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  • Ghost Fragment: Legends 2
    Grimoire » Allies » Legends & Mysteries
    Ghost Fragment: Legends 2


    ...cient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan. The Nine arrived in a mysterious transmission from the direction of the Corona-Borealis supercluster. The Nine are the firstborn Awoken and their minds now race down the field lines of the Jupiter-Io...

  • I. The Hopeful Legion
    Lore » From the Front
    I. The Hopeful Legion the new empress sending her call out into the system—he could go a lot farther. /// Europa was cold. Basilius was no stranger to cold—he'd been stationed on Mars before it disappeared, before his Valus sent him and his reports off-planet on a recon mission. He didn't care for i...

  • IX. The Kell of Darkness
    IX. The Kell of Darkness

    ...Europa, Eramis is prepared. Her council by her side—Variks, Phylaks, Kridis, Praksis, and Atraks—she greets its arrival with bated breath. The foreign whispers return. This time, they say… Do not wait to be chosen. Choose for yourself. Choose salvation. Eramis boards the ship and ...

  • Europa – 5
    Europa – 5

    ... during scans of an Exo production facility on Europa. Its origin remains a mystery. We finally arrived. Trading the red dust of Mars for the blue ice of Europa feels… right. The visions became more intense the closer we got. Mortimus-3 thinks it's a warning from the Warmind. Or ...

  • Europa – 7
    Europa – 7

    ...Y: 22PD6L3JVZSS2-709 HIDDEN AGENT(S): [REDACTED] RE: Europan Vex Activity Having reviewed your transmissions and [REDACTED] report, leadership has decided to pull you from Europa for reassignment. You are instructed to remain in camp, engage your emergency transponder, and await ...

  • LETTER 1
    LETTER 1 are on our way to join my Papa at a brand-new colony on Europa! Papa is the lead quantum engineer at BrayTech, which basically means he builds super-cool computers. He's so good at it, he gets to work with the Clovis Bray on all the top-secret stuff. He even designed some of Rasputin's...

  • LETTER 2
    LETTER 2

    ...n Europa. Before we got off the ship, they gave us official BrayTech snowsuits to put on whenever we go outside. The suits are super chunky and hard to walk in, but Papa says there's an extra-thick lining on the inside to protect against the bad ions bouncing down from space nearby....

  • TEST NO: 142 - Radiolarian Fluid Ingestion
    TEST NO: 142 - Radiolarian Fluid Ingestion

    ...AL IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Patient 01 LOCATION: Europa – Deep Stone Crypt [C.B.] How does it taste? [P01] Metallic. Coarse. Something else… [C.B.] Does it feel digestible? [P01] It feels… nourishing. It's cool. I can feel it making its way through me. [J.W.] This is encoura...

  • TEST NO: 167 - Radiolarian Fluid Injection
    TEST NO: 167 - Radiolarian Fluid Injection

    ...AL IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Patient 02 LOCATION: Europa – Deep Stone Crypt [C.B.] That's twice now. Direct consumption and direct injection yield similar results. [J.W.] Airborne has been disproven, but direct contact with the fluid still produces corruption. [C.B.] I wish...

  • TEST NO: 259 - Transtemporal Crossing
    TEST NO: 259 - Transtemporal Crossing

    ...TITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Participants 01–05 LOCATION: Europa – Eventide Colony [C.B.] Send them through. [J.W.] //Participants, step forward through the portal. Maintain your grasp on the tether. Count to ten and step back out.// Final bet: older or younger? [C.B.] Older, but if...

  • TEST NO: 312 - Exo Arm Attachment
    TEST NO: 312 - Exo Arm Attachment

    ...ENTITIES: H. Rasmussen, C. Bray I, Patient 32 LOCATION: Europa – Eventide Colony [H.R.] //How about the index finger?// [P32] Uhh… no. [H.R.] Extremities remain unresponsive. //Are there any sensations at all?// [P32] Phantom ones. I have an itch I'd like to scratch. My chest feels h...

  • TEST NO: 088 - Nuclear Power Exo
    TEST NO: 088 - Nuclear Power Exo

    ..., D. Chambers LOCATION: Morning Star Orbital Platform / Europa – Coordinates Unknown ---Incoming call from MSOP. Caller ID: C. Bray--- [D.C.] Sir, we're prepped and standing by for you order. [C.B.] And the reactor is stable? [D.C.] Stable and ready for installation in the Exo body....

