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  • Deontic
    Lore » Aspect

    ...when she speaks. He has three guns, two disassembled down to their casings for parts. Two boxes of physical ammo and one of Omolon energy cells he's been using to power his radio. He stripped his armor down long ago; he made a comm unit from his helmet and pulled fine coils of wire ...

  • Tachyon-4
    Iten » Exotic » Ships

    Faster than the fastest.

    ...o brave enough to pioneer the roadmap for the future. Omolon is proud to present Tachyon-4, the first interstellar ship with our proprietary liquid-cooled dual engines. They do all the work while you travel at near superluminal speeds* enjoying this sensationally sleek ride. Now y...

  • Hard Light
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons
    Hard Light

    Ionized polymer synballistic attack platform. The system's lethality is dynamically robust across tactical spaces.

    ...ojection weapon platform. So! Three new products in the Omolon portfolio. But, unlike other product launches, we won't be staggering the releases. We will be releasing them all at once. In a single device. In extremely limited quantities. We call it Hard Light. But there is on...

  • Blast Furnace
    Blast Furnace

    Forged in the hottest fires.

    ...s were ahead of market. Their time to shine is now. Can the soft sell, replied the Omolon rep. The numbers are right, so we're in. But what's the catch? the VEIST rep asked suspiciously. No catch. Ada-1 steepled her fingers. In a year's time, we'll all be dead. The reps shifted unc...

  • Coldheart
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons

    Leverages liquid fuel veins as self-coolant to keep onboard projection generator at biting sub-zero temperatures.

    ...ur ancestors once took for granted. Over the years, Omolon has perfected the art of salvaging Golden Age technologies and repurposing them into effective Guardian weaponry. But Coldheart is something new. We didn't find Coldheart. We didn't adapt it or recycle it. We created it. I...

  • Wavesplitter
    Iten » Exotic » Energy Weapons

    Omolon's newest breakthrough uses focused sonic waves to superheat electrons into a devastating energy beam.

    ...vesplitter was not designed to be a musical instrument. That said, we at Omolon are in the business of giving Guardians options, not taking them away....