Chest Armor

Cuirasses, jackets, and vestments.

Ancient Apocalypse Plate
Ancient Apocalypse Robes
Ancient Apocalypse Vest
Atavistic Idol Plate
Atavistic Idol Vest
Atavistic Idol Vestments
BrayTech Combat Vest
BrayTech Iron-Heart Engine
BrayTech Researcher's Robes
Calamity Rig Plate
Calamity Rig Robes
Calamity Rig Vest
Candescent Plate
Candescent Robes
Candescent Vest
Celestine Robes (Majestic)
Channeling Robes (CODA)
Chassis of Rull
Cinder Pinion Plate
Cinder Pinion Robes
Cinder Pinion Vest
Crushing Plate (CODA)
Cuirass of the Emperor's Champion
Deep Explorer Plate
Deep Explorer Vest
Deep Explorer Vestments
Eidolon Pursuant Plate
Eidolon Pursuant Robe
Eidolon Pursuant Tunic
Equitis Shade Rig
Flowing Vest (CODA)
Hardy's Journey
Illuminus Vest (Majestic)
Insigne Shade Robes
Iron Forerunner Plate
Iron Forerunner Vest
Iron Forerunner Vestments
Kairos Function Plate
Kairos Function Robes
Kairos Function Vest
Ketchkiller's Plate
Ketchkiller's Robes
Ketchkiller's Vest
Legacy's Oath Plate
Legacy's Oath Robes
Legacy's Oath Vest
Lightkin Plate
Lightkin Robes
Lightkin Vest
Mihaylova's Choice
Notorious Sentry Robes
NPA "Weir-Walker" Jacket
NPA "Weir-Walker" Plate
NPA "Weir-Walker" Robes
Opulent Duelist Plate
Opulent Scholar Robes
Opulent Stalker Vest
Pathfinder's Chestplate
Pathfinder's Robe
Pathfinder's Tunic
Phobos Warden Plate
Phobos Warden Robes
Phobos Warden Vest
Plate of Agony
Plate of Nohr
Plate of the Great Hunt
Plate of the Taken King
Plate of Transcendence
Praefectus Cuirass
Praefectus Plate
Praefectus Robes
Pyrrhic Ascent Plate
Pyrrhic Ascent Vest
Pyrrhic Ascent Vestment
Qiao's Heart
Resonant Fury Plate
Resonant Fury Robes
Resonant Fury Vest
Reverie Dawn Hauberk
Reverie Dawn Plate
Reverie Dawn Tabard
Robes of Detestation
Robes of Sekris
Robes of the Emperor's Minister
Robes of the Fulminator
Robes of the Great Hunt
Robes of Transcendence
Scatterhorn Plate
Scatterhorn Robe
Scatterhorn Vest
Seventh Seraph Plate
Seventh Seraph Robes
Seventh Seraph Vest
Shadow's Plate
Shadow's Robes
Shadow's Vest
Solstice Plate (Resplendent)
Solstice Robes (Resplendent)
Solstice Vest (Resplendent)
Sunstead Plate (Majestic)
Techeun's Regalia Plate
Techeun's Regalia Robes
Techeun's Regalia Vest
TM-Cogburn Custom Plate
TM-Earp Custom Vest
TM-Moss Custom Duster
Turris Shade Plate
Tusked Allegiance Plate
Tusked Allegiance Robes
Tusked Allegiance Vest
Veiled Tithes Plate
Veiled Tithes Robes
Veiled Tithes Vest
Vest of Feltroc
Vest of the Ace-Defiant
Vest of the Emperor's Agent
Vest of the Great Hunt
Vest of the Taken King
Vest of Transcendence
Vest of Trepidation
Vestment of the Taken King
Warmind's Avatar Chestplate
Warmind's Avatar Robes
Warmind's Avatar Vest
Wild Hunt Plate
Wild Hunt Vest
Wild Hunt Vestment
Wyrmguard Chestplate
Wyrmguard Robe
Wyrmguard Tunic