  • TEST NO: 167 - Bonus Appendages
    TEST NO: 167 - Bonus Appendages

    ...ENTITIES: C. Bray I, D. Chambers, Patient 103 LOCATION: Europa - Eventide Colony [D.C.] We're confident we've isolated and solved the issue. [C.B.] I know success is possible. It's been shown to me. [D.C.] Yes, you mentioned the vision previously, sir. We believe that the transition wa...

  • TEST NO: 512 - Ice Wielding
    TEST NO: 512 - Ice Wielding

    ...ENTIAL IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Exo 98 LOCATION: Europa – CMC [C.B.] Are we ready to introduce our Exo marionette to the future? [J.W.] Energy transfer initiated. [C.B.] I love that sound. The sound of progress. [J.W.] We're at 15%. [C.B.] Look at his hand. Magnificent. [J.W.]...

    Lore » Legacy's Lament

    ...hat kinda dirty tech he put in our heads? There are only two places on Europa I built to be impenetrable, and this room is one of them. Stop worrying, and activate the new model, he says. He's breaking protocol again. Every Exo and human in this room can see it. Dr. Bray explicitly s...

    Lore » Legacy's Lament

    ...ruins. Sad to see it this way. But I need to get off Europa. Rumor is Dr. Bray's going to blow up the whole place. Evac ship's in sight at 11 o'clock. Thanks for the callout, nameless Exo. Everyone. Hold! Dr. Bray says and points out the Vex around the evac ship. We're going to ha...

    Lore » Legacy's Lament

    ...rm Europa with everything we have. I've never seen anything like it. His strength, agility—unmatched. Vex after Vex, sliced through like butter, that Sword of his wailing like a banshee seeking vengeance, carrying the weight of thousands of lost souls. It seems like a pain lingers ins...

    Lore » Legacy's Lament

    ...ulder before we walk inside to find the Clovis AI all alone. If it isn't the saviors of Europa. Done cleaning up the rest of the colony? the AI asks. Just about, I say, nodding to Elsie. The AI knows what's coming. You don't have to do this, Clovis-1. It's 43, now. And my name isn...

  • VII. The Scribe
    VII. The Scribe

    ...f humanity's failure, nestled in the icy tundra of Europa. She watches Variks's face as he looks up. There is something familiar there. An awe that she remembers from a long time ago. It will be a new Riis, she says, raising her eyes to the scaffolding before them. A new home for o...

  • III. Searching
    Lore » Pathfinding
    III. Searching

    ... have the time? Hmm… Rahool placed a hand on his chin. The influx of data from Europa is significant, on top of the routine Guardian armament support. Not to mention the open-ended nature of your query… The Cryptarch's eyes flitted as he thought through the problem. A conservative guess ...

  • IV. A Guiding Hand
    Lore » Pathfinding
    IV. A Guiding Hand

    ... to sit beside the scribe. You're the one asking questions about Europa, are you not? About Salvation? the scribe said. Ada frowned. You speak our language remarkably well. I had an unusual upbringing, the Eliksni replied. I am Eido. What do you seek, Black Armorer? Ada sat on a f...

  • I: Eggcloth
    I: Eggcloth

    ...Europa almost the size of an Archon priest, but hollow. He needs Ether. If touched, he fears he will crumble into nothing. His arms will dock themselves, his skin will shed. He has nothing except his armor and the thousand-year-old loom clutched in his four arms. They mockingly name ...

  • V: Watercloth
    V: Watercloth

    ...ateful. We must find a transmitter, he says. We must call for Misraaks to return. But survivors are still on Europa. They seek out Namrask, bringing their hatchlings but not much Ether. And if they can find Namrask, so can those who hunt them....

  • Europa – 1
    Europa – 1

    You're not going to make fun of him, are you? the administrator asked with a raise of her eyebrow. He's been through enough already. Just the opposite, Glint assured her. I'm one of the few people who actually believes him! Huh, the administrator replied. She tapped her datapad an...

  • III: Bannercloth
    III: Bannercloth

    Europa is colder than the void because the ice steals heat faster than raw vacuum. Locally made Ether tastes of ice and radiation, of metal and blood. Namrask realizes this is not a new Eliksni paradise; it is a very old one. And it always falls. Do something, Yriks begs him. We ...