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  • IV. The Visionary
    IV. The Visionary

    ...stant point that she has long passed, one she can never return to. Atraks, youngest of her council, watches her from across the room. She closes the gap between them. My Kell, she says. She has a voice like a child. Eramis is quiet for a beat longer than she needs to be. Finally, sh...

  • VIII. The Council
    VIII. The Council

    ...g little— Variks scrambles and kicks like a creature in a trap. Phylaks, he gasps. Praksis and Atraks stand to the side, waiting to meet the veterans of the old house. They watch without concern, though Praksis looks pleased. They do not intervene. Phylaks tightens her fist. Let ...

  • XIII. The Wildcard
    XIII. The Wildcard

    ...Atraks, the Wildcard, and I have been charged by my Kell to speak to the youth of the Eliksni. Those who, like me, have never known a life that wasn't wandering. Who have no memories of Riis, only tales of glorious cities under glowing green skies passed down from our elders. The...

  • Mask of Bakris
    Iten » Exotic » Helmet
    Mask of Bakris

    I cast off my carapace to be reborn, just like our glorious Riis. —Atraks-1, Fallen Exo

    ...saw this. You will be silent! Don't listen to them, Atraks. Focus on my voice. That is not you, Atraks. It is not. Do not turn away! That body belongs to someone else. It wears a mask. Just a mask. Take the mask off. Reach down and touch it. Good. Now take it off. Pull harder! This i...