ghost Fragment: Cabal 2
    Grimoire » Enemies » Cabal
    Ghost Fragment: Cabal 2

    ... stasis, turning gently. You can see the storms moving over its face. But when the Commanders congregate below it, when they activate whatever controls are below, it changes. Fissures appear on its face. Is that their home? When the room empties I play with the controls, but it's...

  • Sylok, the Defiled
    Grimoire » Enemies » The Taken
    Sylok, the Defiled

    Mindscan of Subject 667, known as “Sylok the Defiled”

    ...5] >Stasis is online. Initiating eighth attempt to probe mindscape. >>It’ll work this time. I’ve mapped every synapse. >Sure you did. >>There. Did you see that? >>A flare of neural activity. Stimulate that region. ...I can feel you. >This will never work. We should either bring in a...

  • Hobgoblin
    Grimoire » Enemies » Vex

    The air by my cheek twanged twice, stinking of ozone, before I saw it.

    ...a defensive reflex - the Hobgoblin seals itself in stasis and waits for help....

  • Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4
    Grimoire » Places » Earth
    Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4

    ...BE. I exert electronic will: pushing, shaping. Forcing stasis on perpetual motion. They are quiet then, but I can still sense them. Where once my cargo holds were full of tools, and weapons, and material, now they hold barely-contained possibility. New worlds will be built from t...

  • To Ikora Rey
    To Ikora Rey

    ...'s arrival ushers in a new age and, with it, the revelation of Stasis. We must seize this opportunity before it is too late. This Collapse now escalates—our enemies' agendas advance, and we are losing. The Vanguard has played its part in bringing us to this stage, but Zavala is st...

  • To Zavala
    To Zavala

    ...e has been gained. There is an untapped potential in Stasis for us to be greater than the sum of our parts. Yet the Vanguard remains stagnant in its unwavering crusade against the Darkness. You believe we must destroy the Darkness. We cannot. We should not. We must use it, learn ...

  • To My Queen
    To My Queen

    My Queen, Your absence during this time is distressing. I am certain the efforts on your front are not in vain, though I must inform you that our situation is evolving rapidly. Your guidance and support are greatly missed. We have made substantial and irrevocable progress into our ...

  • To the Stranger
    To the Stranger

    ...s I feel our power swell, there is still temptation rife with destructive potency in Stasis. What else could it unlock inside of us… In these unorthodox times, I look to the Darkness and our enemies. See how it empowers them, while it toys with us? Oryx would never have led the Ta...

  • To the Drifter
    To the Drifter

    ...ness knows how to exploit weakness. I know you feel it as well—the power Stasis brings. Does it frighten you? Even though I believe my grasp stronger than yours, I do not have any illusions regarding the Darkness. It will tear through your lack of conviction faster than you can a...

  • To Osiris
    To Osiris

    ...For so long, we have clung to the Light, denying the strength offered by the Dark. By using Stasis, we will end this war. We see this contest for what it truly is: a game, played by our adversaries. And we have been the pawns. We are pawns no more. This is not a battle I want t...

  • To Asher Mir
    To Asher Mir

    Asher, My Gensym Scribe. This communication shall go undelivered, along with others that never found their destination. I feel guilt. Pain. Anger. I am sorry I was not there for you at your final hours. What you must have felt, knowing you were facing the certain end… I hope the...

  • To the Witch Queen
    To the Witch Queen

    ...your reach. You have revealed your weaknesses and, through Stasis, I have become powerful enough to rid us of your curse on existence. We control the Darkness and the Light now, and it will be your undoing. Your hands are wet with the blood of my allies. I have not forgotten the suffering...

  • To All Guardians
    To All Guardians

    ...athûn and her forces? They will bend until they break into decomposing pieces of refuse. Stasis provides an answer to where we have fallen short previously. Use this power, with me, to abolish our foes and prevent what our forbearers could not. The next Collapse is here, and we must ...

