Shells used by your assistant and guide, the Ghost.

Anthemic Invocation Shell
Awakened Shell
Castaway's Shell
Challenger Shell
Coalition Shell
Contender's Shell
Cosmos Shell
Dawn Chimes Shell
Deepseeker Shell
Eidolon Shell
Electronica Shell
Empathic Shell
Fast Lane Shell
Filigree of Light
Fire Victorious Shell
Flayer Shell
Fundament Shell
Gallant Ward Shell
Guardian's Angel Shell
Hero's Wake
Hexed Shell
Horus Shell
Imperious Sun Shell
In Memoriam Shell
Infiltrator Shell
Last Bastion Shell
No Love Lost
Phantasmal Shell
Pharmakos Shell
Restless Shell
Rimed Shell
Sagira's Shell
Scribetrace Shell
Shell of Gilgamesh
Síocháin's Scuba Shell
Speed Metal Shell
Star Map Shell
Swashbuckler Shell
Tech Witch Shell
Warsat Shell
Wayfinder's Shell
Winter Lotus Shell
Wyrmguard Shell
Zeroneiro Shell
Zira's Shell