  • Chapter 1: The Family Line
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 1: The Family Line

    ..., grab my weapon from the floor, and then roll across the room, blasting Stasis at my assailant. They dodge it entirely, leaving my bed momentarily frozen in time. I fire off rounds, grazing their shoulder. Elsie! Wait! No one calls me that. Except her. The attacker removes her ho...

  • Chapter 3: Towerless
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 3: Towerless

    ...too! Drop it, Ana! From behind us, we hear the readying of a rifle. Ana looks to me and inches her fingers toward her weapon. We don't want trouble. My hand goes frosty with Stasis while Rasputin's fist clenches. You came to the wrong place, the rifleman says. Ana cocks her head ...

  • Chapter 6: A Matter of Trust
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 6: A Matter of Trust

    ...o I wait. I need one more thing from you, she says. There it is. I need you to show me how you use Stasis. Elsie, you're proof that it's not inherently evil. It can be controlled. You show me how, and people will see it's possible. I was hoping we'd moved past this. I'm not a figu...

  • Chapter 7: Commandeered
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 7: Commandeered

    ...legiance, but I can smell the aroma of Darkness around you, Mara says, her gaze resting on me. My Queen, I say, lowering my head, I am wielding Stasis, but we want the same end: to survive this. She's unconvinced. Elisabeth, you once asked me to pick a side, even if it was the wr...

  • Chapter 8: Migration
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 8: Migration

    ...Mara fight through the Hive mercilessly as the Dark Guardians approach. I find Ana and signal toward Eris. In lockstep, we carry out our assault. Ana opens fire on a Hunter while I cover her, blasting a flanking Ogre with Stasis. Ana drops a grenade under its massive feet, and a second...

  • Chapter 9: The Return
    Lore » The Dark Future
    Chapter 9: The Return

    ... together, Ana pleads. This is not the way! I cry and ready my Stasis. Elsie, please don't do this. You can still join us. Don't you want to be a family again? Not like this. Not through death and betrayal. Zavala was right about her… I remember the promise I made. I forgive you f...

  • Pleased to Meet You
    Lore » Unveiling
    Pleased to Meet You

    ...l was necessary for creation to escape its first imperfect stasis and seek a truer form. Heresy? Well, then, I am the heresiarch. The philosopher died of a bowel disease. Those who do not exist cannot suffer and are of no account to any viable ethics. If the true path to goodness...

  • Illyn

    ... RIVEN! brave Portia screams. Illyn was prepared for Taken—folded perfect things, elegant and thus manageable—but this absolute appetite, this impossible will… She speaks the secret word of stasis that will crash their augments and end the communion. She does not know if she is in t...

  • Salvation's Grip
    Iten » Exotic » Power Weapons
    Salvation's Grip

    I respect what I cannot steal from and you cannot take from the dark. —Excerpt from an old Eliksni salvage manifest

    ...ked our home, and our story will be told in the scars we leave on this world. —Notes on Stasis, or the cold Dark, attr. to Kridis, trans. from Eliksni by Eris Morn...

  • Riiswalker

    No. I will not allow a Fallen to fight in the Banner, that right is reserved for Guardians alone. But if you insist, I may allow a Guardian to carry a Fallen-forged weapon into battle. You are a weaponsmith, are you not? —Lord Saladin to an Unknown E

    ...that fills the air with mist. The Shotgun flash freezes, shatters like glass, and scatters into pieces of blue-black Stasis. The worker recoils, clutching his half-frozen arm, screaming. Vriiksis sees the crowd part behind his attacker, and a Hunter clad in black and gold with luminous ...

  • Pyrrhic Ascent Bond
    Iten » Legendary » Class Armor
    Pyrrhic Ascent Bond

    Each scar I bear, a trial survived. —Shayura, Awoken Warlock

    ...her palm that knocks Reed onto his back. She quickly reorients to the Ghost and raises her Sword for another strike, when suddenly, her legs prickle with the unearthly chill of deep space. Shayura tries to let out a scream, but her lungs flash-freeze, and crystals of Stasis energy ...